Tesla / SpaceX / Elon Musk 🧵of🧵s.

Why solar power and EVs matter even if they weren't good for the environment (which they are, but just saying) -
How much "money" does Elon really have? -
Solar is basically fusion power coming from the sky, wirelessly -

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22 Jul
Let's talk politics.

But first, let's get back to the origins of life on earth.

Our best current hypothesis is that the first replicator was a string of aminoacids. It's called the RNA world hypothesis, and this video is amazing: Image
Assuming that was the case, aminoacids fumbling into each other, somehow stumbling upon a mirroring structure, you can see how the environment was doing most the heavy lifting. Aminoacid density, water, temperature differentials, movement, all had to be perfectly balanced. Image
Suddenly, an RNA string discovers a neat trick. It allows survival juuuuust a bit outside the tight environmental envelope all its family lives within. And that's huge, because as the original environment fills up, anyone veering outside has new, uncontested space to replicate. Image
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21 Jul
Ok, let's work through VAERS data, see what can be known. First and very interesting datapoint is from April 2: "...there were only about 6 million v-safe users as of mid-March, yet about 90 million Americans had received at least their first dose by then."desmoinesregister.com/story/opinion/…
This ^ is about the v-safe system, and implies a 6.6% signup rate by mid-March. What is more concerning to me though is that this quote is in a local newspaper,and I can't find any other data since. If anyone has more recent info I'd really like to see it.
V-Safe was launched in January as a way to get more data into VAERS. “Especially for these vaccines, we are going to hold ourselves to exceedingly high standards for safety monitoring after a vaccine is authorized and when it goes out more broadly” aappublications.org/news/2020/12/0…
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21 Jul
Me and @Iseravi1 are starting to work through the VAERS data and pipeline to figure out what can be reliably known. ⚡🧵twitter.com/i/spaces/1PlKQ…
Will start by parsing the resources posted here by kind passers by
So, first contribution here by @gui_8731, an analysis of the first 250 cases entered in the system, showing that 72% of the submissions were made by health sevice and pharma employees, which lends credence at least to that early data -
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21 Jul
Is Elon Musk founder of Tesla? Let's answer this question together. But before we answer this one, we must answer whether @elonmusk is the founder of PayPal, for reasons that will soon become apparent. Two contentious topics, probably enough for a...🧵!
In '99, Paypal launched as a digital wallet by a company named Confinity, founded by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek. Their main competitor was x.com, founded by one Elon Musk. They both soon realized that they could bleed to death or join forces.
In an acquisition in which x.com technically acquired confinity, but was more a merger of equals, x.com took ownership of PayPal, with Musk as CEO and largest single shareholder. 6 months later, in a board coup, Thiel took over as CEO.
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21 Jul
I've tried to stay away from opining on the actual biology of ivermectin as I'm not of that field, but in a recent conversation someone put me in a spot where I was forced to dig deeper on the specifics. And if I have to suffer, might as well write here about what I learned.🧵
This person, who I consider a good person, was referring to @ydeigin's argument on blood plasma half-life being 18 hours, and therefore that a weekly regimen couldn't possibly be efficacious. Yuri has made that argument clearly here:
The point being that the antiparasitic effects are due to it wiping out all the parasites during the initial spike, not due to it having lasting protective effects from reinfection. First, the bad news: it's true that in an annual or biannual regimen, IVM is only effective if you
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20 Jul
What is the root of all evil?

🧵It's hard to avoid the feeling that all is broken, to desire build a better world. Before we start on the next utopia, let's maybe dig some more, try to see where all this brokenness stems from.

This is an expansion of a prior conversation:
Are multipolar traps the root of all evil?

Multipolar traps are situations in which every agent would prefer to act differently, but can't for fear of every other player, instead being forced to make their own situation a little worse to avoid others making it much worse instead Image
Meditations on Moloch from @slatestarcodex [1] as well as Inadequate Equilibria from @ESYudkowsky [2] are excellent introductions to the problem, and one you see it you can't unsee it.

[1] slatestarcodex.com/2014/07/30/med…
[2] equilibriabook.com
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