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10 Jul
@StoneyGuardian @Transigence @INTPhilosopher @MSS3RosaFerreum @JazhuStreaming @TrueNekketsu @discordspies @Dante_Al_noe @eldritchmother @Shark3ozero @PhilMitchell83 Male circumcision is an entirely male issue, and it is unique from female circumcision in 2 ways.
First, there is a huge gap in compassion for cut individuals who regret or resent their caregivers' decision to have that done to them during their youth.
@StoneyGuardian @Transigence @INTPhilosopher @MSS3RosaFerreum @JazhuStreaming @TrueNekketsu @discordspies @Dante_Al_noe @eldritchmother @Shark3ozero @PhilMitchell83 Second... female circumcision was never widely popularized as a secular practice for any reason, even when a US doctor tried.
Male circumcision was, and the reason given was an attack on male sexuality.
As a result, the incidence of female genital cutting has been reduced...
@StoneyGuardian @Transigence @INTPhilosopher @MSS3RosaFerreum @JazhuStreaming @TrueNekketsu @discordspies @Dante_Al_noe @eldritchmother @Shark3ozero @PhilMitchell83 ...throughout most of the world and is limited to areas where religious beliefs and traditions override all logic on the subject. During that time male genital not only spread, but has been the subject of a concerted effort complete with junk science to accelerate its spread.
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9 Mar
The Burger Queen controversy & the reason for its origin being knee-jerk butthurt over an obviously sarcastic joke made me think of someone zoomers probably don't even know about - Julia Child, former OSS officer who retired from service and pursued what passion of hers? ImageImage
Pursuing her passion in no way detracted from her previous work, but to hear feminists today, you'd think it would.

To read about Julia Child's history in the OSS


Once upon a time, men and women used to crack jokes at each other about stereotypes without anyone trying to be so shallow as to claim those jokes determined who/what anyone would be. People still recognized that badass men and women were not one-dimensional gender-caricatures.
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1 Mar
@SargentTruu @IIdentifyAs2 @angelmetatron0 You haven't described historical fact.
It didn't take women until 1920 to get voting rights, only to make them national. Women were heavily influential in the Temperance movement even when there was no amendment making women's suffrage national.
Try again.
@SargentTruu @IIdentifyAs2 @angelmetatron0 Prior to the formation of the United States, voting in the colonies was largely governed by the same standards used in England. However, contrary to popular belief, women were not universally barred from voting.
@SargentTruu @IIdentifyAs2 @angelmetatron0 As with the women in England’s 1843 document, American women who voted prior to the 20th century did so under the same terms and conditions faced by men, save for one: Women were not and still are not subject to being drafted into the military in times of war.
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19 Sep 20
@HorfordJ @JohnDavisJDLLM @_EpsilonAlpha In that case, I'd like to propose a business arrangement with you. You put up 100% of the capital, and you take 100% of the legal & financial responsibility. You have to run every decision by me, but I don't have to do the same. You are responsible for 100% of the labor.>
@HorfordJ @JohnDavisJDLLM @_EpsilonAlpha >I have the right to consider tasks I would do for myself whether I was in business with you or not to be my contributions to the business, even if you consider them unnecessary and a waste of time and resources. I can break the contract at any time without facing any >
@HorfordJ @JohnDavisJDLLM @_EpsilonAlpha consequences, and take half of the business plus demand regular payments from you for life when I leave. If you break the contract you are subject to penalties and also a stigma for abandoning your business partner, and I get the entire business plus regular payments from you >
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14 Jun 19
This is what it looks like when someone uses her own delusions of persecution to excuse her prejudices. This is no different than actual white supremacy. "I claim persecution, therefore no disadvantage you face can be acknowledged, much less addressed."
"What is a man's right that doesn't exist?"
Here's an entire list, honey. Read up.
Note: Not everything on it is being treated by the MRM as a reason to pass laws & demand government money, as feminists do.
You claim men have actively taken away our rights... but your only complaint that is even CLOSE to legit is about bodily autonomy, something American males lose AT BIRTH when part of their genitals gets CUT OFF AND SOLD, then used to make women's beauty products.
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