Okay so @RusMilkshake wanted me to post this so here we are lmao. This is gonna be long so mute #ktprants if you’re not interested. I'm also gonna space it out a bit and post in chunks
Anyway: why Sergey *must* be the one to personally rescue Oleg from a narrative point of view
In order for Sergey and Oleg's relationship, regardless of how you want to define it, to move forward with positive momentum, this /must/ happen. The narrative demands it in order to bring closure. Why? Well, let's get into it by analyzing what we have so far #ktprants
1) While I do fully believe Oleg trusts and forgives Sergey (and @RusMilkshake has an excellent thread breaking it down issue by issue so I’m not going to go into proof of that), there is a constant spectre hanging over them. A spectre in the shape of 5 bullets. #ktprants
We are reminded constantly of it, largely in the form of Sergey's guilt, which is something we haven't gotten any real closure on yet. Sergey believes himself only capable of destruction, which is literally represented using a picture of him and Oleg. The rift in their #ktprants
relationship is /why/ he doubts himself. The lasting physical effects bother him as well and we are all but beaten over the head with it - Sergey can't forget and neither can we, the audience. Oleg, too, has to live with this, even if he has made peace his with it #ktprants
In fact, his long term injuries are what cause him to be captured in the first place. This situation, from a narrative pov, is thus Sergey's fault - if not for the 5 bullets, it's implied Oleg could've won. But no, he's captured and tortured, because of what Sergey did #ktprants
What Oleg does or doesn't think of that is honestly irrelevant; the narrative is what's setting this up as a direct consequence. Also, whether or not Oleg has forgiven Sergey is also irrelevant because Sergey hasn't forgiven himself. This is what the story has presented #ktprants
2) We are all also aware that Oleg has rescued Sergey more than once, even when it was ill-advised. The first time, sure, there's some risk, but it’s manageable. But the second time? Not only was it more dangerous, given all that was going on in the immediate aftermath #kptrants
He's also risking himself to rescue someone who shot him 5 times. Oleg is cautious; he keeps Sergey in a cell presumably until he feels safe freeing him, but he still did it. He planned, had that place ready, faked their deaths, all of it. He did that /after/ 5 bullets #ktprants
So Sergey isn't lying when he tells Lera they don't leave their people behind. Oleg has been there for Sergey before, continues to stay by his side, and even cares enough to make sure he sleeps. Given this, how could Sergey not be ready and willing to return the favour? #ktprants
3) Every character who knows anything about their relationship believes it to be imbalanced. The mercenary, Altan, Vadim, and even Lera. They all say this, they all point out the 5 bullets, that oh, Oleg, why does he stay? While they don't have the insight us readers do #ktprants
this tension is here for a reason, especially coupled with the previous two points. Even if we know better, the narrative is offering us a kernel of doubt. Does Sergey really care? Will he go as far for Oleg as Oleg has for him? Did he really mean those apologies? #ktprants
Or are the others right? Even Oleg, although I do think he's lying to protect Sergey, says he has doubts. Vadim seems certain Sergey will come, yet still calls Oleg Mr. Stockholm Syndrome. The equality of their relationship is continually called into question - why do #ktprants
that if it's not going to be resolved? Why play this 'will he, won't he' game if he won't? Why set us up for disappointment? If Sergey doesn't go, all of this will remain unresolved and their relationship can only get worse, not better. The spectre will never leave #ktprants
(One note here: I believe most of these perspectives are from unreliable narrators, given what details they give and that their accounts conflict with what we actually see. But these perspectives are included for a reason – imo, so that Sergey can prove them wrong) #ktprants
4) The other thing the narrative tells us is that Sergey can be impulsive. Yes, he's brilliant, frighteningly so, but it's Oleg that is constantly urging caution. Sergey is aware there are risks, yet he forges ahead anyway, restrained (sometimes) only by Oleg's advice #ktprants
Why would that change now? If anything, with how distressed Sergey seems to be, I'd argue he'd be even /more/ impulsive than usual because he's too emotional to think right. And who's going to urge caution, if not Oleg? Lera? I doubt he would listen if she did and, to #ktprants
be frank, why would she care if Sergey gets hurt? She knows him primarily as the one forcing her into a situation that is having serious negative effects on her life. Her secondary knowledge is that he's a murderer and terrorist. Much as it's fun to think of them all #ktpwhines
having a friendly relationship, they're not there now. She might from a logical point of view, just because it's very obviously a trap, but he knows that - her saying it isn't going to convince him of anything. Even if she did try, I don't think it'd have any effect #ktprants
5) And lastly, Lera is absolutely not ready for this fight. This isn't some regular asshole on the streets; Vadim is a professional killer. He beat /Oleg/ in a fight and, even with his injuries, we all saw the kitchen fight. We know what Oleg is capable of. I love Lera #ktprants
and she is a badass, but she's not ready for this. She had trouble with Kamenny, who may have honestly let her win under Altan's instructions. Even still, Vadim is MUCH better. And much as Altan wants PD alive, I don't think he much cares in what condition. Best case #ktprants
scenario is that Lera gets captured too, and Vadim likely wouldn't hesitate to kill her, and then Sergey has to go himself anyway. Lera may come to help, but Sergey needs to be there. If Sergey really is better than Oleg at present, he's the one who needs to fight Vadim #ktprants
In conclusion, all of this comes together to say one thing: Sergey needs to go. He needs to prove to himself, to the audience, and most of all to the narrative that no, this relationship isn’t one-sided, and that he will go as far for Oleg as Oleg has gone for him #ktprants
The narrative made this a big point of tension, insisted upon it, beat us over the head with it, and now has teased at Sergey’s opportunity to put up or shut up. It has to be Sergey, both practically because Lera isn’t ready yet, and in order to be a satisfying story #ktprants
Because if he doesn’t, that tension isn’t resolved. His guilt will only grow after failing Oleg once again, despite Oleg sticking with him and it would have been by his own choice. He will know it. Oleg will know it. We will know it. And their relationship can only sour #ktprants
As a last point, I will also say that I’m aware my anxieties may be unfounded. These creators do seem to legitimately care about these characters, telling a good story, and satisfying the audience. But I’ve been burned by pieces of media where that is not the case, #ktprants
so it’s hard for me to trust and not doubt, even with creators who have, so far, not let me down lmao. Anyway, thank you for coming to my tedtalk, I’m sure I missed something I would’ve liked to add but holy shit this is absurdly long already sdklsdklsk so uh bye ✌️ #ktprants

• • •

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