Whatever you're tweeting about is not as important as the fact that the Biden administration announced last wk that it coordinates with Facebook to censor online content. Thread:

Biden update:

Psaki/Murthy admissions:
nypost.com/2021/07/15/whi… | via ...
Why so important?

Because it's real, live government censorship. They can say, "Well, we're just having our experts flag misinformation," but, and this is the important point:

That is the government participating in censorship.

It's illegal. Seriously.
How did we get here? A combination of things.

(a) There has been a steady drumbeat from governments and NGOs (to say nothing of other influential institutions) globally about "misinformation" and "fake news." So it is an Establishment talking point.

(b) In the past five years or so, social media has gradually passed from censorship of "white supremacy" to "extreme views" to "conspiracy theories" to "misinformation." We've been squawking, but society at large has been acclimated to it.

(c) Covid-19 hysteria has been ramped up quite deliberately from many quarters. It's pretty damned bad. It's an "emergency" in many people's minds. So little things like the right to free speech don't matter so much.

(d) Now, there's the "delta variant."

(e) So now it's even more important that we all be fully vaccinated. This too has been pushed *relentlessly*. Of course. You've lived it.

It's even mandatory now in the U.K. Really.

The result of all of the above is that people are primed to believe stamping out misinformation is a top priority if we want to people to get vaccinated, so we can save lives. Misinformation is KILLING PEOPLE! And the government is just...doing its part.

Talk of free speech is so unenlightened, embarrassing, and irritating. Why do you talk about free speech when people are dying? We just need to stop the deadly lies, so people can get the vaccine...maybe we should just kick the unvaxxed off social media.

This clown represents a common view among Establishment DC and NYC types. They really believe the hysteria. They really believe you're irrational, stupid, crazy, brainwashed, etc. They really want speech to be regulated and they really don't care about free speech.

• • •

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19 Jul
Sharing because I promised I would. What do you Westerners reckon? Or should we stay out of such things?
I'm muting all future notifications about this.

I retweeted the thread. I also explained why I refuse to do more. I cannot chase down every supposed miscarriage of justice Wikipedia is involved in.
I permanently cut ties with Wikipedia in early 2003. I can't control Wikipedia; they hate me there. It is unreasonable to expect me to use my voice in every case where Wikipedia does something seriously wrong.
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In today’s irony, the Daily Mail, which WIkipedia forbids as a source, publishes an article...on my birthday...about my blog post, in which I defend the Daily Mail as a source...and gets the first fact wrong (I’m 53 today). 🙄
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Don’t ever say I didn’t have an eye for self-deprecating ironies.
ALERT, @DailyMail! Fact corrected by the subject of the article! 😁
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Help me out with articles, videos, etc., providing evidence and illustrations of the push to normalize pedophilia. I've talked about this before, but I might want to do a thread. Reply below, please.

I'll start:
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A good example was Salon's short-lived push to normalize it by promoting one pedophile's claim that he is "not a monster":


We wouldn't want stuff much older than ten years or so. The point is to show a growing trend.
The Coalition of African American Pastors sees a trend and has declared their undying opposition to it.

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If you’re still using Gmail as your main email driver, you’re behind the times. For me, it’s becoming like AOL used to be—a Gmail address marks you as a trusting fool, easily led, maybe in need of extra hand-holding. OK for grandma... | via startthis.org/?p=1107
OK, since people keep asking: I recommend owning your own domain name and paying a bit annually for hosting.

Firstname@LastName.AltTLD can be nice. There are lots of alternative TLDs today. My address is first@last.io.

ProtonMail or Epik, I guess, for hosting. I use InMotion.
And why?

Because Google violates your privacy, even in some ways your autonomy, and your Gmail address means you accede to the centralizing dominance of one of the most evil corporations in history.
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2 Jul

I agree with Kirstie: We're very close to a point where pedophilia will become a new woke political cause. I think the barriers are all down.

I hope I'm wrong.

Let's list the broken barriers. Thread below.
We allow kids to declare they're of a different gender. That's only decent. It's their right!

If they can do that, why can't they declare that they love adults? "Consent?" Sure they can consent. Who are you to say they don't love who they love? Love is love! (That's a "MAP" catchphrase too.)

(I hope it's clear that this is all tongue in cheek.)

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This is a reference to:
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