This is called "knocking cover off ball" or "Nailed! Nailed! Nailed!"

Let's count the ways:
1. SPX biggest USA index had Monday close high, Tuesday price high, then down; many others similar or nearby

2. Crypto small miss with top Sunday, 1 day early

3. Major top potential yes, but that is TBD; DJI just under that level on Friday

4. NDX top was 15,002 (for real)
Continuing from sum thread...

5. Pointed out Mercury placement terrible for cryptos, and indeed mostly lower since then

6. Reiterated NDX 15K idea, check

7. Oil like other risk assets, biggest weekly drop in many weeks
8. Pointed out many reasons for major astro top, with some question on FOMC & CB influence, hard to gauge how much

9. Mentioned long bonds TLT easier than recent shorts & vol hedges; though RUT / RTY paying this week, NDX NQ also past week

TLT gave chance for pullback entry
I mean if any market savvy participant from 'normal' world saw that this was written *IN ADVANCE* they would probably fall off their chair and jaw on the floor

I'm not always perfect, and of course that was particularly good week

But damn... this approach does work
Asset classes from last week (just what happened)

Stocks: All 6 finished lower, DJI SPX NDX highs then reversal; NYA RUT ARKK more damage

Cryptos: Tough week

Commodities: USO DBC down; DBA up

High yield: down

So only 1 of these up, if crypto = 2, then 1 out of 12
Safe havens
VIX VXX up, SVXY down (inverse so in line)

TLT bonds up

GLD about flat, other PMs lower

DXY up

Let's count GLD & SLV as 2

Vol gets weighting in this model but total count is just to show point, not really part of system

5 up, 1 flat, 1 down

Very coordinated
And here's the thread for review section

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20 Jul
Hey I'm so glad people are getting into the nuances and asking some good questions! This is actually a lot to unpack so here comes a thread.
1st, I want to reemphasize importance of some technical system for entries, risk mgmt & exits. Getting every wiggle & every turn is very difficult. That said recently Merc in Cancer huge bearish BTC edge, then other negative edges, pound the shorts. Now we are trying to spot low
Basic question is:
Venus into Virgo & Sun in Leo - what is market impact and is one stronger? From the person who asked assuming this is for BTC but let's just deal with astro level first then we can think about asset classes.
Read 12 tweets
20 Jul
OK here's what I have for data

1st of all, it is assumed that Sag is optimistic sign and yes... masculine fire Jupiter

But it is also lowest light in N hemisphere, so not as strong for Sun & Moon as you might think
Just looking at 2021 only, Moon in Sag
1 bar 1 month so 'mostly' one pass through per bar

ES - only 1 down, rest of up Image
Now BTC, Moon in Sag only, 2021
1 strong up but rest weaker up or down Image
Read 7 tweets
20 Jul
Exits much tougher than entries and depend on so many factors

Timeframe you are trading - what makes sense for swing trader doesn't make sense for investor and neither makes sense for daytrader

Vehicle you are trading - futures more room, options go against quick, take the $
Anyway, this is an intro the question I'm sure everyone asking - where is the low?

For stocks, hm, if astro right about Jupiter ahead, plus both Venus in Virgo & Sun in Leo weakest in bull markets, then low is nowhere close. Like Panda better chance major top is in!
But some of you might be thinking "where is the low this week" and others are thinking "where is the low in July" and others Q3 and other 2021 etc

So just hard to sum up everything for everyone
Read 8 tweets
18 Jul
Total sum
There are MANY indications both timing & technicals of a major turn that just happened in indexes

Expecting follow through this week maybe sharp
Why I suggested some options because potential is there for fast move lower

Could this be wrong? Yes, I'm not perfect.
But to have all the technical indicators line up with astro in this way is rare - and I've seen definitive moves from yearly pivot levels many many times

Some of the ETF longs were cut (daily charts going on sell)

Love ARKK, but under D200 on both... ugh
Pounded table on NDX NQ hedge (so that QQQ long all hedged out)
Holding RUT RTY short hedge
Added TLT
Added GLD sigh but let's see
Some options
Read 6 tweets
18 Jul
A few key index charts

Double top on YR1 (red arrows)
I have done a lot of research on these pivots too
Note 2020 low YS3 (green arrow)
Major turns happen at major levels, the more involved across different assets, the more likely
Credit to bulls, did clear YR1
SPX daily
Went up to next leve, July R2 / Quarterly R1 combo (July R2 tag near exact)

So, still above YR1
Then July pivot, then quarterly pivot
Read 9 tweets
18 Jul
Astro ahead

Pluto Rx in Capricorn-Saturn from 6/29 - Saturn ruling sign & term, quite nasty. Showing up in covid, bonds, inflation expectations, some indexes like RUT, gold somewhat

Prior to CB gorillas Pluto through terms *moved* the markets, still should have some impact!
Neptune still in Pisces-Mars from 1/23
overall volatility big moves both ways, though Mars in Cancer held up quite well for stocks

Uranus freshly in Taurus-Jupiter from 7/7
sounds good but Jupiter smart $ knows how to sell extended assets; also Jupiter condition very weak soon
Saturn Rx in Aqu-Ven 6/18
One of a few major changes, Saturn could be hitting harder now

Jupiter Rx in Pisces-Ven 6/21
Also major
Rx back into Aquarius *very bearish* - out of rulership, together with Saturn, sign & term of Saturn 7/28-9/6

Both term Venus, Venus fall soon
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