So the sleight of hand here is to blame the housing crisis on the Black guy even though it preceded his administration.

This is the No. 1 goal of progressives: Blame Obama for things they've never cared about.

This can only be categorized as a lie.…
So reject this framing. I heard once "never discuss the solution with someone not helping to fix the problem." We've seen that progressives and their sympathetic media publications have ignored this issue for decades. To blame their inaction on Black politicians is beyond devious
What you must understand is by-and-large the progressive movement cares way more about lionizing Bernie Sanders than any obstacle facing Black people. That's why the continue to attack Obama, Clyburn, John Lewis, Kamala. They must erase us to place him at the center of the party.
That's why any discussion w/ them about mass incarceration, racial wealth gap and police accountability is futile. Because they actually don't give a sh*t. If they did, we would've seen solidarity before Trayvon Martin. We hadn't. And we've been marching and protesting for 40 yrs
So when people bring up these systemic issues and try to lay the blame for them at the feet of Democrats (Biden created mass incarceration! So did Kamala! Obama destroyed Black wealth!) it is not an accident. It is propaganda meant to divert you from how little they actually care
Demand the progressive movement do the same thing they ask from the Democratic Party. They want easy and immediate fixes to systemic problems. Then do it. And I don't wanna hear "we need full political power first!" No. F*ck that. You got the money to help right now. Do something
The same energy the Jacobin and it's staff used to write an article about "How Obama Destroyed Black Wealth" they could use to create a similar organization to Obama's My Brother's Keeper. They can put money into the Black community. Why aren't they doing it?
Brie Brie makes $30,000 a month from her podcast. The same money she uses to demonize Clyburn for "not providing health care to his constitutes" she could use it to set up an organization dedicated to helping Black folks in South Carolina get health care. Why isn't she doing it?
The Intercept and Justice Democrats were funded by billionaires. Both are dedicated to replacing Black Democrats with handpicked easily controllable Black politicians. Both could pour money into the Black community and help get Black voters registered. Why aren't they doing it?
This is about power. That's it. And I have seen little to no stomach from progressives to collaborate hand-in-hand with Black folks to tackle some of these issues. What I have seen is attempts to sabotage the process so they can take over the Democratic Party by hostile means.
But taking over the party isn't enough. They don't want just the reins of power. They want to kick Black folks out of positions of power. Handpick their own. And amazingly they think Black voters are dumb enough to continue to vote for Democrats after completing this process.
How do I know this? Well I've seen a clever rebranding of what a "centrist," "moderate," "establishment," and "corporate Democrat" is. And if you pay close attention you'll realize it's us. It's Black people. Black voters. That's who they're speaking of. We're suddenly the enemy.
We saw this in the primaries when progressives labeled Southern Democratic voters "irrelevant" when Biden won the South Carolina primary in 2020. They're conservative. They're Republicans. Who is that primary filled with? Us. Black Democratic voters. That's who.
We've seen this in how they talk about Pres. Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, Rep. Clyburn, the Congressional Black Caucus. Literally any Black Democrat in their way who doesn't bend to their will they label a "centrist," "establishment" or "corporate Dem." They want us gone.
We've seen this in #OH11. Shontel Brown is an unassuming civil servant dedicated to her community. But the idea that she would challenge Nina Turner means she's a "corporate Democrat backed by the establishment." That's how they speak about her and Black folks supporting her.
Now they'll tell you they're not speaking about Black folks when they use these terms. But listen to how they use them and listen to who they direct these insults to. Some will be bold enough to say it directly. And this is gaining more traction.
I've heard for quite a while now the need for Black progressives to "disrespect your elders." I've also heard that older Black Democrats are conservative and essentially Republicans. Then I realized what was happening. They're laying the groundwork to sow division.
You see Black folks are a powerful voting bloc in the Democratic Party. And removing us from power won't be easy. But if you can pit younger less politically aware Black voters against older more politically savvy Black voters, you might be able to wrestle power away from us all.
Particularly if you indoctrinate these younger voters w/ the idea that older Black voters have "stolen" or "rigged" the system against you. That's why it's so important to present this disingenuous argument this way. They can say the quiet part out loud without actually saying it
The crazy thing is older Black voters have been waiting for progressives -- for decades -- to actually help us fight against an increasingly racist, unhinged and lawless Republican Party. For the most part they've refused. But now they're blaming us for it. Sounds about right.
And despite their inaction and apathy toward our plight, we still gave them a fair hearing. But we soon figured out they have never wanted to partner with us. Ever. They've only wanted power. And they're willing to watch us suffer until they get it.
This is not a wholesale endorsement of everything about the Democratic Party. There have been missteps and Black folks have suffered from it. But this is not a discussion I'm willing to have with progressives without them taking responsibility for their inaction and sabotage.
Don't come to me talking about President Obama not closing the racial wealth gap and you didn't even show up to vote in 2010. Don't talk to me about Biden and mass incarceration and police brutality in the '90s and your ass cared more about saving the whales when we needed you.

• • •

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20 Jul
At what point do we ask ourselves are these folks fighting "against the establishment" just interlopers trying to overturn the will of the Black base of the Democratic Party? There's something very weird about jamming your agenda down the throat of folks that don't want it.
If you listen to them, they'll quote all kinds of surveys about how popular their agenda is. But in practicality they have problems answering about how they will get it done. And they really struggle at times with persuading Black folks to join their cause.
And they seem rather impatient. No real hunger for the work or grind. They want it all RIGHT NOW. And if you don't give them what they feel entitled to then the here comes the name calling

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