Two years ago, after celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, my family went to the vigil Mass at our parish, which uses hymnals from Oregon Catholic Press. Evidently, "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" was sung that evening, giving rise to this rant: 1/
"The OCP rewrite of “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” is odious. Charles Wesley had a great lyric gift and knew exactly what he was about when he chose his words; removing thee/thy/thou/art changes the whole soundscape of the text." 2/
" 'Enter ev’ry trembling heart' perfectly expresses the divine condescension in four words; 'Let your love in us endure' is bland and bureaucratic." 3/
"And don’t get me started on leaving out a stanza on the transformative action of the Holy Ghost." 4/
Beyond the lyric infelicities of OCP's version, there is the pervasive mania for fidgeting with texts they share with pretty much the whole Latin Church. Everything must be tweaked and updated to accommodate the latest fashion or ideology. 5/
Undoubtedly part of that is copyright/licensing/revenue; money talks loudly. But the need to tweak and fidget is an inescapable part of the Year Zero mentality; perpetual revolution keeps the revolutionaries in power and thwarts attempts to oust them. 6/
At least, it keeps the revolutionaries in power until the revolution eats its own. 7/7

• • •

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21 Jul
Several of my Jewish follows have objected to people using yellow Stars of David either as actual symbols of not being COVID vaccinated, or as analogies for such.

I want to unpack this particular phenomenon and look at it from two angles. 1/
First, I understand the potential for insult here, and the concern about trivalizing genocide. "Never again" is much harder to achieve if the original event becomes a tool for scoring points, or a stick for one's political enemies. 2/
Which brings me to my first angle: moral vocabulary.

Alasdair MacIntyre writes in _After Virtue_:

"From our rival conclusions we can argue back to our rival premises, but when we do arrive at our premises argument ceases and the invocation of one premise against another..." 3/
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26 Nov 20
1/ I never tire of re-reading Richard Feynman’s personal appendix to the Rogers Commission (Challenger explosion) report. It is a mine of wisdom and good sense.…
2/ On management whistling past the graveyard: “Since 1 part in 100,000 would imply that one could put a Shuttle up each day for 300 years expecting to lose only one, we could properly ask ‘What is the cause of management's fantastic faith in the
3/ On bait-and-switch with words: “ was asserted, there was ‘a safety factor of three.’ This is a strange use of the engineer's term, ‘safety factor’.... Erosion was a clue that something was wrong. Erosion was not something from which safety can be inferred.”
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8 Nov 20
1/ At the end of the liturgical year, the Church asks us to meditate on the four last things: death, judgment, heaven, and hell. While not intentional, I think it's entirely appropriate that Americans get to hear those readings after Election Day.
2/ Modern politics makes totalizing demands, and for some, it is a religion in its own right, making credal and moral claims that direct the lives of adherents.
3/ Christians cannot totalize their politics in this way. For us, political action is merely one means to a more important end: exercising our share in the kingship of Christ given at baptism to order the world justly.
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20 Oct 20
1/ The common rebuttal to the theory that COVID hysteria is about getting Trump is that the whole world is doing it, therefore it can't just be about the American election. I think there are multiple levels of rebuttals to that.
2/ The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world, with the most capable military, the broadest economic influence, and the US dollar is the world reserve currency, the one remaining settlement from Bretton Woods.
3/ From 1988 until 2016, American presidents have been no less than mildly favorable to increased globalization and international/supranational governance that overrides the choices of individual states.
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16 Oct 20
1/ As properly understood, social justice is about the ordering of society in accord with the natural law. Analyzed this way, COVID-19 restrictions have been unjust from the beginning.…
2/ The natural right to labor is sadly neglected in modern Catholic circles. It is better to give charitably than to let a man starve, but it is better still to enable him to provide for himself than require him to subsist on charity forever.
3/ Worse still, the economic effects of lockdown not only infringe the right to labor, but favor the wealthy. The rich, people with savings, and people like me who can work from a computer anywhere suffer nothing, while other people are denied work.
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