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What do some Warrenistas get out of their capping for BernieBros and their hatred of Biden and #KHive?

Neither of them tweeted 🐍🐍🐍 at Warren. They still hate her. They will never vote for her.

What's the tangible benefit of the relationship?

A mutual hatred of Democrats?
Is it they're trying to clear the field so she can run in 2024 or 2028? That kinda undercuts the "Biden is too old" argument. She's 73.
I mean some of the biggest Warren fans on this app bit down hard on Nina Turner's candidacy in #OH11. And they went after Rep. Shontel Brown rabidly. Some of the wildest comments I see about VP Kamala Harris are from #WarrenDemocrat Twitter feeds. I know I'm not the only one.
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I’m running for Congress because for too long, cities like Cleveland have been sacrificed. We’re the poorest city with a population over 250,000.

I won Cleveland last year by 10 points and the poorest ward in the city by 9.5 points. I’m fighting to change these places.
The poorest areas of #OH11 are with me because they know I’m with them.

While my opponent takes money from billionaires who don’t give a damn about this city, who advocate against policies that would help the people of this city, I choose integrity.
I don’t take money from corporations that are hurting this community.

I don’t take money from industries that have destroyed the air and water of this community.

I’m fighting to fix the air and the water.
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📢ICYMI: 30% of #OH11 is new! It now includes 100% of the city of Cleveland, Lakewood, and parts of eastern Cuyahoga County.

Scroll to see if your city is in the district and to find your polling location ⬇️
Beachwood is in the new #OH11!

🗳Go to to find your polling place. Image
Bedford is in the new #OH11!

🗳Go to to find your polling place. Image
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IHO Nina Turner trending, let’s remind folks of who she has become over the last six years. 😩
Let’s start with this clip from 2016. In this clip, she openly admitted to not support then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Instead she supported Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. That’s how we got the Bun from Queens in the White House.
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Good morning and happy Election Day to all! I’m so so excited to share all of @thisisinsider’s 2021 election coverage with live, up-to-the-minute results from our partners at @DecisionDeskHQ, starting tonight! Follow along this thread & feel free to bookmark for later 🗳️🇺🇸
First up, everyone’s favorite, the big race for #VAgov between @terrymcauliffe and @glennyoungkin! This one is shaping up to be a real nail-biter: polls in VA close at 7 pm, and we should hopefully get some interesting results tonight…
Less-discussed about also fascinating is the Virginia Lt. Gov race between @HalaAyala and @WinsomeSears, who have been running on very difficult platforms & visions for VA — either candidate will also be the first woman of color elected statewide…
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Two Congressional special elections are being held in Ohio today to fill two of three vacancies in the House. Democrats currently have an 8-seat voting majority with 220 members; Republicans have 212.
Voters in #OH15 House district,which spans from Columbus suburbs to Athens,will choose between Democratic state Rep. Allison Russo & Republican coal lobbyist Mike Carey to replace fmr. 6-term GOP Rep. Steve Stivers,who resigned in May to become OH Chamber of Commerce Pres. & CEO.
Russo was endorsed by President Biden and Carey by former President Trump in this #OH15 House special election race.
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We need to talk. As I stated days ago, You were just 6.1% behind. It's not a loss. It means you got to change the lane & keep hitting the Gas Pedal.

Is it possible for you to run by registering yourself for the write in on Nov 2?
Think about what I just asked. Is it possible? Because 6.1% is very easy to grab back & gain more.

I do not know if that's possible, but you do @ninaturner & I am asking you. Is it? Image
Pick yourself up & fight back like you have never done it before @ninaturner. You've seen everything that happened.

Learn the mistakes & change the lane by registering yourself for the write in for this Nov 2 General Election. Image
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Hello @ninaturner:

We need to talk. I checked the #OH11 Special Primary Election results. You are just 6.1% behind. Let me say that again. Only 6.1%.

This is not a loss. It means you got to change the lane & keep hitting the Gas Pedal.

The Special General Election is on Nov 2.
I do not know what are #OH11's law, but you do @ninaturner.

Is it possible for you to run in a Third Party, whether it's the Green Party or People's Party, for the Nov 2?

Think about what I just asked. Is it possible? Because 6.1% is very easy to grab back & gain more.

Is it?
Why do we fall @ninaturner? So we can learn to pick ourselves up again.

