Friends With Benefits; Who Benefits? 🤔 (Part 2)

1./Moments later, she exited the wet-room &Sesan heard the door swish behind her followed by a heavy thud as it slammed shut. He looked up to see her sauntering towards him. She was wearing one of his signature fluffy white robes.
2./ They were made to his size and she looked tiny and vulnerable in it. She'd knotted it loosely and her cleavage was enticingly open to his view but his mind was fixated on the dark puckered nipples he just wanted to nibble and suck.
3./ The upper curve of her lush breasts was on display, seemingly begging for more of his touch. She perched beside him on the bed positioning herself enticingly. Droplets of water ran in tiny rivulets from her neck down her cleavage. Sesan looked appraisingly at Kemdi,
4./ his candy girl. On one hand, he was tempted to draw her closer and lick at the water droplets. Her light-skinned beauty in which she took great delight enticed him. The contrast against his own darkness was erotic in its own special way.
5./ His memory of those chocolate raisin nipples surrounded by espresso-dark areolae was very sharp. 3 years of being with her, and he hadn’t lost his fascination with her nipples.

They were large and almost constantly erect even when she wasn’t sexually aroused.
6./ His hands itched to explore under the robe. To tug at those nipples. Cup her breasts and play with the lush bouncy globes that captivated him no end. Sesan swallowed and allowed his thoughts to dwell on the image of pushing her legs apart, nuzzling his face into her engorged,
7./ pulsating wet slit, coming face to face with that clit that he could only describe as a mini-lollipop, inviting him to suck and nibble and explore to his lust’s delight. She was so sweet and her honeydew juices dripped freely to quench his near-unquenchable thirst for her.
8./ She always enjoyed that, grinding into his face, uninhibitedly presenting herself for his pleasure without restraint. When she began moaning incoherently sometimes mixing Igbo with her impeccable English, at which point his brain sometimes felt like it was about to explode,
9./ he’d the turn her around, bend her over and take her from behind. Sesan closed his eyes in recollection of the pleasure of penetrating Kem from behind.

She was deep and tight and could accommodate his long, thick shaft. Her backside was a work of art.
10./ Rounded, cushiony, squeezable but firm. The lines of the stretch marks on her bottom were another source of arousal for him even though she didn’t like them. She said they marred her perfect skin.
If only she knew. Rubbing, squeezing and spanking her bottom,
11./ talking dirty to her while rhythmically sliding in and out of her welcoming warmth.

O ga oh!

He was now hard and ready for more. He should give her what her body was silently begging for and what his own was rampantly demanding.
12./ Soon enough, she would probably be too mad at him to allow him those liberties.

Should he tell her? Or not? If he was telling her, was now a good time? Or should he do it over the phone? Or in the DM, seeing that was where it all began? It was easier not to tell her.
13./ They didn’t move in the same social circles, chances of her finding out were slim to nil. But that wasn’t his nature. He believed in openness, but for once, courage failed him. After 3 years, anything less than face-to-face was a callous cop out.
14./ Face-to-face was going to be brutal. For both parties. He knew he would feel like a heel and would have to confront her pain at what she would call his deception. He was dreading it. Ghosting was looking good at this point. But no. That was the coward’s way out.
15./Being a coward was looking like a good gig now though.

Fuck! He’d benefited from the friendship, now he had to tidy things up &exit the stage with as little kerfuffle as possible. Yet, any which way he diced or sliced it, there was nothing he could do to avoid hurting her.
16./ His Kem was in for a rude shock either way. So yes, he’d tell her.

But wasn’t it too soon? If he told her now, then he would have no further chance to play with her delectable body. He wouldn’t feel her lips close around his eager cock anymore.
17./ The tight walls of her pussy wouldn’t clench and squeeze him as he thrust into her again and again pounding at the rim of her cervix. He wouldn’t hear her scream out her pleasure incoherently as he ate her and flicked his tongue deep into her. No. It was too soon.
18./ Sesan reassured himself that he still had time. After all, the wedding was still 2 weekends away.

Thank God she had agreed to the abortion last month. How could he have been careless enough to continue having unprotected sex with her after he had proposed to Kike?
20./ It would have been a disaster if she had insisted on keeping the baby. How would he have dealt with that? Keeping such news from Kike and her family would have been impossible. Massive relief.   

