OK - now in North Korea crypto case, Ethereum's Virgil Griffith is present, US wants to revoke bail @SDNYLIVE innercitypress.com/sdnysealed35nk… Inner City Press will live tweet, thread below
Judge Castel has entered: All rise.
Two prosecutors, 1 pre-trial services officer. Griffith and 2 lawyers.
AUSA: The defendant tried to access his crypto accounts, using a 3d party, evading computer monitoring condition.
AUSA: His mother impersonated him. The defense counsel's involvement does not mitigate the risk of flight. "He's a millionaire with ties abroad."
Judge Castel: How much time might he face?
AUSA: 20 years.
Judge Castel: Were the funds frozen?
AUSA: Coinbase said they would not release them... He was thrown out of hotel in LA, after bragging about North Korea and crypto, he told staff, Read about me.
AUSA: The defendant has violated his bail conditions.
Judge Castel: Mr Klein?
Ms Axel: It's a misunderstanding. He's only banned from cold wallets.
His father is here.
[True: here in courtroom gallery with Inmer City Press]
Judge Castel hands out law of 2d Circuit on advice of counsel as a defense.
[Note: There are no US Marshals in the courtroom now.]
Ms Axel seems to acknowledge that Mrs Griffith made it appear to Coinbase that she was her son.
Judge Castel: Did he email Coinbase?
Seems so.
Judge Castel reads Judge Broderick's Jan 2, 2020 bond order.
Axel: You modified it.
Judge Castel: So it's my fault...
Axel cites Docket 92, allowing emails with non attorneys.
Judge Castel: The no-crypto provision was not modified. You have a problem here, Ms. Axel.
Judge Castel: His mother's Internet use was on hid behalf, and in his name.
Axel: His father put Virgil's name in his phone to get in today.
Judge Castel: Is Ethereum paying for any of his defense?
Klein: Not in public.
[Sidebar with white noise]
Klein comes into gallery and whispers with Virgil's father, returns to sidebar with Judge Castel and prosecutors.
Axel: We spoke with pre-trial services officer Carl in Alabama... Virgil's parents are upstanding members of the Tuscaloosa community.
Judge Castel: Pre-Trial works for the Court.
Two US Marshals have come into the courtroom. One goes forward and sits directly behind Griffith. Axel is still talking.
Judge Castel: Last word to the government.
AUSA: They knew accessing crypto currency accounts was forbidden. These are just post hoc justifications.
AUSA: He's told No, then tries to circumvent. He's an expert in the Dark Web, and searching it. On Aug 7, 2019 he said, The Americans let you get away with it once.
Judge Castel: I don't have to find a violation. This is a bail review.
Axel: Dissidents use the Dark Web. He has PhD, he could do this. Doctor Evil does this with a burner from Starbucks, not through his mother.
Judge Castel: He's charged in a single IEEPA count. Trial is near. The circumstances have changed. Ether has gone up by ten times. It changes the calculus. Bond Paragraph 14 was violated.
Judge Castel: My concern is risk of flight. The defendant is remanded.

• • •

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AUSA: After an FBI interview in 2018 in Los Angeles, the co-defendant fled the US and has not returned.
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It's an arraignment. Defense counsel: We assert the Fifth and Sixth Amendments and right to a speedy trial.
AUSA: We are seeking the standard release conditions: stay away from DC except for legal proceedings or visits
Judge Harvey: Have the firearms been removed from Ms. Dawn Munn's residence?
Dawn Munn: Yes, yesterday.
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Defense lawyer Machado: I need a moment.
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Judge Cronan: Are you seeking a Preliminary Injunction as well as a Temporary Restraining Order?
Dash's lawyer: Our papers speak to both. But TRO for now. There's a meeting set for 5 pm, the stated purpose is to adopt bylaws to restrict transfer of shares...
Dash's lawyer: The restriction, we contend, would violate New York law. Only Mr. Dash as the initial and sole director --
[Dash's lawyer Natraj Bhushan has a phone that it breaking in and out. Court reporter says she can't hear. This is no way to try to get a TRO]
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OK - hours after announced indictment of "movie producer" DILLON JORDAN, a/k/a “Daniel Jordan,” a/k/a “D Maurice Hatton, a/k/a “D Bohler for operating a prostitution business, he is coming up for presentation in California. Inner City Press will live tweet below
Seems Dillon Jordan will be getting out on $150,000 bond. He says he lives in Lake Arrowhead (gives street address).
Dillon Jordan: Is there anothe prisoner on this call?
Dillon Jordan (scoffs): So random
From the indictment: "at JORDAN'S direction, CC-2 booked a hotel in Manhattan and a flight from
California to New York for a victim ("Victim-1") hired through DILLON JORDAN for the purpose of engaging
in prostitution in Manhattan." #venue
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