May 12th, Age 767 (Bad Future Edition): at 10 AM on an island 9km southwest of South City, 17 and 18 begin their assault. Vegeta and co are mowed down, leaving Gohan sole survivor. Even the dragon balls are no use, since Pilaf and co wasted them on a dumb wish. #HistoryofEver
May 12th, Age 767 (Better Future Edition): 19 and 20 appear on schedule, but Our Heroes are ready. Well, Goku gets a bit sick, but Vegeta covers for him. While 19 and 20 don’t last long, 17 and 18 make short work of the gang. And that’s just the beginning of their problems…
Yes, it’s another busy day. May 12th has the honor of being one of the few specific dates mentioned in the series, although the year 767 comes from the Daizenshuu 7 timeline. If there’s any number pun significance to this date, I haven’t been able to find it.
Things kick off with 19+20 at 10 AM, Goku gets sick, Vegeta destroys 19, while 20 is revealed as Gero and flees to his lab, where 17+18 kill him and revive 16. Everyone loses. Piccolo flies off to merge with Kami. Trunks/Bulma/Gohan investigate the broken down time machine.
By now it’s the afternoon (per Daizenshuu 7). Cell attacks Ginger Town. Piccolo and Kami merge and somewhat cleverly trick Cell into revealing all. Cell escapes, but Trunks+Kuririn investigate Gero’s lab, where they destroy the present day larval Cell and obtain 17’s blueprints.
Based on these blueprints, Bulma and Dr. Briefs begin looking for a weakness in the androids. Meanwhile, Lapis, Lazuli, and Robo Gebo take the scenic route to Goku’s house, as Cell gradually gathers strength by absorbing humans. And thus ends May 12th.
Getting back to Trunks’ future: one of Toyotaro’s Jump Carnival Bonus comics (collected in DBS vol.2) details how Pilaf and co wished themselves young again in this timeline, and incidentally explains that Gohan survives because he’s sent off to gather the dragon balls.
(Both the anime and this bonus comic portray 17+18 as appearing right off the bat in Trunks’ timeline. Personally I’ve always liked the idea that 19+20 appear there too but are simply forgotten by history after their quick defeat. So much simpler! But I guess it’s not to be)
In the “main” timeline, Pilaf and co likewise wish themselves young, as explained in the BoG movie (but inexcusably left unexplained in the DBS anime’s BoG arc). The exact timing is unspecified, but it might still be May 12th, since Dende revives the dragon balls anyway.
In contrast to this “wishing to be young” scenario, in the Daizenshuu 7 character secrets page (written years before BoG) Toriyama explained that Pilaf and co were attempting world domination around this time, but postponed their plans due to Cell.…
As for the late lamented 19: Gero considered him his only success (since he actually obeyed orders) and relied on him to conduct his own android conversion process into 20. Gero’s motives for becoming an android? Immorality of course! Funny how that worked out…
And lest we forget, Gero designed 19 based on a doll that was on display in a conquered enemy base, back in his Red Ribbon days. Which I guess means Gero designed his own outfit as 20 to match the doll…?…
Tomorrow: the awakening!

• • •

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22 Jul
May 15th, Age 767: after three days of rest, Goku recovers from his heart disease (a week earlier than Trunks expected). The situation may be dire, but Goku knows the perfect place where Vegeta and Trunks can finally spend some quality father/son time together... #HistoryofEver
Speaking of quality time, Goku and Chi Chi get a nice moment together in the anime, sharing a kiss far too hot to actually show on screen. Or include in the canon, for that matter.
Alright, so…in the original manga, Goku and Chi Chi are never shown kissing. In DBZ ep.147 they share an offscreen kiss (they later made a figurine based on this). In the DBS anime and manga, Goku claims never to have kissed his wife. Draw your own conclusions. ImageImageImageImage
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20 Jul
May 7th, Age 767: after 11 years, the Tenkaichi Budokai is finally reopened, though Goku and co are apparently too busy android-training to notice. Instead, Mister Satan is champion, beating some jerk called “Spopovitch” in Round 1, then facing Jewel in the finals #HistoryofEver
The 24th TB also introduces a new “youth division” for entrants under 15, which is won by Satan’s daughter Videl. Satan becomes famous as world champ and moves to Orange Star City, which is renamed “Satan City” in his honor. Though they don’t bother renaming the high school.
When Mister Satan first appears in the lead-up to the Cell Games, he’s introduced simply as the world martial arts champion (using 格闘技/kakutōgi, a different word for “martial arts” than 武道/budō ala the Tenkaichi Budokai).
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19 Jul
Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai ep.40: tons of great action cuts, but it’s another episode that would’ve been better if it rushed through less stuff. 3.75/5 #DragonQuest #ep40
In the manga, Popp specifies that he’s only ever heard about Flazzard’s Finger Flare Bombs and never got the chance to see them in action before trying the technique out himself (I get the feeling this was in response to reader complaints)
When admiring Chiu’s guts, in the manga Crocodine refers to him as チビ/chibi/“shorty”, but the anime leaves this out. The anime likewise changed Leona calling Dai chibi in ep.1/2 (to the less insulting 小さい/small). Can you really not say chibi on TV anymore?
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18 Jul
Kinnikuman ch.354: “Akuma Shogun’s Maxim!!” Sunshine is mad at Ashura/Ninja/Buffaloman for leaving him behind in the Demon World while having all the fun. He wants to go to the Tower of Babel!… #Kinnikuman #ch354
After all, Akuma Shogun made him and Ashura Man the two leaders of the Devil Chojin. Buffaloman wants to go too: during the battle against the Perfect Origins, Akuma Shogun told him to gain power greater than the gods, which is precisely what this current trial is about.
Warsman throws his hat in the ring as well: Robin Mask left him in charge of the Justice Chojin, yet he hasn’t got to do any fighting lately.
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16 Jul
Age 764 to 767: far out on the galaxy’s movie rim, Cooler belatedly learns of his brother’s loss to Goku…but not how he became a cyborg and went to Earth with their dad, where they both got killed by a completely different Saiyan. News travels slowly in space. #HistoryofEver
For the timing of DBZ Movie 5, Daizenshuu 6 notes Roshi’s line about “since Goku returned from Namek”, and so places it in the 3 years between Trunks and the androids’ arrival. The Daizenshuu 7 timeline follows suit and dates it to between 764 and 767.
The movie itself makes no mention of Trunks killing Freeza, and for good reason: it was released in July of 1991, right at the same time as Trunks debuted in the manga, so during the film’s production the staff were presumably unaware of these future plot developments.
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15 Jul
Age 764: after some debate, Our Heroes decide not to use their foreknowledge to stop Gero from making his killer androids, because where’s the fun in that? Instead, they begin a three year crash training course. #HistoryofEver
Since getting teleported to Earth from Namek, Vegeta has been freeloading at Capsule Corp, relying on them for room and board, plus advanced training equipment. But his presence there threatens to break up a long-standing relationship…
Bikini isn’t the only one charmed by Vegeta’s distinctive forehead. It seems love might be blooming in Bulma’s brain too. After all, Yamcha hasn’t always been faithful. Or at least that’s what she says…
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