if anything that would be overwhelmed by the online right arguing the left did 9/11
for example, jerry falwell said we got 9/11 because gay people. and andrew sullivan said the left was an internal "fifth column" sympathetic to al qaeda.
its a little difficult to find andrew sullivan's blog post on the left being a fifth column on 9/11 but here it is web.archive.org/web/2002041623…
people have memoryholed what an absolute bush fanboy sullivan used to be.
the odd thing is that even i, who tends to be a liberal hawk and supported a military response to 9/11, could nonetheless see how insane sullivan's post was. and it was quite in the mainstream for circa 2001 america.
and heres jerry falwell and pat robertson blaming 9/11 on gays and abortion. people dont like to bring this up. impolite, i suppose. abcnews.go.com/Politics/story…

• • •

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20 Jul
your legal theories about why fox news talked about vaccination last night are probably all wrong. people on here love to talk endlessly about networks like fox getting sued over content and other than the dominion cases - still to be decided - it almost never ever happens.
its very hard in this country - rightly so - to sue a news outlet over their content. liberals on here talk about libel and slander like these cases slide through court on a regular basis. they do not. even less so when its about a public figure. its hard to do. and thats good.
nobody on here hates fox news more than me. nobody. and yet i think it would be extremely bad to be able to sue news outlets over content. its one of the reasons i really dislike the uk's libel laws. its not a good atmosphere for free speech.
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20 Jul
i love space stuff, i hate all the private space stuff. neil and buzz on the moon yep. yuri and soyuz yup. the space shuttle, hell yeah.

some billionaire wanking around? ugh.
i find the mars rovers exciting. i think its cool to watch china and india come on board as space explorers. i am not inspired by some billionaire floating a car around in zero g.
when we landed on the moon it was an american triumph "for all mankind" it was not "this mission powered by oligarch, inc"
Read 4 tweets
20 Jul
Fox is feeling the backlash from their anti vaxx bullshit and they're trying to cover their asses. Fuck em. They have millions of gallons of blood on their hands.
Both liberals and (even less likely) the mainstream media have to stop falling for this bullshit. Fox is like a serial killer who pauses his murder spree for a minute, hands still around his victims throat, who says "but murder is bad." Then gets right back to it.
The proper response to everything Fox does is derision.
Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
"i have a first amendment right to post on facebook's privately owned network lies about a vaccine that will help to kill people" - the republican message this week
you have a first amendment right to speech. not for a platform for that speech. just the speech. that's it.
the best way imo to mock conservative ideas and positions is to *just say them*
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19 Jul
lol the "history will remember" crowd
this is why when liberals assure me that trumps reputation wont be rehabbed my default position is:
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19 Jul
joe biden stopped a deadly drug, wheres the outrage
under joe biden 200 million people drove in cars today and did not crash. wheres the outrage?
the earth continues to circumnavigate the sun and sleepy joe biden refuses to do anything about it
Read 4 tweets

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