Society has been forced into a diet of sugar, salt and artificial. Bitters are extremely important to our health. Bitter causes taste receptors to signal brain to increase gastric secretions, circulation, optimize breaksdown nutrients etc etc see below. I've used organic bitters
for years. When I was younger I took Swedish Bitters( in most health food shops). I use more concentrated bitters now. Bitters or herbal tonics are just that " herbal" so it takes getting used to, sugar is in almost everything and we expect everything to taste yummy
Century old medicinal herbal tonics made into herbal liqueurs you can find today. Cynar has 13 herbs one being artichoke. I use Daily purity supplement (below) w/artichoke leaf , has potassium ,phosphorus magnesium iron, zinc C,K & more simply amazing not tasty but so good for u
Here are some herbal liqueurs-aperitif. I started drinking Chartreuse liqueur w/sparkling mineral water/lime a few years back, there are "130" herbs packed in Chartreuse. Herbal tasting but good, not saying alcohol is good for you, but if your gonna have a drink ....cheers😃

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19 Jul
Duchess of Marlborough "The Sphinx" Worshiped by princes, dukes, artists for her beauty, hypnotic eyes & intellect Married Charles Churchill Duke of Marlborough of Blenheim Palace (Winston Churchill was born).Ceiling portico painted w/her eyes, 2 sphinx w/her head in gardens.
Duke's 1st wife Consuelo Vanderbilt with Winston Churchill on steps. Winston proposed to Clementine(a man I believe) in Temple of Diana at Blenheim. Bed Winston was born in. Winston's mother Lady Randolph Churchill (Painting making her not look like a man) father Randolph.
At 22 yrs Gladys( the duchess) had wax injected (early plastic surgery)in her face which disfigured her face making it very full. She married 1921 she was 40 yrs old. 1933 Duke divorced her. Her "selfie", wedding photo w/Duke & a young gladys. Paintings/statues of Gladys.
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26 Apr
Shinrin-Yoku-Forest Bathing. Nature emits electrically charged negative ions. Neg Ions heal our bodies.A Forest 2500, Beach 4000, Waterfall 5000. "A office" only 70. Water crashing( waves, rainfall, waterfall, flowing river) creates higher neg ions. Plants/trees emit high neg ion ImageImageImageImage
Offices are toxic, you can create Negative Ions by having plants, a waterfall table fountain, copper would be good choice, or piece of copper in water. Copper will keep water clean as well. .Open windows to pull Neg Ions from outside through your home. ImageImageImageImage
Look around your town for a footbridge over moving water creek,stand there 10-15. min. If you work Downtown w/no nature find outdoor fountain by building & stay by it 15 min. Walk in nature alongside a river/creek. Rain/lightning creates high amount ions go walk, open windows ImageImageImageImage
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23 Apr
Bathhouse Row Hot Springs AR. The 1st national protected resource (Pres Jackson 1832) Sacred to the Indians "Valley of Vapors" "The water so sterile scientists store rocks hauled back from moon in it" huh?🧐Controlled by U.S. Govt ? Mercury rubs, Violet Ray, Electric Stimulation
Professional athletes( Babe Ruth etc) Presdents, Hollywood, Elites,used the healing water high mineral content. There seems more to this narrative then we are being told. The buildings are beautiful. The 1st Army/Navy military hospital in the nation built looks down from hilltop
Theses are some of the interesting machines used to heal people who came from all over world. The "Sun Ray Box" Viloet Ray Machine, Ultra Violet Machine, Hydro Therapy. Mercury paste was used for massage rubs and sits baths!😮People worked out in the gymnasiums.
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21 Apr
Our ancestors knew coppers abilities.Then it was hidden. Medical science claims "new" discoveries in copper antimicrobial/antfungal abilities use in hospitals. B.S. 1800's Victorian coal bin. 1800 Lavabo(hand washing.) Copper coffee bean silo. Marie Antionettes Copper bathtub ImageImageImageImage
Milk was stored in copper cans/pitchers which killed bacteria. A 1500's Pyxis used to hold consecrated hosts. Last pict is another coal bin 😮 beautiful for a coal bin! ImageImageImageImage
Indian Copper Chapati (bread) container. 1700's water container. 1600's copper bathtub. Egyptian copper bed frame. ImageImageImageImage
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20 Apr
Tallow & Lard are another thing that was made "Bad" in 1911 so food giant Proctor & Gamble could sell "CRISCO" & make billions$. Our ancestors used Tallow/lard for everything.It has high vitamin D, less fat than butter.Unfortunately the name has nothing going for it 😀 ImageImageImageImage
The fat comes from the back of pig. The very high Vitamin D (1000 IU) in 1 tsp. came from the fact that pigs used to be outside with "Sunlight" on their back all day. Now they are mostly inside factories abused, fed toxic crap in horrible conditions. ImageImage
Tallow (fat from beef) so many nutrients. Has good Cholesterol we need. Having good fat keeps us satiated, balanced.The no & low fat only that they preach " good" is harmful.Our ancestors used lard/tallow soap,candles,skin, food etc. I use tallow, cooking, my skin,as supplement. ImageImageImageImage
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20 Apr
I've written about copper/silver health & energy benefits earlier. Drinking/storing from a pure 99.9 silver/copper cup/pitcher kills bacteria. Silver utensils, plates,bowls were used for that purpose.Egyptians held copper/zinc wands in hands to create healing electrical charge.
These rods/wands were hollow or solid. Hollow could be filled with magnetite, crystals,coal,magnesium,etc. These are still made & create a 1-1.3 volt when held. People say they feel healing effects, calmer, more energy circulation.
I think it's very interesting and will order some. Knowing that our body is electric I would imagine these would have some effect especially if barefoot on the earth. Worth a try🙂 and drinking from a pure copper cup( no glaze or lacquer)costs about $20, silver about $150.
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