Kemdi was astride him now, riding him and leaning over his face,
21./offering up her breasts just over his hungry mouth for him to suck &play with. Aah, he was only a man. This was an offer he couldn’t resist. Sesan reached out both hands one on each breast. He squeezed both breasts close together & began to circle the nipples with his tongue;
22./ to nip playfully at them tugging and sucking on both greedily simultaneously. Kemdi placed her hands over his to better guide him to increase her pleasure. Sesan growled softly. He revelled in her passion when she was in assertive yet submissive vixen mode.
23./ The robe was now pooled about her hips and Sesan had stealthily guided his erect cock inside her. Kem rode him with a skill that came from familiarity. Her pace was perfect and Sesan knew he would have lost it but for superhuman control.
24./ He admired the arch of her giraffe-like neck as the pleasure of his actions consumed her. A guttural moan escaped her softly parted lips and her eyelids fluttered shut.

“Ah Sesan, don’t stop. Don’t stop Babe.”
25./ She rotated her hips with the expertise of a professional belly-dancer. Kem ran her fingers across his chest scraping his sensitive sides with her beautifully manicured fingernails as she did so. Sesan’s big body shook with gentle tremors in reaction.
26./ As Kemdi surfed the waves of pleasure about to crest to yet another orgasm, she thanked her stars for coming across his tweet and patted herself on the back mentally for having the chutzpah to slide into his DMs on that fateful day.
27./ Sesan was so good at this she mused as pleasure assailed her body. He could make her cum just from sucking on her tits. He knew her body so well. He only needed to give her that look and her treacherous body succumbed. She had absolutely no regrets, ah, this was so good.
28./ Sensing that she was close, Sesan flipped Kem over, positioned her on her knees and she executed the perfect arch to give him unfettered access to her well-lubricated pussy. In one smooth motion with the ease of a warm knife slicing through butter,
29./ Sesan penetrated Kem from behind. One knee behind her, the other raised for balance, Sesan quickened his pace, pumping harder, plunging deeper with all his might. He felt the quivers building in frequency reverberating in her vagina,
30./ clenching and unclenching his cock as she quivered to orgasm, even before she screamed out her pleasure.   

Two Weeks Later    
Didi sat on the easy chair across from the couch in her friend’s living room. Kemdilim was broken. That was the only word to describe it.
31./ She was a sorry mess. She had been crying almost non-stop since Didi arrived for breakfast in the morning. If love had the power to reduce someone to this pitiable state, Didi wanted no part of it.

But was this love? Wasn’t love meant to be a 2-way street,
32./ reciprocated and requited? Kem’s situation was complicated. She claimed it was love. But wasn’t that a liberty too far and a breach of ‘contract’?  Could it be described as love when you had agreed at the start that it wasn’t a proper dating relationship?
33./ When your counterpart had been explicit about the boundaries and you frequently reinforced his utterances?   

Friends with benefits… Whose bright idea was it anyway? How did the concept become a thing? How the hell did people begin to buy into it? Sounded innocuous enough;
34./ until you’d been there and felt the pain it could bring, then you would warn unwary souls to steer clear.   

Lying on the couch with her eyes closed, Kemdilim did not try to wipe her tears away. What was the point? In any case, maybe crying would make her feel better.
35./ She swallowed the huge lump in her throat which was threatening to choke her, but it didn’t go down. The last two weeks had been the worst in her life. She had read somewhere that the worst period for a heartbroken person is the second week.
36./ Apparently, the first week after it ended, you were running on pain and vibes and a sense of “He done me wrong.”  You also hoped he would realise very quickly that he had made a mistake and come back to you. 

By week 2, reality and acceptance dawned.
37./ Memories of past good times begin to wash over you. His cheeky smile, the way he teased you, the way he loved you. . .

More tears fell from her eyes at this point. She knew Didi was worried. But her pain consumed her.  
Ah! The way Sesan loved her.
38./ Her body quivered as memories assailed her. Even the small cruelties he occasionally inflicted suddenly had a rosy tint to them.   
Since that day 2 weeks ago when he had asked her to meet him for dinner after work.
39./ Foolishly, she allowed herself to fantasise that he wanted to make things official. To put a ring on it. Instead, he’d told her it was over, nothing had been the same ever since. It made no sense to her. They had been together 2 days earlier.
40./ His appetite for her had been as voracious as ever. They had laughed and talked as normal and nothing in his attitude had prepared her. Or had there been warning signs which she ignored?

