It’s not shameful to depend on medication. In fact — almost everyone in highly developed regions does. Have you ever been on antibiotics? Antihistamines? Anaesthesia?
The only difference between those and a daily medication is ableism.
The fact that saying, “medicine invented to make my life better makes my life better, so I want to continue taking it” is controversial to anyone, let alone to scientists and medical professionals, should make you angry.
Without my medication, I wouldn’t be here. I have known many people who have attempted to pressure me off of my medication. They would have killed me.
I have no more patience for pressuring others to go off their medication.
*I should have said Industrialized, not developed

• • •

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15 Jul
Have you ever wondered why we don’t find fossils in the Appalachian mountains?
The truth is, we do, they’re just not the kind of fossils you might think of—there are no mammals, no dinosaurs, no reptiles. There’s something else entirely. 🧵
See, the Appalachian mountains are old. Yes, all mountains are old, but the Appalachian mountains are *incomprehensibly old*.
They mostly look like this, which leads a lot of people to say they’re pretty lame, as far as mountains go. They aren’t dramatic. Image
For those unaware, the Appalachian mountain range extends over what is now the eastern US, reaching up into Canada. Image
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14 Jul
The system where you must renew your meds every month, often with doctors “check-ins” is incredibly ableist and classist.
My meds work great as long as I have all of them, but if even one is late my life spirals apart, making it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to keep up with my meds.
Especially when I have 10 different prescriptions with 5 different doctors that all renew on different intervals.
I have ADHD and memory issues from PTSD and I have constant anxiety that I’ve forgotten to refill or pick up something critical. 😥
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13 Jul
I got to do science today and I remember how much I *missed* it.
Ableism forced me out of the academy, over and over and over until I was too tired to get back up and try again. Otherwise I would be in grad school now, and I desperately want to be.
I don’t know if I ever can be.
I don’t really have a point here except I guess — be grateful for the opportunities you’ve had. Sometimes it’s difficult on this site to see everyone making jokes about how they wish they hadn’t gone to grad school.
The only posts I see from disabled people about grad school are people under obscene stress, considering quitting, or being biased against for their disability. I don’t know if I can go up against that. It’s hard constantly mourning what could have been.
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13 Jul
The OTHER thing behind “gender is a social construct” is that while I’m sure there are people who don’t feel a deep intrinsic connection to their gender, many trans people do. This completely ignores us and in fact, erases us in favor of theorized constructs.
The people who CAN transition without a deep sense of inherent gender (and dysphoria) are overwhelmingly those who are privileged. It’s good that they can get access, but their narrative being the dominant one systematically excludes vulnerable trans people.
Theory is not more important than living, breathing trans people.
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13 Jul
The thing with saying “gender is a social construct” is that the average person does NOT have the deep understanding of gender required to parse the difference between that and “gender is made up”, and this absolutely influences how the average person perceives trans people.
I fully believe that this slogan has a lot to do with the perception (and ongoing discussion) about trans people as simply “expressing ourselves” rather than trying to survive. And misinterpreting transness as a fashion statement has deadly consequences.
I believe this is a near-perfect example of a critical issue in the trans community currently: our messaging, and our most visible speakers, are overwhelmingly highly privileged and educated in the same gender studies systems that reduce living, breathing trans people to theory.
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9 Jul
Hey, I’m a hydrologist specializing in infectious diseases and I’m here to tell you — DO NOT TOUCH FLOODWATER.
Most city storm water systems in the United States (including NYC) operate on a “combined sewer” system. This means that storm water from the streets goes into the same pipe as sewage water. Okay, no big deal, right?
Sure. Except when it floods.
If water reaches a certain level these flows will back up and combine. Meaning, sewage will mix with storm water and floodwater is a combination of these.
In more rural areas or areas with less well maintained plumbing or sewer systems, this problem is even worse.
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