Instead of apologizing for his tweet referring to his non-white wife & mixed daughter as a product of his proud colonial conquest, James decides to turn it into an opportunity to lecture an Asian American woman on how terribly misinformed she is about China & even thanked the RT.
James then mocks the idea of needing to address the terrorism that killed many (Uyghurs included), pretending that Uyghur kids aren't being trained in ISIS camps, adults aren't terrorizing Syrians with Al Qaeda & new ETIM recruitment drives haven't begun.

James pushes RFA as a reputable outlet, marginalizes terrorism, shares platforms w/people fabricating testimonies. This is a new ETIM recruitment video. I personally believe James is part of efforts to use terrorism to achieve American geopolitical goals.

Those weren't ordinary people, they were clearly trained by special forces. The ETIM terror delisting was essentially the US giving them their blessings. They will destroy BRI points & kill innocent people. James wants you to look the other way and pretend this is a non-issue.
James shared a panel with Tursunay Ziyawudun and has refused to acknowledge the massive issues with her testimony. Just like with the terrorism issue, he'd like to pretend these issues don't exist. He will prop up any fraudulent idea that suits his agenda

Don't be fooled by James' "concern" for Uyghur culture. He should be fully aware that if these Salafist Islamist Uyghur groups, he pretends doesn't exist, had their way in Xinjiang, they'd destroy real Uyghur culture & kill Uyghurs who don't submit/conform
Like with many other folks pretending to care about Muslims, until they disagree w/them, James doesn't want you to know Muslim countries can see through the textbook Al Qaeda propaganda, he wants you to believe they're simply morally & ethically inferior.

• • •

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21 Jul
Had there been no risk of radicalized Uyghurs attacking China, or if they were destabilizing/bringing chaos to an American allied country rather than Syria, China would have been accused of exporting terrorism and not doing enough to stop terrorism.
Even if exaggerated claims of China's counter terrorism program were true, if the terrorism still had spilled into the West, killing your family, the leading narrative would have instead been "made in China" terrorism - another nefarious Chinese export.

But since these terrorists were killing people inside China (Uyghurs included), and because they're destroying a country you don't really care about, you don't even want to consider Chinese counterterrorism a legitimate activity, not even in the slightest

Read 5 tweets
20 Jul
Chinese boy in Shanghai gets 38 stitches across his face = LOL

BBC colleagues at New Broadcasting House (Portland Place) who may or may not suffer heatwave related injuries in London = My thoughts and prayers are with you. Image
When looking back at the room full of journalists laughing about the lies they helped push to the world in order to sell a US lead war, you only have to imagine that they are folks just like Kerry Allen, who lack any basic human decency/empathy/compassion

Kerry is simply the next generation of journalists literally forming opinions/articles and getting talking points from US State Dept sponsored spokespeople, designed to ratchet up tensions with China, attacking anyone who questions the approved narratives

Read 5 tweets
19 Jul
YouTuber @serpentza reminds his audience that brown Indians and black Africans are literally the same colour as shit.
This is the same YouTuber who during the entire rise in Asian hate crimes and false accusations against Chinese living in America, he put in a full time effort to try to fan those flames, adding fuel to this fire at every chance he got.

Winston (SerpentZA) has a natural tendency to continually refer to the skin colour and societies of non-white people/nations to shit. In this video he literally shows a pile of shit at the bottom of an outhouse to try and describe China's entire society.

Read 5 tweets
9 Jul
They'll dig themselves into an odd hole here. They'll either have to

a) Not accept Uyghurs fighting in Syria, inadvertently acknowledging the terrorism issue

b) Accept, but de-radicalize them, inadvertently legitimizing China

c) Let them continue carrying out Jihad from the UK
If it's (c), Good luck UK, they aren't your friends, even if you happen have overlapping "enemies". The MI5 was happy to give their blessings to radicalized British Libyans to fight Gaddafi & ferry them back afterwards. Maybe you have a short memory & don't know what comes next.
It's a good time to start learning more about your future neighbours. The info has been out there for a long time, but despite you hearing about the Uyghurs non-stop, learning about this side would've hurt the preferred imaginary-problem narrative.

Read 4 tweets
3 Jul
"WHY ARE YOU SO NERVOUS" screamed Subboor 🤣.

@subboor18, you managed to fit a remarkable number lies in such a short period of time. If you promise to respond & admit if I prove you wrong, I'll make a thread with some of those lies.

Do you accept this transparent challenge?
The reason @subboor18 is unresponsive to this request, despite that I accepted his request and logged onto his livestream, is because he knows in this format, there's no escape, he won't be able to shout over me and deflect as easily as he does during his face-to-face meltdowns.
While @subboor18 doesn't want to address his errors, his strategy is to have fragmented conversations all over the place to distract from what happened. He goes silent if one of those convos collides with one of his lies, starting a new thread elsewhere.

Read 19 tweets
21 Jun
Listening to this old talk by Simon Winchester, I couldn't help but think the "perverted Western prejudices" that existed in the 1930's aren't that much different than they are today. There are certain people who still think, act & behave exactly like their colonial fathers did.
One of the early interactions that lead Joseph Needham on his journey to write the most comprehensive English records of Chinese science and technology history. He started a volume of books called "Science and Civilisation in China" which currently consists of 27 massive books.
Some of the other discoveries Needham made which shook the entire understanding of our world's early civilizations and their inventions.
Read 4 tweets

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