"An-Imin-Bi Ki-Imin-Bi" (Sumerian) = "The Heavens are sEVEn, the eARThs are sEVEN."

AN = Celestial/ Heaven/ Sky/ Father
KI = Earth/ Mother
AN+KI = ENKI (Son)

ANK = Spiritual Light
ANKH = LIGHT in Manifestation (Malkuth = The KingdOM, World of ACTion, The Bride, Shekinah) ImageImageImageImage
The Seven Talmudic Heavens:
Vilon (וילון) (Isa 40:22)
Raki'a (רקיע) (Gen 1:17)
Shehaqim (שחקים) (Ps 78:23)
Zebul (זבול) (Isa 63:15)
Ma'on (מעון) (Deut 26:15)
Machon (מכון) (1 Kings 8:39)
Araboth (ערבות), The 7th Heaven where the SeraPHIm, Hayyoth & the Throne of God are located. ImageImageImageImage
7th Heaven in Dhamaea Santarab xxx
The Puranas talk of the Brahmanda divided into 14 Worlds. Seven are Upper Worlds, Bhuloka (Earth), Bhuvarloka, Svarloka, Maharloka, Janarloka, Tapoloka & Satyaloka. 7 are lower, Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala & Patala (Hell) ImageImageImageImage
The jAIN Cosmology consists of 11 Heavens on Right & 9 Heavens on the Left. 3 Hell Realms on the Right & 7 Hell Realms on the Left. 👁️

There are sEVEn lEVEls of Naraka (Hell), divided into 8,400,000 hellish locations.

Inanna visited the Sumerian sEVEN-Gated UNDERworld. 🃏 ImageImageImageImage

• • •

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17 Jul
The Esoteric MEANing of the N(AUM)Ber 7:

7 is the 4th PRIME #

The PHIthAGOREans invested pARTicular NUMBers with UNI+QUE sPHIr(AL)itual PROPER+TIES. Seven was, of UPmost importance, considered to the Union of the Physical/ Material (4) & the sPHIiritual/Unseen (3). 3+4=7

Pt. 1 ImageImageImageImage
More of 7

Main 👁️lands of mythological Atlantis

Gateways traversed by Inanna during her descent into the underworld.

The Seven-Branched Sword in Japanese mythology.

The minor symbol # of Yang from the Taoist ☯️

Palms in an Egyptian Sacred Cubit.

The # of ranks in Mithraism. ImageImageImageImage
Seven is of particular significance within Cherokee cosmology.

Slang for female/ vagina. 7 when rotated forms a V, which forms the female sex organ.

In British folklore, every 7 years the 👑 of the Fairies pays a tithe to Hell (Hel) in the tale of Tam Lin.

77 = TRIangle

Pt.3 ImageImageImageImage
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7 Jul
The SwastiKA, Masonic (G), Greek Gamma & the POLE STAR 🌟

