reading some james boggs this afternoon and struck by this passage from "toward a new concept of citizenship"
"Today as a result of developments over the last two hundred years, the concrete questions we face are completely different from and infinitely more complex than those faced by the men and women who made the first American Revolution."
"But the fundamental decision remains the same — to believe in the inherent power of human beings to begin afresh, to put public good over private interests, and to become active participants in the ideological and practical struggles necessary to rid ourselves..."
"...of an economic and political system that reduces us to subjects so that as active citizens, together, we can create a better society for ourselves and our posterity."

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17 Jul
if you explicitly align your company with the worst MAGA chuds then you should not be surprised when a) those people wear your clothes and b) the larger public starts to associate you with things like a violent attempt to overturn the election.…
one thing i will note is that this is as good a description of the core Trump base as you’ll find. note the understanding that “blue collar” is a type of work and not a class position.
I mean, if you run a decently profitable contracting business then yeah, you do “blue collar” work and probably can afford a tricked out F-150. You can be “blue collar” and also a small-time capitalist.
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15 Jul
if nothing else, there should be term limits on the supreme court, if not the entire federal judiciary. even by the loose standards of U.S democracy, untenable to have people with this much power serve this long without any check from the public…
it should also offend our democratic sensibilities that through these appointments, a president can shape public policy and national life for *decades* after he leaves office (or dies!) and there’s nothing the citizenry can do about it.
the federalist papers were broadsheets in a furious political campaign to ratify the constitution. they are valuable for what they are, but let’s stop treating them like the final word on our institutions.
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8 Jul
@chrislhayes his political opponents brought it up constantly!
@chrislhayes this is from an 1802 letter from a former ally, James Thomson Callendar, whom Jefferson had snubbed for a patronage job.…
@chrislhayes *1802 letter published in a federalist newspaper
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7 Jul
this is an extremely credulous take on republican wishcasting
like i am pretty sure i read this story in 2017 about how confederate statues and MS-13 were going to put ed gillespie in richmond
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6 Jul
the way you know vance is going to burn out immediately is that “shamefully apologizing for past transgressions” is the single thing you can’t do if you want to capture that MAGA energy
the only way to catch the MAGA train is to not have missed it in the first place. it’s why desantis is on the glide path to the GOP nomination (if trump doesn’t run again) while rubio is an also-ran
the successful MAGA politicians are the ones that merge uncritical fealty to trump with 80s teen comedy villain energy
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4 Jul
a good deal of our contemporary reverence for the declaration of independence owes as much or more to lincoln's elevation & recontextualization of the document as it does to the document itself, so it is with that in mind that i want to mark today with a few words from lincoln.
"I have often inquired of myself, what great principle or idea it was that kept this [Union] so long together."
"It was not the mere matter of the separation of the colonies from the mother land; but something in that Declaration giving liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but hope to the world for all future time."
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