Pick yourself up & fight back like you have never done it before. You've seen everything that happened. Learn the mistakes & change the lane by entering a Third Party for this Nov 2 General Election.
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lmao wut? They all, including Bernie/AOC literally came out and rallied for her.
The Squad should have used their leverage and withheld their votes from Nancy Pelosi until the people of #OH11 capitulated and let Nina Turner win the race.
What does this even mean? "People in politics despise weakness above all." Ok Glem J. Trump.
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Amazing that Turner watched the establishment candidates consolidate against Sanders and DMFI pound him with negative ads, then… had no effective fightback when this began to happen to her in #OH11.
Brown did not have Biden’s high name ID/positive image with primary voters, but she effectively used her relationships (Fudge, local electeds, CBC) to become the clear Turner alternative, at which point PACs moved in. Once that happened Turner started flailing.
Candidates don’t always lose when this happens. Eliot Engel had the same sort of support (Clinton endorsement, DMFI PAC hitting opponent with negative ads) but Jamaal Bowman’s campaign navigated this and won.
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An #OH11 thread with some inside baseball history

In 2009, Nina Turner split with Cleveland's Black political establishment to back a ballot measure meant to reform the corrupted county government. Turner's side won. The Black newspaper vilified her.…
Despite that, Turner at the time was seen as a prospect for mayor or the new county executive position. Instead she launched a primary campaign against then-Rep. Marcia Fudge.
Turner dropped the primary challenge idea pretty quickly, as Fudge had the Black establishment firmly in her corner, and that definitely matters in #OH11. Fudge endorsed Turner's secretary of state run in 2014.
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Thank you @CallForCongress for all you did to help #GOTV for @ninaturner, the #MedicareForAll and living wage candidate for #OH11!!♥️

Please bring word as it comes! We’re watching!
Shareef and Lisa guess what? Jason Call has confirmed he will join us in Tacoma to rally for national improved Medicare for All and amplification of @WholeWashington #I1362 on August 21st!

So confirmed speakers so far:

@iam4M4A (1/2) Image
.@KennyBallentine of course will be here, & I have another announcement pending!♥️ (2/2)

Come on Nina!!

We need Medicare for ALL!!💯🏩🧶

“Only all that we love is on the line!!! Hello somebody!!”~TNT Image
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What we know so far in #OH11:

—Shontel Brown won the mail-in ballots in both Summit County & Cuyahoga County by 21%.
—Nina Turner won the in-person early vote by 11% in Cuyahoga, and 5% in Summit.

Overall, Brown leads 53% to 40%. Now we wait for the in-person Election Day vote.
What we know so far in #OH15 (the GOP primary): the Trump-endorsed candidate is leading in the early vote in 10 of the 11 counties that are reporting votes so far. And his runner-up is different county by county. A good recipe for him.
I'm sensing more interest in my timeline in #OH11 than in #OH15... ... but all I have to add is that we have a measly 381 in-person Election Day votes reporting so far (in Summit), and they're breaking for Turner by 5%. Not much to go off of.
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Very early numbers starting to come in from #OH11 via NYT Image
1% reporting, Brown off to a nearly 4000 vote lead on Turner. #OH11 Image
5.7% precincts reporting, Shontel Brown up roughly 3,700 votes on Nina Turner in #OH11 via WaPo. Image
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Just to be clear. Nina Turner is NOT to be trusted. Here’s why.

When Sanders lost the primaries to Hillary Clinton, Turner refused to support Clinton.
Instead, she supported Jill Stein. In which, she gave us Trump.
Four years later, she still spew that same ole rhetoric about the “Democratic Establishment.” Folks like Biden, Harris and more are using President Obama has a “prop.”
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With all due respect to @perrybaconjr
The framing of this piece is absolutely ridiculous and is the quintessential example of inside the beltway thinking (even when it comes from outside the beltway )
Campaign to "Keep Nina Turner out of the House" sounds like it was written by a press flak. Turner ran a mostly locally focused campaign for months. But she did raise millions from donors mostly outside of the district, which makes sense given her national profile
#Ohio11 residents are NOT viewing this race as a proxy battle. Shontel Brown is the local Dem party chair & mentored by Fudge, nobody outside of the DC pundit class sees her as the establishment. Turner is a national surrogate coming back to her old district to serve
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No week better illustrates why the #OH11 race matters. President Biden is showing the naysayers he can still make progress in Washington.

