All of this in response to *1* death. How many people are going to suffer and die from these extremely harsh and restrictive shutdown/isolation measures being imposed after 15 months?

This is what's breeding vaccine skepticism: this mixed messaging about whether it protects you.
If you were to propose the speed limit be lowered to 40, almost nobody would support it: even though doing so would save thousands of lives. They would say: we can't incur those costs. It's worth it to allow those deaths.

Why is there no rational risk-benefit calculus to COVID?
Mental health suffering, isolation, depression, addiction and economic deprivation all also kill. Those deaths aren't less tragic or painful than deaths from COVID.

• • •

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21 Jul
Look at this. Several GOP Senators who spent 5 years screaming "America First!" are now not only devoting their energy to intervening in the internal affairs of Cuba but, worse, want to punish *US citizens* for exercising their free speech & association rights, to serve Israel.
If you're a Republican and you support these laws to punish US citizens for the "crime" of supporting a boycott of Israel - which they have the right to do - you have zero credibility to complain about censorship and free speech. Few things are a worse 1st Am violation than this.
Obviously, @SenatorLankford prioritizes this foreign country over the rights of American citizens -- to the point that he wants to punish US citizens for their political activism against that foreign country.

That's not America First. And it's not a believer in free speech.
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21 Jul
MSNBC's lawyers argued - and a court agreed - that Maddow can't be sued for defamation, even when she accuses an outlet of being "literally paid Russian propaganda," because nobody takes her seriously. No liberal outlet will mention this even as they *constantly* say it about Fox
There are literally thousands of media reports about this ruling concerning Fox, and almost none about the exact same arguments from MSNBC's lawyers about Maddow, even though the Maddow ruling was first. Once you watch for it, it'll amaze you how glaring:…
In both the Fox & MSNBC cases, it's standard for lawyers in a defamation case to argue that the statement in question wouldn't be understood as literal but as opinion/subjective, etc.

But they use this ruling to claim Fox "admits" it lies while ignoring MSNBC's identical ruling.
Read 4 tweets
20 Jul
One of the most transparently fraudulent and self-serving conceits of corporate media -- when they're trying to malign and demean those doing better than they -- is to accuse others of using fear and anger to attract an audience, as if corporate media doesn't do that. NPR:
As @mtaibbi documented in "Hate, Inc." -- what I regard as the best book on modern corporate media in the last decade -- the core model of corporate media is dependent upon dividing the citizenry and stimulating hatred and rage toward one another:…
And as @mtaibbi wrote this morning, literally every accusation and grievance @NPR voiced about independent media which is succeeding more than they applies at least as much to NPR. The funniest one: those other outlets are bad because they're partisan.🤣…
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19 Jul
Without Trump, the Atlantic has lost *more than half* of its online audience in the last year alone. The NYT and the Guardian have lost 1/3 of theirs. MSNBC and CNN's cable ratings are even worse.

Trump single-handedly saved this industry for 4 years.
Meanwhile, independent journalists who didn't base their entire existence and worldview on Trump -- but understood there were other relevant power centers, problems and pathologies that had nothing to do with him -- are thriving more than never. Maybe draw some lessons from this?
(The only reason The Intercept isn't on that above list is because - even with Trump and even with their obscene salaries and multi-million budgets - their audience size is way too small to measure. If not for @TheInterceptBr & like 3 US writers, their numbers would be negative).
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17 Jul
If you trust the Biden WH to decree what is "misinformation," these claims have been deemed as such:

* COVID is transmitted human-to-human (Jan 2020)

* You should wear masks to protect against COVID (March 2020)

* It's possible COVID leaked from the Wuhan lab (all of 2020).
If, last March, you encouraged people to wear masks against COVID, the WHO/CDC/Fauci cabal said that was "disinformation."

If, throughout 2020, you said it seems possible COVID came from a lab leak, you were banned from social media.

Who trusts them to be the Ministry of Truth?
The people who lied repeatedly before the election, saying the authentic Biden documents were "Russian disinformation" - and censored reporting based on that lie - now want to anoint themselves the Ministry of Truth, empowered to censor "disinformation":

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16 Jul
Seriously, who the fuck is the White House to be dictating who should and should not be banned from social media platforms, to keep lists of who they think are the spreaders of "misinformation," and then pressure companies they regulate to obey? This is pernicious shit:
Here's more of Jen Psaki issuing decrees on who should and shouldn't be allowed to use social media, then smugly scoffing at the notion that this should concern anyone on the ground that we're going to die if we don't submit to the White House's orders:

Day 2 of @ACLU silence as the White House expands its boasting of the pressure it's placing on the tech companies it regulates to censor content it designates as misleading and to ban the people on its lists, now insisting they be banned on all platforms.

Read 8 tweets

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