A true story from my friend Godwin Robinson @OdogwuGNR
He was a renowned medical Doctor. Very good at what he did.
He studied abroad and returned to practice in Nigeria. He lived in an urban city that has four universities and two polytechnics.Our doctor
friend here was popular among a particular spectrum of people but not in the way you’d think. He was known predominantly as abortion doctor. No matter how difficult it seemed, he would deal with it.
In return, he was paid handsomely you know, and he stood by the theory that
abortion was no crime against humanity, it was a matter of choice. Cases hardly failed in his hands. Nobody stood a chance to argue successfully with him against such theory because for him, if science agrees then that settles it. Life was as scientific as it could get, nothing
too serious. Science was his only truth. But We are all aware, that science does not always accommodate morality. For this abortion guru,
Even when the pregnancy was past its first trimester, if you resolved you want it out, no sentiments or remorse attached, he will deal with
it. He made so much money in the process. He had a castle villa seated on about 150 plots.So beautiful, it provided all the essentials necessities of life.
Our dear doctor had it all especially in the 80’s. He was happily married and blessed with four children
in the process.
Sadly, he got sick and died in his early 50’s leaving everything behind. Few years down the way, his wife also died also, leaving behind children that have nothing to show for his work and legacy. While one struggled with drug addiction, the rest were scattered
and pulled apart by life.
Today, his castle villa lie in waste, covered in thick bushes and utter desolation. I believe man is obliged not to destroy the very thing he yearns to have. A scientific society may not consider morality as many of us do. The world is not safe with
just science. Science comes with its limitations and it will never insulate you from the consequences of violating spiritual principles.
Whether you agree here today or not, your conscience will someday whisper to you, that all your decision attracts consequence, especially when
it has to do with human lives and their wellbeing. The Almighty will demand explanations someday.
Check and answer this question, have I made science my only truth or I factored God and his creation into all I do? Remember science is unethical. It ventures all the time and is
not fettered by man's ethics.
This is because scientific considerations is totally insufficient without the God who made the scientists. Don’t always destroy what you will need along the way. You may not find it again. And as the biblical Esau did, he couldn't find it when he
needed it, though he sought it with tears''

• • •

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''How Peter Obi Reduced Poverty in Anambra State
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Many economists default settings when it
comes to poverty reduction is by simply raising National income. However, Peter Obi embraced an integrated poverty strategy that goes beyond the National Income rise.
Often,many economists display ignorance of alternative approaches to poverty reduction. They downplay knowledge
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and that the
password of what he was registering was sent
to my phone which I actually saw as 6310.
He was now appealing to me to give him the
reset code that was sent to my phone so that
he could finish his registration. I told him to
call me with the number he claimed was
similar to mine so that I could verify his
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Unfortunately I don't know if Nigeria believes in him.
Going through my gallery, I came across these pictures. And I remembered.
I remembered in 2017, My hubby won the World Bank Ideas for Action. Which saw him defeating up to 734 businesses to come first out of 118 countries
that applied globally.
He was in Washington DC, speaking in several lined up programs organized by the World Bank. He was also officially declared the overall winner there.
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"I read a publication online where one of them who lives in Lagos State and working with Lagos State government on sanitation says he will soon write a book against me for supporting Nnamdi Kanu.
And I ask myself, this person who said he will write a book about me what is his contribution to his people. People are frustrating your brothers and you're busy clapping for them just for personal gain.
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DSTV accounts for over 90% of Nollywood movie market. by Chukwuemekam E. Chukwuemeka
''M-net, the operator of African Magic Channels, is the single major buyer of movie licenses and the biggest payer. It is also the only significant buyer of movies from start-up producers.
If you make Movie with over N2 million and fail to secure contract with M-net, you are sure going to lose.
ROK used to be a good buyer until it moved into producing its own content leaving only M-net as the sole market for TV right contract of movies from independent producers.
Meanwhile, both M-net’s African Magic channels and ROK’s studios ride on DSTV.
I am explaining this to highlight the effect of shutting down DSTV on Nollywood market alone. Movie producers will simply fold up or abandon the business. Actors and actresses will go year on year
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