My state of California is a great state, with some phenomenal people. We come in all colors and we embrace different religious and political backgrounds. We, the people, have learned to live by the creed that our color, sex,
2/ "race," ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity should not deny us the right to participate in or contribute to our society. We give true meaning to the overused term, "diversity." On Nov. 3, 2020, we reaffirmed our dedication to the principle of
3/ equal citizenship by rejecting Prop 16 by the landslide margin of 57-43.

A closer look at CA will confirm, however, why the characterisric of "diversity" can be such a misleading attribute. The reason is that it masks the many things that have CA on a path to destruction:
4/ unmanageable and excessive taxes, rising crime, an unprotected and porous border, homelessness, and a collapse of our moral code. Added to these woes, CA has evolved into a grossly dangerous one-party state. In such instances, political accountability suffers and the party
5/ in power often acts irresponsibly. For roughly a quarter of a century, the CA Democrat Party has sought to repeal or circumvent the prohibition of race preferences in public employment, public education and public contracting. Finally, all the stars aligned for them (at least
6/ they thought so) and the project to repeal Prop 209 was put in motion. Heretofore, the effort was led by the Legislative Latino Caucus. This time, the project was placed in the hands of Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, then-chair of the Legislative Black Caucus. Although the
7/ voters rejected her measure (Prop 16) quite decisively, Weber had well served her party and Governor Newsom rewarded her with the appointment of Secretsry of State when that seat became available. At that time, the effort to Recall was in full bloom.[to be continued on 7/20]
8/ On March 15, 2021, Gov Newsom said that if Senator Feinstein retired, he would appoint a Black woman to fill her US Senate seat. A couple of days later, Senator Feinstein said that she had no intention of resigning. So, why the hypothetical statement by the guv and to which
9/ Black woman was he referring? It bears emphasis that the guv has sworn to uphold and defend the CA Constitution, which explicitly forbids the granting of preferential treatment based on race, sex; color in public employment. The guv draws a public salary, as do our two Sens.
10/ My friends, that's public employment, and we voted on this last Nov. Unless he has vetted the options and concluded that a specific Black woman is the best candidate, the guv was willing to confer preferential treatment when he said, essentially, that no male, or Asian,
11/ Latino, Native, White or decine to state need apply. Again, we just voted on this issue, guv. Is this another of your French Laundry-type "mistakes" or are U immune from having to observe the rules? Roughly two million Californians signed petitions to recall the guv. Among
12/ them are people from all across CA. Many want a change in the corner office. Let us vote! Larry Elder is a prominent Californian whose views are on display 3 hrs/day, 5 days/week. He has one of the best gigs in America, but he has been persuaded to lead CA from the cliff. He
13/ did not ask for this job. This is the kind of person that we need in politics. I believe he is the only announced candidate who can make the Recall a success, and the CA Dems know that as well. Running for guv is a MAJOR sacrifice for Larry, but he loves CA so much that he is
14/ doing it. Other than Nina, I was probably one of last people with whom Larry interacted before he made his final decision. Thus, I feel a certain responsibility for the unfairness being visited upon him. Finally, I believe there is more to this than the reason given by the
15/ SOS, which was "incomplete redacted and/or unredacted income tax returns were filed." If you have a belief system shared by Larry and me and you stray from the position that is stereotyped for you, "then you ain't Black" a Presidential candidate once said. Political
16/ candidates who are conservative and "Black" are identified as "sellouts" if they wander off the plantation. Larry was subjected to that nonsense in a recent LA Times opinion piece by Jean Guerrero. She said, Larry "builds on the fantasy that it's not racist to deny the threat
17/ of white supremacy." The translation of this garbled sentence is that America is a racist nation and if you deny that, then you live in a fantasy world and/or you are a racist. Sen. Tim Scott, Larry, I and countless others know our history but we also know the promise of our
nation is a promise of equal opportunity for all, and we the people of CA want to be judged by our fulfillment of that promise. Some of us believe that we are doing a pretty good job of it...and that's not a fantasy!

