Nothing reminds you more that media is tuned to a certain wavelength than hours upon hours of breathless, uncritical fawning over a single man who dodged taxes, exploited workers, and hollowed out the country to the point where he could joyride up into the sky for a few minutes.
Quit trying to tell me any of this is about space or science or exploration. It’s about the triumph of monopolies, deadly megalomania, the privatization of every facet of existence, and the continual choice to keep people in poverty and precarious suffering.
If you support space exploration or science, stop worshiping people who keep the necessary funds out of the hands of people who can do it without the narcissistic tinge. Otherwise, it’s not science, it’s idolizing monopolistic hoarding.

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19 Jul
There are a ton of Right Wing media voices who serve literally no function beyond throwing out one bad faith, ridiculous take after another in order to distract the Left from discussing real and actual issues and serve as nothing but social-media antipathy lightning rods.
I keep saying this: social media has been around long enough and we’ve all lived through its poisonous offspring the Trump Years that we absolutely, no question about it, need to start changing our strategies on and expectations of the medium. And fast.
You can use social media for information, communication, education, and organizing purposes, but first you have to realize this corporate space was designed and tuned specifically to create altercations, misinformation, miscommunication, and create the illusion of power.
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18 Jul
If America is ever going to dig itself out of this hole it's going to have to simultaneously relearn its past and completely re-envision its future, a massive undertaking on the scale of any mobilization for war or response to a disaster or economic collapse.
American society has been so run through with self-serving, white supremacist, capitalistic mythologies designed to hide oppression and exploitation that it is drowning in delusion and is incapable of discerning where it's been, where it's at, and where it's going.
And I want to be clear about this: none of it was an accident. The wealthy and powerful have spent so much of their wealth and power intentionally and tirelessly obfuscating the truth about history, economics, and politics.

This has been a careful and relentless operation.
Read 5 tweets
17 Jul
Authoritarianism didn’t just spring up out of nowhere and any place that tells you otherwise is missing a giant piece of the puzzle. There has been a concentrated, systematic effort across the globe to grow, train, and coordinate fascistic groups in an effort to seize power.
This fascistic crisis we’re facing isn’t an accident and it didn’t just materialize out of nowhere. For years people have been working overtime to overthrow liberal democracy in the name of white supremacy and hypercapitalistic exploitation.
The pandemic may have helped accelerate the situation, but it’s only because these groups, situated throughout the world and coordinating with one another, were prepared and salivating over the prospect of taking advantage.
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16 Jul
I spend most of my time diagnosing our tragic descent into fascism and regularly I get asked, “What can I do?”

We have a narrow window, but here’s a practical and ambitious answer to that important question and a glimpse at how things really could change…
I want to clear: we’re in incredible danger. Any actual address of that threat begins with ourselves and a moment of necessary self-reflection.

We have to sort through the damage and trauma that’s been heaped upon us and decide we want something better, realer.
The answer is that this moment feels hopeless. It makes us feel isolated, alone, powerless. But that’s an illusion and necessary for fascism and exploitation.

We have to reject the concept of politics as a passive entertainment and remember that we have power.
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14 Jul
Trump passed the Covid buck to the states to avoid responsibility while punishing Democratic leaders and it’s freed the Red States to shake off federal oversight of civil rights and dare the sclerotic federal system to act.

It’s a total standoff and it demands courage.
The political crisis we’re in is made so much worse by fearmongering and apocalypticism that the Right benefits from politically and economically. The environment makes it toxic for a Democratic president or legislature to act on a grand scale, but they have to.
Events like January 6th, armed protests, and domestic extremists showing force are unvarnished threats that real violence will follow any attempt by Democrats to do literally anything.

But there’s no choice. The attack on civil rights has to be addressed. This is about courage.
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7 Jul
Just a quick media lesson.

Notice this brief Haitian history in this article. Notice how it COMPLETELY jumps over the fact that independent Haiti was intentionally held back by colonial powers determined to keep them in debt and under military control.

This is not an accident.
The conventional story, the convenient story, is that Haiti just…can’t get it together. That its people of color were able to fight for independence but unable to maintain working government.

This frame not only hides white supremacist, capitalist oppression, but legitimizes it
Accounts of Haitian history in major media almost always gloss over the French putting them in debt for buying their own freedom, how major powers used that debt for leverage, and excuses for racist US invasions and occupations that were treated as “kind” and “paternal.”
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