1. Just two months ago @emmaogreen wrote this self-satisfied, scolding piece blaming “liberals” for being too cautious and therefore “anti-science” regarding COVID. Image
2. @emmaogreen’s nasty, petty piece completely failed to wrestle with ongoing uncertainty about the virus. It also ignored the fact that individuals have unique risk factors – people who can’t get vaccinated for one reason or another or who live with the unvaccinated, etc.
3. And most disgustingly: @emmaogreen’s piece completely ignored the fact that being overly cautious is not the mirror image of being too lax – the public health implications ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. They are not “anti-science” in the same way. Not even a little.
4. Newsflash @emmaogreen: CARING “TOO MUCH” ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORS IS NOT THE SAME AS SHOWING DISREGARD TO THEM. Putting your neighbors in danger is not the same as taking extra precautions.
5. The piece also completely failed to wrestle with the fact that the CDC and other health experts have REPEATEDLY BEEN WRONG ABOUT THINGS. Initially, last Spring, the CDC said don’t wear a mask! Image
6. The idea that in the face of conflicting, changing scientific advice against a deadly virus people might choose to be a little extra-cautious was never deserving of a nasty self-satisfied scolding, @emmaogreen. Shame on you. Cheap garbage journalism.
7. Now that the virus is making hospital beds hard to come by in parts of Missouri and Arkansas, now that Los Angeles County is mandating indoor masking once again, @emmaogreen will you apologize for your nasty piece? Because you certainly owe the public an apology. Image

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18 Jul
1. Some in the press suggest those of us who want a serious, responsible dialogue about crime (rather than a sensational fearmongered panic about it) are “not taking crime seriously.” It’s nonsense – a petulant demand that we embrace a cynical politics & irresponsible journalism.
2. It’s also utterly false. Belied by the evidence, every single day. Progressives everywhere (including the DA reform movement) are not ignoring violence but confronting it, often more directly and taking it more seriously than the utterly bullshit dialogue in the press.
3. Just because we refuse to embrace the dialogue of moral panic does not mean we don’t care about violence. And those who suggest that can fuck off. Progressives everywhere are fighting to make their communities safe.
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1 Jul
@EricLevitz Is anyone downplaying the seriousness of homicides? I see plenty of people trying to *contextualize the uptick in homicides. I see people wanting to have a serious discussion about crime rather than one grounded in fearmongering. 1/
@EricLevitz In NYC, homicides were up significantly last year. They are also down compared to *50* of the past 60 years. They are down 80% compared to their 90s height. And despite the homicide increase, violent crime is at/near a 40 year low. Shouldn’t that ALL be part of the discussion? 2/
@EricLevitz The idea that liberals don’t think an increase in homicide is important strikes me as real bullshit. Can you produce a single significant voice saying homicide increases are not a problem? 3/
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25 Jun
With the help of Philly DA Larry Krasner’s conviction integrity unit, a Philly man is cleared of murder after 34 years by evidence that was in the police file all along. inquirer.com/news/curtis-cr…
The DA’s search of the police file yielded “extensive undisclosed documents” including evidence that the state’s main informant-witness failed a polygraph, identified a different perpetrator, and sought a benefit in his legal case.
A second state witness “had previously given a false statement in a different murder case.” inquirer.com/news/curtis-cr…
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23 Jun
1. Amazing how quickly that whole critique of the ACLU as not sufficiently defending free speech goes out the window when the ACLU defends free speech in the Supreme Court and wins.
2. Also how amazing how the same people who depict “woke” students as anti-free speech denigrate those very students as unserious when they take a free speech case all the way to the Supreme Court and win 8-1.
3. Here is a write-up of the very righteous free speech case that the ACLU and “woke” students won in the Supreme Court today. Too bad Andrew Sullivan is so disrespectful of the sacred principle of free speech. Surely the end of liberalism is nigh. nytimes.com/2021/06/23/us/…
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23 Jun
Kudos to the @Times @Jonesieman for this solid assessment of the Manhattan DA’s race where it looks like Alvin Bragg will win, though ballots remain to be counted. Though it starts from a pretty bad place, the Times’ reporting on DAs is getting better. nytimes.com/2021/06/22/nyr…
It feels a little early to assume that Bragg will be the winner, but assuming he is, here is a more inside the movement take on the job in front of him. filtermag.org/alvin-bragg-ma…
And here is @Taniel @theappeal’s interview with Bragg: How Alvin Bragg Rejects Bill Bratton and Broken Windows Policing. @Taniel is the definitive voice on DA elections and frankly a national treasure. theappeal.org/politicalrepor…
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21 Jun
1. I’m all for evaluating non-police anti-violence strategies but note that reporters NEVER EVER require similar evaluation of policing strategies. Only reforms must prove their worth and cost-effectiveness NEVER mass carceralism.
2. For example, here is a study that suggests that when prosecutors refuse to jail people for low level offenses, VIOLENT CRIME PLUMMETS. bostonglobe.com/2021/03/29/met…
3. I mean check out these results. So when are cops and prosecutors going to have to prove that their strategies work?
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