2. Mcdonalds.

A burger is not inherently bad.

And Mcdonald's doesn't force anyone to order their food.

But our society has been brainwashed to believe their health and quality of life is totally dependent on the government.
Result: "I can trade long-term bad health for short-term pleasure.

Because at least the government will save me."
3. Free porn.

In 10-15 years porn addiction will be the new opioid epidemic.

Poisoning the minds of 12-year-old boys.

Destroying their desire to pursue high-value women.

Eliminating their ability to lead a family.

And creating a generation of men that are easy to control
P.S. I'm looking for another person to work closely with who wants their body to align with their values in every other area of life.

I will design a custom system for your 3 pillars of fitness.

You will get 24/7 access to me.

DM me👇


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20 Jul
They can't legally poison you so instead they gave you Mcdonald's, CNN, and free porn.
The last 18 months have been the greatest threat to our liberty in our lifetime.

And our generation is just handing over control.

How did they become so soft?

The subtle poisoning of the mind, body, and spirit.
1. CNN

I challenge you to learn some basic marketing tactics.

The art of influencing people's behavior.

This will open your eyes to the fear-mongering tactics the media uses.

Convincing people that they can't fend for themselves.
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19 Jul
The Skinny Fat Cure.

(7 secrets to drastically lose fat & gain muscle)

I can remember being frustrated with my skinny fat body.

I had noodle arms that couldn't fill out t-shirts.

And I had a flabby belly that made me insecure to take off my shirt.

BUT, eventually, I found the cure 👇
1. Don't exercise. Train.

Mr. Jones jogs every day.

He exercises A LOT.
But still looks soft.

Have a GOAL and PURPOSE for every move you make in the gym.
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9 Jul

(My 45 minute workout)

Incline BB Bench to start.

3 sets.
3-8 reps on Monday.
9-12 reps on Thursday.

Think “Upper arm bones across body”.

Not just “hands up”
*with band resistance.

Set 1: 5-8 Reps
Sets: 2 & 3: 9-12 Reps

Think “Smash shoulders into ears”.

And before you trash the smith machine 👇
This exercises has better:

- Profile
- Bracing
- Alignment

Than your standard Barbell OHP.

So your delts can work harder per set.

Low on time and want results - emotionally unattach from “hardcore lifts” 🤷‍♂️
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7 Jul
The 9 Secrets TO CURE Lower Back Pain.

(From Tim Tebow's Physical Therapist, Ray Lynch)

/THREAD/ ImageImageImage
My doctor thought I would never walk again.

I tore a spinal erector muscle while deadlifting.

Stuck in bed for 2 days.

Out of the gym for 3 weeks.

0 feeling in my right foot for 6 months.

+ the sciatic nerve pain of piriformis syndrome.

I learned THE HARD WAY. Image
And 80% of adults have back pain.


- 37% of 20 year olds
- 52% of 30 year olds
- 68% of 40+ year olds

Have MRI imagining with damage to back structure & NO lower back pain.

And I'm one of them. Image
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22 Jun
10 Lessons From Traveling With The 88th Richest Family In The World

// THREAD //
1️⃣Nothing is "expensive"

Every single night this family spent:

- $1000 on dinner
- $6000 on lodging

This was an easy investment for them.

- high quality food
- amazing family bonding time

"Expensive" is all perception.
2️⃣Kindness is priceless

The father of the family is a multi-billion $ man.

He treated every single server, butler, & driver with the utmost respect.

- 50-75% tips on everything
- always saying please & thank you

Wealth is no reason to forget your manners.
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11 May
6 Tactics To Naturally Increase Testosterone

// THREAD //
We live in a pandemic of low testosterone men.

Symptoms of low testosterone include

- reduced sex drive
- increased fatigue
- loss of muscle mass
- increased body fat
- reduced erectile function

Here are 6 tactics you can use to supercharge your testosterone levels 👇
#1: Lift Weights 🏋️‍♂️

Although all forms of exercise increase testosterone, resistance training is shown to be the most effective type of exercise.

Lift weights. Build muscle. More testosterone.
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