Heartbreaking that disabled athletes like Becca Meyers are not able to participate in the Paralympics because they're not allowed to bring their PCAs & the 34 member team is expected to depend on the 1 assigned PCA & 6 coaches to navigate Tokyo.

I hate this because these athletes have not only have they more than earned the opportunity to compete, but they've survived a pandemic in which the nation they represent made it clear they were expendable and that same ableism is now keeping them from competing
This is not about keeping the host country safe because if the safety of the host country was concern and priority, both the Olympics and Paralympics would be postponed until it was safe for everyone involved.

• • •

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8 Jul
It's 4:30 am, do you know what's in your bank account??

A whole lot less than I thought but it's the 8th, picked up my meds 2 days late cuz I didn't have enough until yesterday, rent is paid, utilities paid. But damn when I say a whole lot less than I thought, $9.31 🤣
Back to the t-shirt selling grind cuz despite the extraordinary cost of existing with SLE, CKF and GBS, I really do love this life of mine and want to keep it going for as long as I can.

Thankfully, this is the last month that we are going to be 100% dependent on tee sales
You too could be as cool as this wookie in one of my tees while also helping it survive in the wilds of capitalism. Get one of my pretty cool but not too cool tees at johnniejae.store
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7 Jul
It is dangerous NOT to teach about the flawed, corrupt and racist foundation of this country, when the evidence, the blood, scars and death of those flaws, corruption and racist is very much present today.
*racism not racist

It is dangerous NOT to teach about the reality of the birth of this nation, when violence, oppression and hate is what was birthed and nurtured instead of the promise of life, justice and liberty.
It is dangerous not to teach about the reality of what was because it extinguishes the hope of what could be, of who we could be if we take the opportunity to correct those flaws, to mend the harm, and build a nation and lead the people to a just and liberated future.
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7 Jul
I got some news that I can't share just yet, but the first thing I wanted to do was call my mom because she would have been proud and highly amused.
I miss her and owe so much to my folks, but especially my mom. She could have let me be shy and awkward, but she wanted more and believed I could be more and she was right cuz now you can't get me to shut up and I'm loud AND awkward.
But on the real, in ways I never realized until I was grown, my mom was making sure that I knew I had a voice and endless options, that I had the power and courage to use my voice and choose my own paths.
Read 6 tweets
6 Jul
There are people who inspire greatness, inspire hope and the confidence to believe that we can do and be better, who see the big picture that as we rise, we raise up others. @nhannahjones is one of those people but thats not what makes her extraordinary
It is not that she speaks truth to power but that she brings power to truth, power so undeniable that it shakes you to the core and for some people it has scared them because the truths they so desperately try to run from, to erase and keep hidden have been brought to the surface
It sucks that such an accomplished journalist, that such an incredible human being has to face such incredible backlash for just being, that her incredible body of work and achievements are seen as a threat when for a lot of us Native and Black journalist they represent hope.
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5 Jul
One day, I will wake up to see Native Americans & individual tribes trending without a sickening feeling of dread, without anger & sorrow knowing that the only time we trend now is when non-Natives are on some hateful bullshit trying to justify some injustice or atrocity.
Case in point.....

It's been a heavy time in NDN country, we have been hit so hard with loss during the pandemic. We have lost so many good people and now the bodies of Native children that we already knew were there are being uncovered at Residential Boarding Schools. Image
We're fighting the violence that pipelines and mancamps bring to our communities and lands. We're fighting for our basic human rights and humanity to be honored.

So many ugly truths are being exposed right now and yet we only seek justice, liberation and healing.
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4 Jul
You can always tell people of Faith from those who only claim belief as means of political weaponization. People of faith know that churches are just buildings, just wood, stone and glass. Buildings can burn, be rebuilt but you can't bring back the dead.
People of Faith know and understand the Church must be held accountable their sins, that forgiveness, redemption and salvation are not possible without contrition, accountability, amends and commitment to change. As humans we know some things can only be cleansed in fire.
I also have a sneaky suspicion these fires are being started by the Churches themselves to get rid of evidence now that folks are finally taking a deeper look, not to mention many of these churches are insured and with shrinking congregations and the pandemic...easy money.
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