1. The Lessons Lost When Critical Race Theory Arrives in Class

WSJ: Will American teachers stand up and reject the destructive ideologies backed by their unions?
2. The conceit at the heart of the campaign to embed critical race theory in American education is that U.S. schools have been teaching a whitewashed version of our nation’s history, a nationalistic rendering that ignores the country’s flaws.
3. But of course anyone educated in the U.S. knows that left-leaning academics who are highly skeptical of American tradition have been dominating the field for generations.
4. The current battle is really about whether largely factual critiques of America written by liberals will now be replaced by anti-American screeds written by propagandists who aren’t particularly concerned with accuracy.
5. National Education Association, the country’s leading teachers union, has adopted a resolution to “oppose attempts to ban critical race theory and/or The 1619 Project” despite the significant errors in the project identified by historians across the political spectrum.
6. The union also pledged to join “with Black Lives Matter and the Zinn Education Project” to call for “a national day of action to teach lessons about structural racism and oppression.”
7. Howard Zinn was a Marxist opponent of American liberty whose rantings carried more respect among Hollywood celebrities than professional historians.
8. Still, there's reason to hope that the mostly liberal teachers who stand at the front of America’s classrooms will be roused to declare loudly that they're not Marxists or racialists and do not endorse the fact-challenged radicalism being promoted by their union leadership.
9. In that vein, a veteran English teacher in Rhode Island public schools named Ramona Bessinger writes at the Legal Insurrection website about her experience when a new curriculum came to town: Image
10. If there are many more teachers like Ramona Bessinger out there on the front lines, we can hope they will not comply meekly. This despicable attempt to create racial acrimony in classrooms across the land may yet be foiled by the brave souls doing their jobs well.

The End

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13 Jul
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The North Fund's structure make it the latest progressive nonprofit to operate in ways that obscure key financial information from the public, even as it pushes for legislation to limit the role of so-called dark money in politics.
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Read the below thread and cry. All this resulted in GOP losing the presidency and the Senate. Why? Because:
a) Dems and MSM always define the terms of the debate.
b) GOP cannot highlight their own successes for shit. They spent all their time futilely talking down mail-in voting.
Watch GOP now stand by and let the Democrats destroy the economy with higher tax rates, while the kooks in the GOP drag the party down the rabbit hole of futile audits seeking vindication for the bruised ego of a fallen idol who was outwitted by Democrats via mail-in voting.
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1, Regulating Big Tech

Frankly, this is not as complicated in principle as some make it sound. To the extent an industry is accorded special govt dispensations and protections, more rigorous govt regulations are warranted and applied as a matter of course. For example, banks.
2. Google/YouTube, Facebook/Instagram and Twitter are fundamentally mass communications platforms with special legal protections to enable free flow of information. As such, it's wholly appropriate to mandate by law that they strictly comply with users' First Amendment rights.
3. Truth be told "they're just private companies" is a reductionist and ignorant formulation on the part of those who seem to know little about the nature of govt oversight of private enterprises. Industry-specific regulations are ubiquitous and the norm, not the exception.
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The Woman Who Would Be King

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Teachers Unions are truly the enemy of the people.
House Democrats and the Biden Administration are trying to kill a school choice program in DC for poor kids. 92% of the beneficiaries of the program are African American or Hispanic kids.

Obama also tried to kill this program while sending his own daughters to a private school. Image
The modest program (annual federal cost $17.5 million), that Teachers Unions are gunning to kill off, does a lot of good for poor kids in DC. Image
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