“So… You think you can swear, toy? Even if I’ve forbidden it?” Your dominant’s eyes rest on you, challenging you. You’re happy to accept.

“Yeah, like, it’s just out of respect for your rules that I don’t.” Their eyebrows raised at that comment, and they stepped towards you.
They took your chin in your hand and brought you close to them, eye to eye. “Oh, of course. It isn’t the fact that your tranced out brain is so dependent on me for thought that you couldn’t disobey even if you could remember how to…”
The prolonged eye contact made your head swim. “N-no- I… I…” Your voice faltered, and they let go, stepping away.

“Okay toy… Try to swear. Try to say a single swear word.” They looked up at you, and smiled. “Go on… I’m waiting.
You let your mind clear for a moment, now that you weren’t eye to eye with them, and tried. “F… Fu... Fuu…” It wasn’t happening. The second you tried, your mouth stopped working, growing loose, and limp, just for a moment, just long enough to slip up on the word.
“Try using it in a sentence, toy. Come on. You were so sure. Did someone forget who controls them? Did you forget that your body is mine to use as I please? That includes your pretty little mouth, slut. I control the words that come out of it. But please, do keep trying.”
You really tried to focus, to think of a sentence, and finally settled on one. “I want to f- I want to… I want to… Fu…” Your mouth wasn’t working, still. It would be completely fine one moment, and then loose and heavy the next. They grinned, and you knew. You were theirs.
#erotichypnosis #microfiction #erotica #control #obedience #thoughtcontrol #wordcontrol
This was released yesterday on patreon (patreon.com/hypnopum)! Support me there to get early access to all future microfictions, from just £1/month!

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5 Jul
You couldn’t cum, not whilst you were in this subspace they had created for you. But you could feel pleasure. So as you touched yourself, and they cooed into your ear, looking at you in such a wonderfully controlling way, your mind was beginning to buckle.
To unravel under the strain of the pleasure, which never lessened, only increased. It was like a ratchet, that was moved and pulled every time they said “pleasure”.

And they had designed your mind to be like this.
Unable to cum, but able to feel so much pleasure. So much ecstasy, that all you could focus on was the feeling of your hands, their eyes, and their voice. So much pleasure. Until, finally, with one word from them, the pleasure spiked, too high, too much, you were cumming.
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3 Jul
Every moment you spent staring into their eyes, was another moment you were sinking. Thoughts being pulled out of you by their gaze. Just falling into trance, not really listening to their words; just letting them wash over you, like soothing water.
And before long, their eyes were all you could see. The pools of control that ignited your submissive desire, your need to submit. You were vaguely aware that their eyes were now above you, and that your knees were on the floor. But that didn’t matter.
Your awareness could only focus on their eyes. You were just a passenger in your body, which moved to their whims, a puppet, and they held your strings. You had no control. Your body was theirs. All you could see was their eyes, and it felt so good.
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27 Jun
“Oh, what’s wrong puppet? Can’t remember why you’re kneeling, face down on the floor before me? Hush now. Try not to think too hard, that’ll just confuse you more.” Your mind span as you reeled from the lack of memory. What happened? They had caught your eye at the bar-
And now you were here? Kneeling before them? You tried to sit up, but your body wouldn’t obey. “Puppet, it’s no use trying to move. I have control of your body right now. For example… Sit up puppet. There you go.” They giggled as your body moved automatically.
Going from prostrate before them, to kneeling, looking up at them, gazing into their eyes was… exhilarating, you had to admit. It was easy to obey. And it felt so good. Simple to not think. Effortlessly sinking into the pleasure of obedience.
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26 Jun
They smiled as they held up the puzzle representing your mind before you. Delicately, they slowly removed a piece, eyes on you all the while. As it was removed, you felt your brain fuzz, your thoughts fracturing inside your mind. Their smile grew as they took another piece.
It felt incredible, as the programmed association with the puzzle worked in your mind. You could feel them taking you apart, piece by piece, until, finally, all the pieces were apart. Softly, they placed the pieces in front of you. And asked you to put your mind back together.
Your consciousness was stalled. Thoughts couldn’t even begin to form, and your mouth hung, heavy. You picked up a piece, and couldn’t begin to fathom how to put it back together. The pieces of your mind sat before you. They giggled at your confusion, and waited for you to try.
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25 Jun
It’s like you’re floating on their voice. Barely in control of your own movements, as they command you. It’s nothing huge, not at first. Just telling you to sit. To lie down. To relax into the comfort of obedience. Letting your mind clear of everything but their voice.
And you want this. You desire more of their control. It just feels so good, to not have to think. Supported by their words, as they carry your mind away. As their words lift and pull on your muscles, beginning to move you, to fall to your knees before them.
Before long, your mind and body can’t conceive of not obeying. You float, in blank, beautiful, bliss. It’s warm, it’s wonderful. And you are theirs. Floating on their voice. Floating on their control. Sinking into sweet submission. And it feels so good.
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24 Jun
Sinder’s face looks up at you, their red skin looking even darker in the dim light of your room. Their horns look like jet black slivers of oblivion, and their eyes… Their eyes spark, and spin, pulling you into their warmth. And they speak. Not with their voice. With their mind.
“Oh, my mortal toy… Are you going to be good for me? Are you going to stay still?”

You nod, and then realise your foolishness as they pout, standing, and drawing themselves up to their full height, their shapely body pushed against yours as they look down on you.
“Oh, sweetie. I asked if you were going to stay still. That includes your silly little head, you know? Oh, what’s that? You don’t know how to respond?” They finish the thought you were having. “Simple, think. You have your inner monologue, and now, I have access to it as well…”
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