07.19.21 EVERYTHING IS JUST AS IT SHOULD BE. Hello, dear friends. Today I am finishing up my writing project, but I wanted to talk briefly with you and share a message from the Big M that I have been getting as I worry about things I can't change or control.
It seems to be a feature of life in these times that we believe we have to be worried about what other people are thinking or doing, and that we should try to change it. For those of us in the Light community, many of us feel a deep need to heal people of what affects them.
As I look around at the world, I find my human side feeling great distress at all of the troubles of Humanity. I lie away at night, and stress over such a large group of human souls needing to repeat Third Density.
Whenever I find myself overwhelmed with worry, I always get the same message, which I pass along to you today: "Everything is just as it should be." I've come to learn this doesn't mean "this is the optimum we hoped for," though. This means something very different than that.
This means that everyone is going through life, living the reality they created for themselves with their Life Agreements and other manifestations of their free will. Each one of us is living a very different experience due to our own individual need for learning lessons.
It would be so nice if every person on this planet lived in Service to Others, and faithfully served themselves and others with love, forgiveness, and unconditional nonjudgment. That isn't the case. What is the case is that free will is the most important gift of our Creator.
And everything around us is a manifestation of the individual free will of every being on the planet. We don't need to worry about anyone else. We only need to be concerned with our own lives, and the lives we are charged with nurturing and protecting.
We are charged with nurturing and protecting the children we agree to birth and raise. We are charged with nurturing and protecting the planet that hosts us and provides the necessities of life to us. We are charged with protecting those who cannot protect themselves.
We are not charged with changing the lives of others, or changing their minds about anything. As long as we stand as beacons of light, modeling the Law of One, doing what we said we would do for the others in our life, we are doing what we came to do.
The beauty of the teaching system designed by our Creator is that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge of Higher Consciousness. It is their sole decision as to whether they accept that opportunity or not.
I am always sort of shocked at the number of people in YouTube comment sections trying to lead people to Jesus or condemn anyone who doesn't believe as they do. We are taught we need to convince everyone that we are right and they are wrong.
No one is right or wrong. They are just as they are, being who they choose to be. This is a very difficult lesson for me still today, something I struggle with daily, as I want everyone to know the beauty of living in the Light and serving others in peace and love.
If you are also struggling with worrying about things and people who seem to be harming themselves and others with their beliefs and practices, know that you aren't alone. However, this is a thought pattern best abandoned, as "Everything is just as it should be."
Relax. Find joy in your daily lives. Try not to work or worry yourself to the point you don't have the ability to enjoy life. Joy comes easily when we finally realize that other people have the right to be who they are. Much love to each of you as you find your joy.

• • •

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9 Jul
07.09.21 FREEING YOURSELF OF THE BONDAGE OF CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SERVICE. Hello, friends, from the scorching hot high desert of the US West. Climate change is real, and occurs before every polar shift.
Today I'm not going to talk about climate change, but the bondage so many of us willingly consent to by caring about how other people think of us and our actions. We give up our own thoughts and dreams and actions in order to try to please others.
The root of our caring about what other people think of us begins in childhood, as we learn there are positive rewards for making our parents happy with our behavior. It intensifies as we grow up and associate with other kids, who can be very cruel if we don't meet their demands.
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07.07.21 A DOG CARE TIP FROM THE ENERGY SPECIALISTS. Hi, friends, I'm trying to get my dissertation finished this week, so I don't have a real message for you today. Instead, I want to pass on a tip I was given in a QHHT session I facilitated.
QHHT or BQH sessions amaze me every time I do one, even now, because I always learn something. This particular QHHT session found us talking to some kind of oversoul (a soul group that matures and then bonds together their energy, a "social memory complex") that had a specialty.
Their specialty was energy. I told you before what my human training has been in this lifetime--to learn about law, economics, politics, and religion--so this oversoul talked about things that went way over my head in this form. Still, it was fascinated.
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07.05.21 DEALING WITH THE LONELINESS OF SERVING WITHOUT THE ONE(S) YOU LOVE THE MOST. My dear old and new friends, today I want to talk with you about a subject that was talked about in threads over the weekend, as well as earlier last year.
One of the most difficult things that affect so many in their every-lifetime awakening process is realizing they are here without their beloved "twin flame," or soul partner. Sometimes, we do come together and serve as friends or family members in human relationships.
Depending on who we are and what are our individual objectives for service, we choose to serve without our beloved soul partner, the one with whom we united all our energy. Our Higher Selves stay together, but here we are away from that energy. We can feel its loss.
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07.01.21 THE DANGERS OF PARTICIPATING IN AND LISTENING TO CHANNELING. Hi, my old and new friends. I continue to get many questions about specific channelers and channeled material that are promising some very big changes here on Earth.
I've spoken before on several occasions about the dangers of participating in and listening to various channelers, but I think the information bears repeating as so many are anticipating changes that are not going to happen.
Most of the current channeling I am seeing refers once again to the galactic federation of "light," which claims to be in charge of everything that goes on here, and seems to demand permission for anyone who wants to try to relay any message.
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29 Jun
06.29.21 COMPASSION FATIGUE AND STRESS BURNOUT AMONG LIGHTWORKERS. Hi, beautiful warriors for the Light. I know it's really fun to talk about the Ascension Event and other topics that are exciting, but today we need to talk about how we are doing as a team, and what affects us.
I hear from a lot of you, and so many are expressing being completely exhausted and stressed out by what is going on here on this planet. We have all been here much longer than we planned on being here. Many of us are suffering from homesickness, missing where we came from.
Many of you describe for me the symptoms of "Compassion Fatigue," which is mental and psychological exhaustion caused by caring for others. This is very common, since the four missions of lightworkers are to heal, protect, teach, and lead among the civilization we come to serve.
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21 Jun
06.21.21. FOR THE WOMEN I. OUR COMMUNITY WHO ARE WORKING TO HEAL YOURSELVES: I don’t frequently recommend books because I value your free will to choose what suits you. I recently read a book that is directed to women to help heal themselves so they can become who they truly are.
The reason I like this book is it is written by a psychologist in plain language. It is basically therapy in a book to help the reader overcome the trauma and other experiences that keep us from being who we came to be. I think it may be very beneficial for whoever reads it.
As I’ve spoken of before, sometimes we incarnate into dysfunction and relationships that are traumatic, in order to serve the other people who need the Light and our help. That results in the need to heal ourselves.
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