• • •

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14 Jun
I can only imagine what slavery was like, but I know firsthand about Jim Crow; and for the government to dictate where I could live, who I could marry, what job I could have, with whom I could socialize, where I could go to school, or what public facilities - bus, water fountain,
2/ even toilet - I was allowed to use, is not remotely the kind of paradigm that I want for any human being. Certainly, America should resist in the strongest of terms any idea designed and implemented that would suggest a return to that era.
3/ My country is confronted with, perhaps, the most serious challenge of its remarkable history. In many parts of my country, especially in my home state of CA, many of my fellow citizens are living under tents, on public streets.

Criminal violence and disrespect for the
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President Biden has proposed a $6 trillion budget for the next fiscal year. That is a 6 followed by 12 zeros. Personally, I consider this a moral outrage, particularly when you consider that the President said this week that he will do whatever is required to close the racial
2/ “wealth gap.”

First, I consider it inappropriate for the government to even try to equalize wealth between “racial” or any other groups. Second, I consider it an impossible mission, because within weeks after being equalized, it would quickly become unequal again.
3/ Third, the deficit that our country is amassing will someday have to be paid, and the interest on this debt is likely to be much higher. For me, I DO NOT WANT TO BANKRUPT MY CHILDREN, MY GRANDCHILDREN & MY GREAT GRANDCHILDREN with the responsibility of paying off a debt that
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Yesterday, Pres Biden pledged to close the “racial wealth gap” by making racial equity payments to those in certain groups. How do I count the ways to say that this is a very, very bad idea?

Wealth represents an accumulation of assets over a span of many years, unless one wins
2/ a lottery or some such instant income.

What about disparities in income within a so-called race?

It is proposals such as this that makes this President and Democrats vulnerable to the charge of socialism. Government intervention to cure so-called gaps in wealth is the
3/essence of “wealth redistribution.” My biggest fear is that by the end of this president’s term, the relationship between various “races” will be poisoned to an irreversible extent, all based on the flawed premise that the government should be equalizing income & wealth of
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Dear friends:
In the wee hours of May 19, I awakened to find myself on the floor in my bedroom. I don’t know how I got there. I was in no pain and there were no scratches or bruises. I could not stand. Fortunately, my cell phone was within easy reach. I called my cousin, in whose
2/ house I am residing, and advised her of my condition. She immediately came to help, but was unable to lift me. She called “911.” Within a few minutes, the local fire department arrived and lifted me from the floor. Because of the circumstances, it was their advice that I
3/ should be taken to the hospital. I was in no position to disagree, so to the gurney, the ambulance, and the hospital I was taken. After five days of inconclusive diagnosis, I was taken to the Eskaton Health Care facility in Fair Oaks. About 3 hrs ago, I was advised that I will
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12 May
For the past four years, there has been a running narrative that Donald Trump was the source of the major division among the people in our country. Because of the mercurial nature of his approach to all things political, I too have often been less than enthusiastic about Trump.
2/ I learned quite early in the Era of Trump that there are two sides of Trump: Style & Substance. Style can be infuriating, but Substance worthy of emulation. The election of Biden is a valuable lesson for us, the people, about distinguishing between these two characteristics.
3/ Biden campaigned on a platform that was largely devoid of substance, but which promised a more traditional style. He promised unity and to recapture the "soul" of America. It has now been more than 100 days in the Era of Biden. For me personally, it is time for a report card.
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1 May
When MLK shared his dream of a day when his little children would not be judged by skin color but by the "content of their character," he didn't say that Black people or Democrats would be exempt from this dream; that they would continue to be judged on the basis of skin color.
/2 Tim Scott is not a Black Senator. He is a Senator who happens to be identified as "Black" along with a number of other traits. As such, we should expect him to view issues from the overall perspective of what he considers in the best interest of the country, not just for Black
3/ people.
In the State of the Union Address, President Biden claimed that "White Supremacy" is a problem in America. This is a claim that Pres Biden and VP Harris have made repeatedly without evidence or explanation.

For generations, the American people have devoted
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