Bolsonaro's escalating rhetoric about canceling the 2022 election is coinciding with polls showing Lula almost certain to defeat him. The latest today, from @folha, shows Lula with a 21-point lead. Lula would win in the run-off by 58%-31%.…
Even worse for Bolsonaro:

1) He has a chance to not even make the run-off. If there's only one "third way" candidate - @cirogomes - he could eliminate Bolsonaro in the first round.

2) The % saying there's no chance they'd vote for him is up to 59%, far higher than anyone else's
Seems extremely clear that Bolsonaro knows he's highly likely to lose. The question is whether the Armed Forces would support his anti-democratic plotting. That's unknown, but some recent statements and actions are raising valid concerns about it.
Here's the "no chance I'd vote for him" percentages:

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11 Jul
What's even worse about this is that the buyers of Hunter Biden's art are free to remain anonymous from the public, but there's nothing stopping them from telling Hunter -- or Joe or Biden officials -- that they bought his art for some insane sum, nor publicizing it themselves.
People are buying Hunter Biden's art for the same reason that Burisma was willing to pay him so much money for his nonexistent expertise in the energy industry.
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9 Jul
Just don't say anything that might offend the ADL or SPLC, or mainstream liberal groups that agitate for censorship, or the censorship agitators at NBC/CNN/NYT. Just conform to their pieties. Not hard.
If you want to stay on social media, just studiously read the NYT op-ed page, watch CNN, follow NBC's "disinformation reporters," and obey the ADL and SPLC, and then conduct yourself accordingly, never straying outside their orthodoxies. Is that really asking too much?
And -- I hope this goes without saying -- never question or deviate from the decrees of the WHO, the CDC or Dr. Fauci.

In those instances where they disagree with one another -- such as whether to wear masks if you're vaccinated -- just stay quiet until they reach consensus.
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9 Jul
The way liberal journalists just ignore what was, to me, one of the most repressive events of the Trump years -- Big Tech **censored** reporting on the Hunter Biden docs about Joe's business deals to help Dems -- is still stunning. 3 weeks before the election, they barred links.
Twitter literally prohibited all links to reports about the Biden docs, not just publicly but in DMs. FB announced -- through a life-long Dem operative -- it would algorithmically suppress the story pending a fact-check (which never came). It was brute censorship to elect Biden.
All of this was accomplished by an outright lie manufactured by the CIA: that the Biden family docs were "Russian disinformation." Media outlets, like the good little servants that they are, repeated this lie to justify Big Tech censorship and their own refusal to cover it.
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8 Jul
This is American liberalism right here: in its purest expression.

One of MSNBC's most popular hosts - a former Bush/Cheney spokesperson - devotes a whole segment to defending NSA and lamenting distrust in it. She brings on 2 ex-FBI officials, who now work for MSNBC, to do it:
The political faction that is pro-FBI, pro-NSA, pro-CIA -- and whose media is delivered to them by a mix of security state officials, ex Bush/Cheney operatives, and neocons -- is American liberalism.

Just watch that clip to see the authoritarianism of this movement.
If having your newsrooms filled with ex-security state operatives, FBI agents, CIA officials, and Generals -- all of whom are paid employees -- to reflexively defend the FBI, CIA and NSA isn't "State TV," what is?
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8 Jul
Pretty sure I'll be watching that montage in my 80s and enjoying it just as much as I did the first 100 times I saw it.
Remember when Rachel Maddow was so excited she got Avenatti to come on the air to talk about his secret client, Julie Swetnick, who had utterly unhinged and dubious allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, and Maddow treated it as an earth-shattering scoop?…
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8 Jul
The Capitol Police, Armed With $2 Billion in New Funding, Expanding Operations Outside of D.C.…
AOC and two other Squad members -- who spent months chanting "Defund the Police" -- had the power to stop this. They originally agreed to vote "no," but instead voted "present" at the last minute to avoid angering Pelosi. @AOC was particularly craven here:
The unleashing of a newly empowered law enforcement and "intelligence" agency now spreading to other states, commanded by Congress, has been enabled by one tactic: the weaponization and exaggeration of the events of January 6 and the supposed grave domestic threat it reflects.
Read 5 tweets

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