Had he been slightly melancholy and she didn’t notice? Kem wasn’t sure any longer.
41./ She thought of the abortion she’d had nearly 2 months ago. That ought to have reminded her that they were not a couple. That she shouldn’t have thrown herself wholly into their affair.
42./ She should have known that even if she had quietly blurred the lines of the script of her prior rule about not marrying a non-Igbo, that Sesan had never expressed to her that he wanted more from her than what they agreed to at the start.
43./ The added kicker that he was getting married;(today actually) had been a blow to her solar plexus. If she had been standing, she would have gone into a swoon like the foolish maidens in the historical romances she had once been enamoured of. Since the breakup,
44./ all the sad love songs in the world began to really make sense to her. She could relate to each and every one. She wondered why she agreed to see him on the fateful day the break-up happened. 
Maybe if she hadn’t seen him on that day, things might have kept chugging along.
45./ Yeah, it hadn’t been the perfect love story, but it had been kinda good. She was satisfied most of the time. She couldn’t deny that she often wondered what he did when he wasn’t with her. But she never allowed herself to dwell on that for too long.
46./ She hadn’t paid any mind to those people who preached “if it wasn’t working, walk”.

Which one was walk? Walk to where? What guarantees did she have about walking? What was that proverb about a bird in hand?

Would it be better in the place she was supposedly walking to?
47./ At almost 31, Kemdilim wondered if dating was worth the effort. Or maybe men preferred a certain type of woman and she wasn’t the type.

Was she expected to alter her personality to morph into this other sort of person? At her grand age of 31?
48./ Wasn’t she too old a dog to learn new tricks? 
 Kem sighed. The tears were still coming. Her heart and body had betrayed her.

She was smart. A savvy and intelligent woman. She was successful, wasn’t anybody’s fool.

She also thought she was a tough girl,
49./different from those ones who allowed themselves to be ruled by their hearts, or carried away by good “D.”

Stuff like this didn’t happen to women like her.

Once again, the patriarchy had won.
But wait; was it truly the patriarchy?
50./ Did the patriarchy make her long for him that first day she entered his DMs?

She’d kind of known what she was after. The photo on his avi of a fit young man in his physical prime surfing on some foreign beach had attracted her.
51./ It made her wonder if it was real person or a random stock photograph.

It had been real alright. Sesan lived up to his billing, no false advertising. Pure undiluted Yoruba demon. She should have kept away.  

She would have to go and unfollow and block him.
52./ She didn’t think she could bear to see him post his wedding pictures if he did.

Thank God no one on this bird app knew they had been an item.

She would sew a cautionary thread for whoever cared to listen among her followers.
53./ Before you embark on a Friends With Benefits mission, ask yourself;
“Do I have the cojones to separate sex from emotions? “

These were the games that separated the girls from the women.  
The End

• • •

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Recently he’d been at the receiving end of this type of greeting
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It’s a joint failure. The societies we hold up as examples aren’t better because the people are better. They are largely better because there are systems which enforce rules.
2./ People are held accountable & the administration of justice is fairly even-handed.
In Nigeria, citizens are comfortable disobeying the laws because they follow the examples of their leaders and it’s hard to enforce laws that you don’t abide by.
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1./I was teasing a friend about empty nest syndrome. Her son’s in senior secondary. He’ll be off to university soon. She laughed &said she could hardly wait for her nest to be empty.

“My eldest is 21 in university. Do you know for how many years I’ve been doing the school run?”
2./“At a point, I had to be in school from 1:30 pm until 4:30 because I had a child in infant, junior & secondary school. Each had different closing times.

My friend never had the chance to practice her profession. This was the choice she & her husband made.
3./ This is the sacrifice it required.
She does various businesses, but she’s never held a 9-5 since the children began school. Any business she’s done has also had to revolve around the school day and the school term.

She was “fortunate” that this worked for her.
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1./ During my quiet time today, my bible passage told the story of the woman caught in adultery.

After I dwelt on the immeasurable grace of God, several questions nagged at me. 

What happened to the man she was caught with?

Which of the 2 of them was married?
2./ At least one must have been because the act was referred to as adultery.

I suspect it was the man because there’s no mention of an irate husband. But I may be wrong. 

Yet no one dragged her male counterpart out, or tried to bring him to book.
3./ He obviously wasn’t there trying to fight her corner either.

Cowardly toad. 

The nagging issue for me was that nothing has changed. The woman always bears the weight of guilt in sexual misconduct. 

I couldn’t help but wonder at her shame.
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