A life well-lived is a life-well planned.

5 steps to build your own "Life Map" 🧵
What is a Life Map?

An operating system for connecting your long-term vision for yourself to your daily actions.

It's not about having every minute planned.

It's not about removing serendipity.

It's about treating your time preciously.
The inspiration for a Life Map actually came from building a business.

At Morning Brew, we implemented Traction, an operating system for long-term planning & short-term execution.
Without Traction, we would be f*cked.

We'd be in constant catch-up mode.
We'd be putting out fires.
We'd be reactive vs. proactive.
Traction profoundly impacted our business.

Which gave me a crazy thought.

What if we apply a similar process to life.

A process that helps us plan ahead, focus on the things that matter, and set measurable goals.
Well, I decided to apply this process to my life & I've decided to call it my Life Map.

There are 6 steps:

1) Core Values
2) 10-year plan
3) 3-year plan
4) 1-year plan
5) Rocks
6) Meeting Pulses
Step 1: Establish Core Values

These are traits I want to live by, long term.

In business, core values are timeless guiding principles for your company.

In life, core values are timeless guiding principles for yourself.
I defined my core values in a unique way.

I asked myself, "If I was writing my own epitaph, how would I want to describe myself."

Morbid, but highly effective.
I ended up with 6 core values:

1) Does the right thing
2) Goes the extra mile
3) Lives in the present
4) Keeps his word
5) Has a childlike playfulness
6) Filled with curiosity
Step 2: Build 10-Year Plan

My 10-year plan is simple, but really exciting if I can pull it off:

"I will live an intentional life where I feel fulfilled and at ease."
Your 10-year-plan will feel uncomfortable & ambiguous.

That's okay.

Your long-term vision SHOULD feel big & broad, while giving you just enough direction to help inform short-term actions.
Vision Formula 👇
Step 3: Set 3-Year Plan

Your 3-year plan connects your 10-year vision to reality.

Specific, ambitious goals to live out your long-term goals.
My version:

10-year plan: An intentional life where I feel fulfilled and at ease

3-year plan:
- Be married with 1 child on the way
- Feel challenged & fulfilled by my work
- Feel really happy about my mind and body
Step 4: Set 1-Year Plan

1-year plan is an outline of the in-between steps needed to realize 3-year goals

Let's use one of the examples above:

"Feel really happy about my mind and body"
For this goal, my 1-year plan would include subgoals:

1) Refine my exercise plan based on goals & performance

2) Refine my diet plan based on goals & performance

3) Refine my mindfulness plan based on goals and performance
Step 5: Set Rocks

Rocks = 90-day goals

The most short-term, specific goals in your Life Map.

When setting them, they should be steps that, if accomplished, help you achieve your 1-year goals.
Example: "Refine my diet plan based on goals & performance"

90-day goals:

1) Spend 30 hours getting educated on food/diet & how it impacts my physical health

2) Write down what's important to me in my relationship with food
Step 6: Schedule Meeting Pulses

Weekly, 30-minute catch-ups to ensure I hold myself accountable to 90-day goals.


1) Check if I'm on/off track with my 90-day goals

2) Bring up issues stopping me from hitting goals

3) Create to-dos to solve key issues
And this is the Life Map!

An intentional way to codify who you want to be, what you want in your life, and how you can get there.
Enjoy this thread??

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And check out my full podcast episode on "Building Your Life Map" here: bit.ly/3xCyAF9

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