Being booted from House GOP leadership was supposed to give Liz Cheney a new megaphone to spread her anti-Trump message. Instead, eight weeks later she has barely made a noise. Just as anyone not in the DC bubble knew would happen. My latest for @ArcDigi.…
"To hear the media tell it, she had it all planned out. Cheney was playing a 'long game' to win control of the Republican Party and banish Donald Trump. Getting booted from her leadership post in the House GOP conference was her opening maneuver."…
"It's certainly possible Cheney will enjoy an elevated stature in American politics; time will tell. The problem is that having a megaphone that lets you address the national media means little if you can no longer get a hearing in the Republican Party."…
"Here was the former third-ranking Republican in the House of Representatives likening a former president to Chinese communists and excoriating him as the worst president ever. Yet instead of making a big splash, her comments caused barely a ripple."…
"Going on the podcast of a former Obama flunky to hurl such imprecations isn’t using your platform and megaphone to fight for the future of the GOP; it's a sign you've already surrendered."…
"Perhaps her appointment to the House committee on the Capitol riot will finally afford her a platform to wield her megaphone. Her decision to throw her lot in with Nancy Pelosi, however, may not be greeted as warmly in Wyoming as it was on cable news."…
"But in trying to curtail Cheney's ascent as a leader within the party, they handed her a bigger megaphone. She's not just a House GOP someone, she's now a national leader -- with national exposure. And so Cheney is now a national story."…
I'm not kidding about the megaphone stuff. The media was full of nonsense like this back in May right before and right after Cheney was defenestrated. It was embarrassing then; it's even more embarrassing now.
I also talk about the group McMuffin and Anonymous put together. But I'll save that for another thread.

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9 Jul
"The Last Jedi." Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . .
If "The Force Awakens" is a movie defined by one or two big bad choices, "The Last Jedi" is a movie defined by a whole bunch of little ones.
Although Space Monte Carlo is pretty close to being a big bad choice, you'd have to say.
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8 Jul
"There's no getting around the reality that the new Supreme Court has its conservative favorites and its progressive enemies, and that the court stands ready to recraft American democracy in its image."

The left is still so mad about Brnovich.…
"You're making it sound more like a hostage situation for the liberal justices."

This caterwauling, as much as his expansive and unflinching decision, is why it was so important that Samuel Alito have the opinion in the Brnovich case.…
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8 Jul
Liz Cheney, Evan McMullin, and Miles Taylor were supposed to save the GOP from itself by saving it from Trump. There was just one problem: GOP voters don't want to be saved by anyone the media would send to their rescue. ICYMI, my latest for @ArcDigi.…
"Given the silence that has already enveloped Liz Cheney, her House GOP colleagues' decision to exile her to the backbenches seems to have been a sound one."…
"There are other Republicans besides Donald Trump and Liz Cheney, a fact the media and supporters of both conveniently forget. Whatever the post-Trump future of the Republican Party, Liz Cheney won't be shaping it. Nor will Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor."…
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8 Jul
I have a hard time believing the latest numbers from Civiqs, which have Joe Biden's job approval underwater at 44-49. Those absurd Biden +20 polls were implausible, but so is this Biden -5 one. H/t @BarneyFlames.… Image
Biden's approval in Ohio is 39-54. I'm not saying I buy that, but as long as he's underwater in Ohio, Tim Ryan is going to have a tough time winning against any Republican.
Biden's net approval in swing states per Civiqs: Ohio -15, Wisconsin -6, Arizona -15, Florida -12, Georgia -14, Iowa -17, Michigan -7, Nevada -2, New Hampshire +5, North Carolina -6, Pennsylvania -5.
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6 Jul
"Sociology, in modern academia, is the undermining that America is special or better than any other country in the world."

"Academia is the avenue by which most politicians and media personalities learn to act like such total morons."

I'm getting the feeling @TGBED8v8 isn't the biggest fan of academia.…
"John Fetterman . . . touts himself as a man of the people but has a Master’s degree from Harvard. He looks like a Philly dock worker, but that doesn't change the fact that he has a degree from a school most people could not get into on their best day."…
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6 Jul
Note how he never says it is right to teach CRT, only that is wrong not to. This reasoning exemplifies the basic incoherence of his argument.
The fundamental incoherence of French's argument, however, is truly revealed in this passage: "A wiser response to problematic elements of what is being labeled critical race theory would be twofold: propose better curriculums and enforce existing civil rights laws."
First, there is no logical reason that an alternative curriculum to CRT would be "better." Or that one is necessary. Removing CRT from the existing curriculum would, from the perspective of its opponents, would alone make it better. Which would satisfy French's first proposal.
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