But with a 3 vote margin in the House, it will take Democrats working together with Shontel Brown—not Nina Turner. #Thread
Unlike Turner, Shontel Brown is a Biden Democrat who can deliver for Ohioans.

She's focused on solutions and progress just like Biden. And she'll be an ally in fighting for the Biden agenda.
Turner doesn't even seem to like Democrats.
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So a couple things. We're all anticipating the #OH11 primary soon. We're pulling for Shontel Brown but she is still the underdog. Nina Turner has the name recognition, more money and more celebrity endorsements. But here's how I expect things to go regardless of what happens.
Shontel Brown is now and forever an enemy of the Bernie cult. They will hound her for the rest of her life. Regardless if she wins or loses but especially if she wins. Their publications will run endless smears against her. Their Twitter army will spend years denigrating her.
If Nina Turner loses progressives and the Bernie adjacent left will immediately pivot to blaming EVERYTHING on the "Democratic Establishment." They will take no blame for the type of campaign Turner ran. Their publications will run countless stories on how she was "cheated."
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Seriously. It doesn't make any fcking sense to keep saying "the voters in OH11 don't want someone who's just gonna do whatever the White House tells them to do" when the district went for the guy in the White House by HUGE margins. They sure as fck didn't choose Bernie.
Despite the fact a few deeply blue districts recently elected loud and wrong clout chasers obsessed with running to the media to undermine their own party leadership, most Democrats still vote for Democrats who intend to work with Democrats.
The #OH11 race is not the deciding battle between Cosplay Socialism and more moderate Democrats. We had that battle in the 2020 primaries. The Left lost in a rout. AND, even Our Revolution - the flagship of Cosplay Socialism - just threw up the white flag by embracing pragmatism.
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The #OH11 special primary is 4 days from today, so time for a 🧵

Back on July 1, I met with @ShontelMBrown in her Cleveland campaign office for a 20-min interview.

In this thread, I'll walk through the transcript.

You can watch the video version here ⤵️…
Most pressing issue facing #OH11?

@ShontelMBrown says pandemic recovery and gun violence.

What qualifies her to address them?

She says her experience as a Cuyahoga County Council member.
If elected, what would legislative priority #1 be?

@ShontelMBrown says expanding the public option under the Affordable Care Act, which she says is "the most immediate and effective way to get to that place of universal health care."
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But wait there’s MORE!

#HelloSomeBotty 🥴

Why do you need to do this “bowl of 💩” lady?!
This is getting embarrassing and this is only a smattering of those who popped in to attack me, my mom ❤️🕊, @ShontelMBrown or Democrats in general in the name of the “bowl of 💩” lady.
#HelloSomeBotty 🥴
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Alright #OH11!

Here's what you need to understand & need to know about @ninaturner's opponent, Shontel Brown.

Shontel Brown has no principles, does not stand for everyday working class human beings & is totally Corrupted person who will do everything for the Wall Street.
As a Cuyahoga County Council member, Shontel Brown was responsible for holding Armond Budish accountable; but she did not. She knew exactly what he has done & she remained silent.

As a matter of a fact, he has been speaking at her campaign events.
Shontel Brown has not stepped down & has not resigned from as a Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chair when she was told to.

This forces Dem elected Officials to endorse Shontel Brown or losing their Political career.

She is choosing her own interest & not for the people.
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I need to thank Killer Mike.

My mind had wandered from the #OH11 race. I had all but bought into the premise Nina already had it in the bag.

Then KM insulted Clyburn.

Then Clyburn endorsed Shontel Brown.

Then I found out Nina's lead was from her own internal poll.
And that's when I realized Berners were doing the same thing they tried to do with the DNC chair: leap in before anyone else, then promote their candidate's inevitability to discourage others from entering the race.
Go back a little further and you'll realize Bernie pulled the same strategy in TWO presidential primaries: get an early lead to create a buzz about your own inevitability in hopes of making your campaign look and feel like an unstoppable juggernaut.
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The way some of these so-called progressives talk about Black women is very telling. It’s not enough to demonize Shontel Brown or a Black woman that grew up in #OH11 but now Nina Turner’s supporters are disrespecting her dead mother? These folks are a whole ass mess.
This is not even the first time a member of the Bernie adjacent fauxgressive left criticized a Black woman for the temerity of discussing their grief over their dead mother.…
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