Douglas County
Biden - 2600
Trump - 0
Why would Douglas County pre-sort batches this way as opposed to the way EVERY other county in Ga has their batches shown organically as they were counted?????
And it seems to only be specific precincts within Douglas county doing this?🤔 For what purpose?
If you recall Douglas County was 1 of 4 counties that forgot to upload results stored on a memory card.👇…
The county had 67,442 votes cast in the 2020 Election. No other county in Ga presorted batches prior to reporting them. Not every precinct in Douglas County presorted batches prior to reporting them. Specific batches in specific precincts go from an organic count to presort. Why?
*Amendment to the above post: Barrow County appears to have done the same thing for nearly every vote. Theyve presorted batches prior to reporting. Why???
What election, recount, or audit procedure requires or calls for these specific areas to presort their count prior to sending it to the Sec.of State office??
Barrow County was included in a Nov 2020 Election Fraud lawsuit filed in Georgia.…
No county or precinct acts without written policy or protocol when conducting an election. If all votes are to be presorted prior to reporting I have found no such document on the Barrow Co. Election website. Perhaps a local Ga News reporter could do that?
*People are quick to write this off if they support Biden as some easily explained thing r/t damaged ballot duplication. I purposefully included Barrow Co, a Trump Co. that did the same thing en masse with mail in (maybe damaged duplicates, Ok) but also in-person. Why? Protocol?
Georgia GOP Officials have shown to be every bit as slimy as Georgia Democrat Officials. I do not care who that fraud was perpetrated on behalf of. I care that we have free and fair elections. How is this difficult to understand?????

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20 Jul
They conned you into thinking they're conservatives and 2A advocates because they're Vets. Not the case.
This 👇 isn't Conservative. Its hollow marketing designed to elicit a base response that associates the flag, sexuality, and an attachment to the military or nation with their product. Image
The Revolver piece sums it up nicely: "The right must stop fetishizing every company that panders to them, and they must move on from their embarrassing worship of the modern American military."

It may be an uncomfortable truth for many on the right but its spot on.
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20 Jul
This level of belief, when exhibited in this form, is quite beautiful.
Can you try to imagine American leadership acting in such a way if placed in this situation. At Church, rockets begin to fall all around, and they continue with the service. It would never happen. Total panic would ensue.
We should never aim to be a theocratic nation, but we are missing a key element of well practiced faith in those who lead us. Stonewall Jackson, who served as an Officer in both the American and Confederate armies, was known for this level of conviction.
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Short Thread.

-Be Peter McCullough
-Be Prof. Of Med. @ Texas A&M
-Practice Internal Med & Cardiology
-Internationally recognized authority on the role of chronic kidney disease as a cardiovascular risk
-Have over 1000 publications and >500 citations in the National Library of Medicine.
-Be recipient of the American College of Cardiology's Simon Dack Award
-Receive the Vicenza International Award in Critical Care Nephrology for his scholarship and research.
-Founder and current president of the Cardiorenal Society of America
-He is co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
-Be associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine.
-Also serve on the editorial boards of several academic journals.
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18 Jul
For those not familiar with Pegasus, it was discovered in 2016 after researchers at the University of Toronto’s internet watchdog Citizen Lab and Lookout Security investigated suspicious text messages sent to an Emirati human rights activist.
Pegasus targets victims via a text message link process known as the 1-click variant. The link automatically downloads the software onto the phone, allowing it to harvest the data from, and control, virtually every function of the device: calls, location, email, camera, apps.
Pegasus was the first known piece of software capable of “jailbreaking” the iPhone in an entirely remote fashion. Pegasus circumvents the mobile provider and internet service provider, which traditionally must give permission to security services to snoop on their customers.
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18 Jul
The parties in this conflict are not merely Democrats and Republicans; they are Atheists, Anarchists, Globalists, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, Liberals, Progressives on the one side...…
and those minders of order and the natural laws of mankind, freedom, and liberty on the other. In a way, the nation is the battleground, the Individual and Authoritarianism the combatants, and the secured blessings of Liberty and Freedom for all people the stakes.
One party seems to regard society, with all its complexities and varied interest, nuanced divisions, and stratifications, as the creation of man, which, as that means it has been invented and arranged in a specific order, may be taken apart piece by piece,...
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17 Jul
15% of Americans classified as Domestic Terrorists by Federal Government.…
15% believe in QAnon, that means they are subject to the new Domestic Terrorism guidelines issued by the executive branch since the FBI has deemed them a Domestic Terror threat.…
In a nation of 330million that places nearly 50million Americans on the immediate targeting list subject to surveillance, preemptive arrest, and prolonged detention outside of normal law enforcement and judicial processes. You lose your rights just by making the list.
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