India and Israel. Israel and India. Two nations. Quite frankly, two rogue states.

- Both alleged 'democracies' who discriminate abhorrently against minorities and keep many under lock and key

- Both nuclear powers - and thus way too powerful for the world to do anything about
- Both systematic breakers of international law

- Both with rabidly right wing, nationalistic beyond belief governments

- Both populated by peoples who were once downtrodden and victims of European discrimination, violence and imperialism - and who now make others their victims
- Both with an approach not of pluralism, not of compassion, but of 'Might Is Right'

- And both nations and both governments with an increasingly hideous attitude towards most Muslims.
In Israel, the shameful nation-state law makes non-Jews second class citizens in their own country. Also in Israel, flags abound everywhere, as do pictures of the President. No other democracy behaves like this, except...

If you thought Ariel Sharon becoming Prime Minister was bad enough after Sabra and Shatila, try Nahendra Modi becoming Prime Minister after the mass murders and pogroms at Gujarat in 2002. Which he played a huge part in.
If you thought Israel crying 'antisemitism! Antisemitism!' was bad whenever anyone criticises its government's monstrous policies, try India crying 'anti-India! It's a conspiracy against us!' whenever the press reports the truth about its monstrous government.
The BJP is so appalling, it's actually convinced much of the public that al-Jazeera - AL-JAZEERA, for heaven's sake - is 'anti-Indian'.

And why? Because it reports the truth. Things like this:…
Or this:…

No genuine democracy anywhere behaves in such a way.
And the consequences for the Indian people? Read this. It's harrowing.…
What does the BJP do? What do Likud do?

Blind their people to their corruption, their incompetence, their lies, their war crimes, by waving the flag and blaming outsiders. A far right nationalist playbook - and here's the thing. It works.
I am so saddened by what's become of both countries and both governments. India especially used to be such a beacon: this vast, sprawling, unbelievably diverse, chaotic, living, breathing democracy. The whole country was like a celebration of democracy in many ways.
Now, it's been taken over by monsters. Who spy on journalists and opposition figures - then deny it point blank when caught red-handed.…

Israel, too, once was a dream for so many of us Jews. Increasingly, it's become a nightmare.
And who suffers?

- In both countries, the poor. Neoliberalism isn't any nicer to poor Israelis or poor Indians than it is anywhere else.

- In both countries, Muslims. Treated like the enemy within. Racism and hate and violence and death are normalised.
If a people have a history of suffering, here's an idea. How about showing the world how to behave differently? How about showing the empathy and care for others which your oppressors so entirely lacked?

Instead, we get this. Modi and Netanyahu are both mass murdering monsters.
And both nations become more and more defensive, more and more angry, more and more in denial, more and more underpinned by fake news, lies and hatred.

It's just so, so, so sad.
Imagine keeping an entire people in an open air prison camp for half a century and calling yourselves a 'democracy'.

Imagine understating the Covid death toll by TEN TIMES and calling yourselves a 'democracy'.

India and Israel. Israel and India. Shame on both states.

• • •

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20 Jul…

"Saudi Arabia was temporarily cut off from using Pegasus in 2018, for several months, following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, but was allowed to begin using the spyware again in 2019 following the intervention of the Israeli government..."
"The 10 countries that the forensic analysis for the Pegasus project suggests have actually been abusing the technology all enjoy trade relations with Israel or have diplomatic ties with the country that have been improving markedly in recent years..."
"Asked whether Israel could access intelligence gathered by NSO clients, one person close to the company replied: “The Americans think so"..."
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Uruguayan fertility rates plunge to just 1.4 children per woman. This is a global phenomenon which - eureka - is going to reduce the world population significantly. But economically, it'll mean ever-greater challenges here.…
I often think Uruguay is a heck of a lot like Italy: a nation in decline given its very low birth rates (response of Italian public? Let's elect anti-immigration right wing bastards!)

The projections for many countries are extraordinary.…
From 123m in Japan to... 58m by 2100.

From 61m in Italy to... 28m by 2100.

South Korea's fertility rate, meanwhile, is below 1. Amazing.
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There is a problem with this typically beautiful piece by @marc_cart: who like Messi, is an artist.…

"He still relishes milanesas (veal escalopes soaked in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried)... often seen sipping his mate or enjoying generous barbecues"
Marcela: how does this embody Argentinian-ness when Uruguayans do the exact same thing?

This, by the way, is among the reasons I supported Argentina in 2014 and 2015, and will do so again today. Because they and Uruguayans are practically identical - yet somehow, different.
It's a national pastime in Uruguay to moan about Argentinians: almost always playfully, I should add.

My response to anyone doing that has invariably been:

- Football
- Mate
- Dulce de leche
- Tango
- Asados
- Milanesas
- Gauchos
- Staying out all night long til 6, 7, 8am
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7 Jul
Keen-eyed observers will already have noted that, unable to declare that Denmark were 'crap', the universe of sad, pathetic, so butthurt it's unbelievable England haters has moved on to:

'Denmark were robbed! How much did England pay the ref?'


It's like clockwork.
But you see: if England's penalty was harsh (and it certainly was), so was Denmark's free kick. Which is rather awkward.

And you see: England were the better, stronger side. Denmark faded in the end: naturally so given their incredible adventures.
And you see: these are the same people who started songs in homage to Diego Maradona handballing England out of a World Cup - and have laughed themselves silly at our endless misfortunes over the years.

Lampard v Germany ring any bells? Platt's goal in Turin wrongly disallowed?
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"Women’s singles players have to return on Tuesday each year to contest the quarter-finals and so they usually play earlier in the day on the second Monday. No women’s fourth round has been scheduled as the third match since the roof was erected on Centre Court in 2009...
However, Raducanu has been the transcendent story at the Championships so far and the Wimbledon scheduling team include the requests of broadcasters...
The decision meant that Raducanu and Tomljanovic were placed as the third match on Court One, with their prospective opponent, Barty, facing Barbora Krejcikova in the first match before Felix Auger-Aliassime beat Alexander Zverev in five sets...
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4 Jul
THREAD: Semi-finals.

Let's start with one of Shaun's Alternative Laws of Football:

- Host nations are uniquely vulnerable in semi-finals.

Many host nations in football reach the last four: swept on by pride, passion and sometimes, referees. Few lose the final itself.
If they reach the final, momentum has built up to such an enormous degree that it's likely to carry them over the line.

Of course, it doesn't always happen: look at France in 2016 or Portugal in 2004. Though both were facing fantastically streetwise, gnarled, grizzled opponents.
Both France and Portugal had more than hinted at fragility at different points in those tournaments. The French were pretty pants in the 2016 group stage and rattled by Ireland in the last 16; Portugal 2004 weren't a patch on Portugal 2000, and lost their first game. To Greece.
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