Civil war conditions emerging in SA and Swazi have on single cause - the consolidation of power under Cyril Ramaphosa.

In Swazi, the king was backed by JZ when the state went bankrupt. SA covered security expenses. JZ also protected trad leaders across the country.
The lawfare against Zuma was the thin end of the wedge. Most of the damage was done when they were cut off from state and party funds.

CR has gone after the Zulu royal family and traditional leaders in general, trying to enforce a totalising republican/socialist revolution
In a healthy economy, it would be easy to decapitate and buy out the Zuma faction. But 1.5 years of economic shutdown has killed any chance of that - the ANC is bankrupt, and the state is under a fiscal magnifying glass after the IMF loan (not that it has stopped the stealing).
International community are losing faith in the state and CR is getting desperate. He has consolidate control to implement the radical economic reforms the WEF blueprint demands, or risk the Atlantic powers destroying him either in the press or otherwise.
As JZ goes down, his followers employ the same tactics he learned as head of intel in the ANC during the hard struggle years - make your enemy's territory ungovernable.

Roads are blockaded, stores looted, destruction and chaos reigns.
Zuma and his allies have one chance of victory - consolidate a Zulu nationalist power base and jettison the rule of Pretoria.

But he wont do that. Eventually, after a grossly incompetent SANDF, a frightened public, and privsec have all shot their way to fortress security, the...
state of chaos will simmer down to a dull roar, and keep burning for months. Bodies will pile up. Transport links will be continually disrupted. Urban decay will accelerate.

Minorities will flee to the Cape in record numbers as only those who live in fortresses will remain.
Malema cannot afford to attack the rioters, because many of them are earnestly enraged by current conditions and wish to overthrow the government. If JM cries "law and order", his revolutionary cred dies immediately.
Hence the call for "leadership" - direct violence onto minorities (white, indian, etc).

What he won't be able to stop is the xenophobia that will emerge. This will finally eat away at his credibility. Burning mosques means the Cape becomes the only place safe for Islam in SA.
This is the inevitable result of the culture of pagan imperialism meeting the doctrines of revolutionary warfare after the collapse of state institutions - total havoc, and national-socialism.
The only orderly solution is balkanisation, but that will require the mineral-industrial complex to let go of their 120 year project, and the lucrative trade corridor between Durban and JHB.

It will require the Atlantic powers to recognise universal multiculturalism is a lie...
The state, under international institutional pressure, and with support from pampered and blind liberal elites, will insist on maintaining the Union, no matter how much chaos and repression is required, until the last suburban fortresses are breached.
South Africa - this chimera, this twisted wreckage, this is the legacy of a nihilistic liberal vanity - a compromise between primitive communism, financial usury, global governance, resource extraction and white-liberal middle-class egotism.
Let it be known - if you are a socialist, a liberal, any kind of universalist, this is your baby.

From the moment Britain declared suzerainty over the Transvaal, this end was in evidence. From the moment the 1996 constitution was signed into law, it was fated.
The solution will require us to reject all aspects of the twisted and cynical system of oppression and exploitation, and built real political communities in its shadow.

No more utopia. We want a home.

• • •

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29 Mar
People can't decide what CR is. Puppet or zealot?

At a personal level, he is a communist. And yet he is very comfortable cutting lucrative deals with major industry to secure a personal capital legacy.

His closest followers are progressives, internationalists and communists.
To understand this, understand Cicero's idea of a commonwealth - a political community with a common understanding of interests and identity, law and justice.

South Africa is not a commonwealth. It is a province within a global empire, and has no ethnic identity.
As an urbanised Venda, CR is without a natural ethnic base to draw from. Consequently he has to cut dozens of ever-changing deals with various factions of the political and economic elite.

So unlike Zuma or the Xhosa elite, his strategies are necessarily more multi-faceted.
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5 Mar
Official "scientific consensus" on COVID has been in error for a year now, flipping between several unproven positions on dozens of different issues, but if you differ from any one of these while it is official, you are guilty of "disinformation" and are an enemy of the state.
It's all so predictable too - crisis management inevitably results in immense confusion in institutions. And in a global pandemic, getting overwhelmed by information and being uncertain of what measures are appropriate is normal. Filtering out criticism is dumb.
It should be expected that governments had no idea what to do. But they reached for policies that had no precedent, and had no evidence in favour of them. So evidence had to be created. It's the greatest boon for research grants in history, provided you give the right answers.
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