A vaccine passport system means the government -- not you -- will decide what gets injected into your bloodstream at regular intervals each year, in order for you to live a normal life.

If there wasn't a pandemic, and they didn't call it a vaccine, would you have supported this?
The truth is that the government-given excuse doesn't matter.

It could even save 1 billion lives; that's not the point.

The point is that free human beings need to be given the choice on whether to get the injection.

Not coerced and blackmailed and threatened to do so.
If they choose not to get the injection, let them be.

But the government and corporate media are dead-set on demonizing these people and discriminating against them, because they represent an obstacle to the universal digital ID system that they want to implement.
If this sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory, well it isn't:

Honestly I'm more surprised that people are so deathly afraid of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate.

Out of 1,000 people who catch it, 999 will recover.

That's if you even catch it in the first place.

The chances of dying from Covid are near-zero, unless you're fat or old.
I'm aware most people got the vaccine for social and economic reasons, not medical reasons.

And deep down inside, they feel compelled and coerced, so there's a deep frustration within.

Instead of taking it out on those who coerced them, they take it out on the unvaccinated. 🤦‍♂️
Nobody is causing you any inconvenience, except the government.

Let's all at least acknowledge this.

The unvaccinated people are simply those scapegoated by the government to justify continued lockdowns/mask mandates, but these people really didn't do anything to you.
If you want to be mad, be mad at the government who imposed the lockdowns.

Be mad at the government who forced you to get vaccinated.

Be mad at the government who robbed you of your livelihood.

Be mad at the government who's taking away your freedom, little by little.
You really think that we'll all return to 100% normal, like in 2019, even if everyone got vaccinated?

Please tell me that even YOU are not that naive.

We would have turned into a checkpoint society by then.

Stopped and scanned everywhere we go, supposedly for our own good.
I know that most people don't mind this either.

We have constitutional rights precisely for this reason.

It's so that mob rule cannot override some very basic and fundamental human rights.

Sadly that's going away sooner or later.

I just hope it doesn't happen in my lifetime.
And before you jump at me about the booster shot "conspiracy theory," no, it's not a theory.

You're a moron if you believe they'll let you go on your merry way with just 2 doses of the "vaccine."

Annual booster shots will be required to keep your vaccine passport up to date.
Which means really they can inject anything into your bloodstream each year, as and when they come up with it.

Anything from RFID chips to foreign harmful substances, well there's really no limits as to what they can mandate you to take.

Turning us into IoT objects.
Canada is the first country I know of that has mandated annual booster shots up to 2024.

I'm pretty sure Asia and Europe will follow very soon.

Good luck, people:

• • •

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19 Jul
Not being able to quit your job when you're horribly mistreated is one of the shittiest feelings in the world.
Never box yourself into a corner.

Be as frugal as you can.

Keep your commitments low.

Have sufficient savings so you're able to walk away anytime and salvage some self-respect.

And never expect your boss to give you face.

They'll go all out to treat you the worst they can.
And you must do it as soon as possible, too:

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17 Jul
The government is dying to coerce you into vaccination, because it wants to implement a digital passport system.

It's obvious to anyone with IQ >120.

This digital passport/QR code makes you an open book:

Every private personal information can and will be used against you.
I know you think you have nothing to hide.

But how would you like it if by simply scanning your QR code, the government can find out intimate details about your health, work history, assets, income, debt, children, immigration status, criminal history, political views, etc.?
If you refuse to get scanned, you get denied participation in civil society.

Can't open a bank account, can't board a train, can't send your kids to school, can't shop at a supermarket.

If you submit to getting scanned, your information will be used to discriminate against you.
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14 Jul
Contrary to popular belief, the most effective way to protest is to create havoc/destruction around government quarters.

Not peaceful marches with banners and social media selfies.

Nothing will change unless the people in power feel pressured and threatened.
"Violence is never the answer."

It is if you're fighting tyranny.

You're saying I should just sit back, take it, and be the bigger guy when you're violating the shit out of me?

Give me a break.
Of COURSE the government would love for people to march peacefully like docile sheep.

Then they can just ignore the people's voice and carry on business as usual.

It's insane how people just accept stupid axioms like "no violence" with no critical thinking whatsoever.
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28 Jun
"The vaccine gave me fevers and chills... Oh, my aunt had blood clots... My sister-in-law also had a miscarriage... And my grandpa died from it... But still, let's still get the shot nonetheless to protect ourselves and protect others!!!"
The FDA has added warnings about heart inflammation for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Looks like my decision to hold off on these experimental drugs is turning out to be pretty wise.

Don't forget, I can still take it anytime.

You can't untake it.

It's almost as if the vaccine cult just wants you to make the same mistake as them, or at least they feel better with more people taking it as it's confirmation that they made the right decision.

Unlike you idiots, I don't gamble with my life.

Enjoy your complications. 💪👍
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16 Apr
Vaccine passports are a bad idea.

It starts with the Covid vaccine, innocent enough.

Soon with booster shots, they'll get to inject whatever they want in you.


"Your vaccine passport is expired, no more restaurants or shopping or airplanes or job for you."
What about Passport+?

Soon it doesn't just track inoculation.

Hey, why not just track income and credit score too?

It's just a QR code after all.

Hmm, what about criminal history?

Maybe medical history.

Educational records.

Job history.

Marital status.

Political stance.
Oh you're an unmarried single mom on welfare? No entry to this venue for you.

Hm, you're a staunch Democrat? Out the door please, sir.

Don't own a car? Nope, not the kind of people we want.

Didn't graduate from a top 10 school? Fuck outta here.

Pregnant? Nope!
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16 Apr
Unpopular opinion:

I don't believe in communicating in a relationship.

It's a futile endeavor.

Ultimately we're talking about changing a person.

It doesn't really work, because it builds resentment, they end up unhappy, and then the mask eventually slips anyway.
Say it annoys you that she has guy friends and texts/goes out with them.

So you decide to communicate this concern to her.

Best-case scenario?

She cuts off all her guy friends for you.

Will she be happy? No.

Will she hold this against you? Yes.

She sees this as a sacrifice.
Or say you don't find her physically attractive anymore because she decides to get fat.

So you communicate this concern to her.

Best-case scenario?

She actually loses weight (lol).

But will she be happy? No.

Will she resent you? Yes.

Will your relationship be stronger? No.
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