I can’t believe they’re making Kang the next big villain in the MCU. Not because I care about the series but the fact that Kang is played by a black actor. Cue the jokes.
Kang is basically Yakub, the mythological character of the Black Hebrew Israelites. I kid you not. ImageImageImage
Kang flies around in a flying pyramid. Image
Oh no Marvel is going to make the “we wuz kangs” jokes mainstream. Image

• • •

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16 Jul
Big fan of the empty toolbox, unwrapped tool cases, and all the products turned to face the camera.
I like authenticity and this is anything but.
God forbid I point out that it’s not a great photoshoot and fails to depict Tucker’s personal authenticity without people thinking it’s a dig at him. It’s not a dig at him. It’s a dig at the photoshoot. I’d rather see Tucker in the writer’s room brainstorming an episode.
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12 Jul
Armed citizens fire on rioters in Durban, South Africa. The police are unable to stop the rioting and looting or protect anyone so the people have to protect themselves.
The police are unable to mount a response to the rioters in Durban.
Rioters in South Africa are looting everything from LCD TVs to bathtubs.
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12 Jul
How do you go from "you should care about what your neighbors are doing" to "this is one world government"?

There is no correlation. Countries can exist alongside neighbors and maintain their sovereignty without a "one world government."
Furthermore this shows a lot of ignorance about countries and their borders. No country exists in a vacuum and the people who live in one country have ties to those adjacent to them, and places where their relatives live. This is true in any country that has ever existed.
There's a reason many Irish-Americans are still loyal to the idea of an independent Northern Ireland, or why Cubans in Florida, who represent a very large chunk of the electorate, care about what goes on in Cuba. Ignoring that is... dumb.
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11 Jul
A lot of British men are going to be beating their wives and children tonight.
It’s true. Football is cancer. In any country where they lose the losing team’s fans always beat their wives and girlfriends. It’s tradition.
The only sport worth playing is golf.
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11 Jul
One plus one equals racist. There are five lights. Math is subjective. Welcome to Canada.
Close the borders permanently so they can’t export this.
If an Afro-Indigenous Latinx pansexual neurodivergent two-spirit says 2+2=5 and you disagree, you’re a white supremacist transphobe.
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6 Jul
Who knew that far-leftist YouTuber Vaush would turn into an accidental neocon?
Anyway since I can’t pretend to be ignorant of geopolitics I’ll say that pulling out everyone and not even leaving a couple thousand troops is going to completely destabilize Afghanistan as well as neighboring Russian puppet state Tajikistan where Afghan troops are fleeing to.
I doubt China will swoop in any time soon. The region is a complete mess and will always be a complete mess, especially for foreign forces. Graveyard of empires and all that. China wouldn’t waste its time on it—but they’d certainly prop up the chaos so Russia has its hands full.
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