IG report: Unidentified Senior FBI Official, now retired, had many unauthorized contacts with the media in the months leading up to the 2016 election. That person accepted benefits, such as tickets to a black tie dinner, from media contacts. The former official refused to answer
This came out one day after AG Garland announced that DOJ would no longer engage in searches of reporter records.
My guess is that Garland could be trying to cut Durham off at the knees to the extent Durham was investigating unlawful leaks and the use by corrupt FBI officials of friendly media contacts to spin a false story.

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18 Jul
This is a video of the plaintiff, Michael Daugherty, talking about his election lawsuit in GA state court, seeking to overturn the two senate elections and to conduct a new election for senate using paper ballots. His suit was timely filed- within 5 days of the election, and as
…I’ve previously reported, is very well drafted. There’s a hearing scheduled for tomorrow afternoon on the defendants’ motion to dismiss. This case is very much worth following. creativedestructionmedia.com/video/2021/07/…
The case was dismissed today for laches, on account of delay in serving the senators. Ossify wasn’t served until last week. Plaintiff’s lawyers argued they had been trying to serve them “for months,” implying they were avoiding service. Nonetheless the judge dismissed with a
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12 Jun
In this week’s Kash’s Corner on Epoch Times, Kash Patel discusses reports of two separate defectors from China. The first was described in this article from last September as having fled to Europe rather than the US, due to fears of Chinese infiltration into the US government.
The second defector is reported as being under the control of the DIA, without the knowledge, until recently, of the FBI and the CIA. @jenvanlaar of RedState has written two articles in the last week based on her sources within the DIA. Here’s the latest: redstate.com/jenvanlaar/202…
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11 Jan
Some of you who followed me may recall that I was an early, very vocal critic of Trump’s legal team and the way they were going about contesting the election results. I said from day one that they needed to file fraud cases at the soonest possible moment, well in advance of any
... certification. Anything else was doomed to failure. The purely constitutional theory they belatedly adopted would present the courts with an impossible choice- if a court found PA for example didn’t follow its own statutes, what would the remedy be? Throw out everybody’s
... votes? Realistically no court would ever do that. Votes would be thrown out only if you could prove a given set of votes were fraudulent. That’s a heavy burden, but realistically that’s the only way. Trump waited until after certifications to file any suit alleging fraud.
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11 Jan
Kudos to @DanCrenshawTX for the following podcast containing an intelligent, informative and understandable discussion of what the Constitution says about how presidents are to be picked by electors chosen by the states, and how that constitutional process made what happened in
... DC on January 6 so tragic and avoidable- because there was no way Congress could or would overturn the election results certified by the states. People were misled by Trump, by some members of Congress and by some pundits into believing that if they showed up in Washington
... on Jan 6 with resolve, they could influence who was going to be the next president because Congress had some discretion in deciding who that would be or determining whether a certain process was legal and some other process, leading to Trump’s re-election, would be legal.
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22 Dec 20
Thread on the Dominion voting system in Antrim County, MI, that was the subject of a forensic audit signed by Russell Ramsland. To begin let me put this here: A comparison of the initial tallies by precinct on Nov 3 with the final hand count:
Note from this table that 5 of the 16 precincts had minimal changes b/w the 11/3 results and the hand count. The remaining 11 precincts, 69% of all precincts, had material errors, all favoring Biden. The Ramsland report fails to mention this fact, and the report does not attempt
... to explain why 6 precincts got the tallies approximately correct on 11/3, while 11 of 16 were significantly off, by about 40%. The report drills down into down ballot races in two precincts which correctly tabulated the presidential race on 11/3, finding wide discrepancies
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22 Dec 20
There’s something about Trump’s election contest that has me puzzled, disturbed and looking for answers. So far there’s one incident that, if true, is highly suggestive of fraud, and one would think, easily provable. Unlike vague claims about voting system fraud, and hard to
... prove voter fraud, this incident backed by sworn testimony is concrete, quantifiable, and possibly part of a pattern: the testimony by the PA truck driver that he picked up in NY a trailer full of absentee ballots and delivered them to a Postal Service terminal in Harrisburg
... - after which it disappeared. His estimate was there were as many as 200,000 mail in ballots in the trailer. He also said the USPS has a gps tracker in the trailer. So here’s my question: Why hasn’t Trump and/or the FBI or the Postal Inspectors gotten their hands on the gps
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