The SwastiKA is an Ancient SymBULL representing the N. Pole & the Rotational Movement around a Centre/ Immutable Axis (Axis Mundi/ 🌎 Pillar/ Mt Meru), & secondly representing the ☀️ as a REFLECTed FUNctION of the N. Pole
The SwastiKA means MANy things in mANY cultures, a symbol of LIFE, of the Supreme Principle of the UNI+VERSE, the absolute God, forming Cosmic ORDER. It represents the activity (Logos, Hindu Om, Chinese Taiyi, "Great One"/ TAO) of the Active Principle in the FORMATION of the 🌎.
According to Scholars, the SwastiKA represented the FOUR-Horse chaRIOT of MithRA/ Apollo/ hELios in Ancient Iranian Culture. They believed the Cosmos was pulled by FOUR Heavenly Horses who revolved around a Fixed Centre (Axis Mundi/ Mt. Meru/ Pole ⭐) in a clockWISE direction.
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5 Jul
Cappadocia (Turkish: Kapadokya) is a Historical Region in Central Anatolia, Turkey known for the Numerous Underground Cities where Early Christianity (Known as Murs) Spread Rapidly. These Cities were occupied until the late 20st Century. Christ Born in a Cave takes a New Meaning. ImageImageImageImage
Vergina, Greece (Vergina Sun) is Home of the Aigai Palace & Royal tOMb of Phillip II, Known For the Consolidation of Greece, the Macedonian Phalanx Formation & Successor was Alexander the Great. Aigai is derived from the legendary founder, Aegeus, but known as the "City of Goats" ImageImageImageImage
The Vergina Sun (Known as the Vergina ⭐ or Argead ⭐), a Symbol of the (Macedonian) Argead Dynasty who's Line (Allegedly) went Back to Zeus, PerSEUS, HERAcles to Alexander the Great. From India's Flag (Ashoka Chakra), the USA's CIA Symbol to the Shield of Athena (Hence, Athens) ImageImageImageImage
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4 Jul
The Serapeum of Saqqara is a serapeum located north west of the Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, near Memphis in Lower Egypt. It was a burial place of Apis bulls, Sacred Bulls that were incarnations of the Ancient Egyptian deity Ptah. It was believed that the Bulls became Immortal.. ImageImageImageImage
It was believed that the Bulls became Immortal after Death as 'Osiris Apis', ⲟⲩⲥⲉⲣϩⲁⲡⲓ: USER+HAPI (Coptic) or Σέραπις, OR SerAPIS (Greek). In the city of Eridu, Enki's Temple was known as E2-Abzu (House of the Deep Waters) & was located at the edge of a swamp, an Abzu. ImageImageImageImage
'Egypt, which you commended to me, my dearest Servianus, I have found to be wholly fickle and inconsistent, and continually wafted about by every breath of fame. The worshipers of Serapis Christus are called Christians, Bishops of Christ.'

Emperor Hadrian to Servianus, 134A.D. ImageImageImageImage
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3 Jul
The Cube of Space & Time:

Sefer Yetzirah (Hebrew: Book of Creation) is claimed to be the earliest book on Jewish Esotericism. It is devoted to speculations concerning God's Creation of the World & it's authorship to the PatriARCH Abraham shows the high esteem which it recieves.
'In Thirty-Two Mysterious Paths of WisdOM did JAH, the Jehovah of Hosts, the God of Israel, the Living Elohim, the King of Ages, the Merciful & Gracious God, the Exalted One, the Dweller in Eternity, most high & holy—engrave His Name by the 3 Sepharim: Numbers, Letters & Sounds.'
'TEN are the ineffable Sephiroth. Twenty-Two are the Letters, the Foundation of ALL things; there are Three Mothers (Aleph/ Mem/ Shin/Divine Elements: Air/Spirit, Fire, Water), Seven Doubles/ Duals (7 Planets/ Days of the Week/ Colors) & Twelve (Zodiac Signs) Simple Letters.' 👁️
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11 May
In Early Hinduism (The Eternal Way) Sruti ('What is Heard'), the NAVAgRAhas were seen as LIVING Entities, A ⛓️ of 9 'Planets', affecting Humanity Daily. NAVA(G)RAha is derived from NAVA (9) & Graha (Planet/ Loka, seizing, laying hold of, holding" Loka means REALm NOT PLANET. Pt.1
Of course, these 'Heavenly Bodies' had both Negative & Positive Polarities. U+RAnUs (Abode of Aruna, Surya the 🌞's Charioteer), nepTUNE & 🌎 (Bhu-Devi/ Bhumi) were NOT included. BhUMi, Mother 🌎 Married the 🐗 Headed Demon Slaying 3rd Incarnation of Lord VishNU, V+ARA+HA. Pt.2
Included is the 7 'CLASSi©πL' PlaNETS (In this Order), Surya (🌞), Chandra (Moon), Buddha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), Mangala (Mars/ Aries), Jupiter (Guru), Saturn (Shani). &..?
The 5 Elements/ Pootas: Vayu (Air), Varun (Water), Akasha (Ether), Agni (Fire), Indra (👑 of the Devas)
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