Uber: Valued at $85 billion, loses $500 million per year

My Laundromat: Bought for $100k, nets $67k per year
If you’re into businesses that actually cashflow…

Free newsletter for ya:
Couple tricks to make this happen:
1) off market deals (go door knock most won’t)

2) don’t buy RE w/ it but lock in 10-12 year lease

3) find your angle - I’m a local community member, and usually leave their name on the door sellers like that
4) for this price you’re not buying a top tier laundromat, so clean up the place - namely lights, paint, clean

5) don’t stop at one - economies of scale mean less time bc u can afford an operator

6) friend Nigel just bought one for $109 netting $34k a year
7) try to get to as little cash down as possible w/ seller financing or equipment loan

8) usually can’t use a bank loan or SBA because of financials

9) 2 things = 90% of your success your rent and your water bill. Biggest expenses.

• • •

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20 Jul
I was horrified to get on twitter & be public; scared to get trolled, mess up.

In finance, we get rich quietly & quietly judge "internet gurus."

But, I did it anyway, & let me tell you a secret.

I do more deals, make $$$, & have more fun than ever...
Trolls Don't Matter:
#1 If you have no prof pic, 20 or less buds & you spitting nonsense at people online. I couldn't care less about you.

I get told daily I'm a liar, or wrong, or am I really worth x, or did y.

It's part of the game if you want to be in the arena.
#2 I've never met a troll in real life.

Maybe they only hang under bridges?

Instead, twitter has 100x'd my network of people I would have never met if I just played in private equity.

Magic happens when people meet from different walks.
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19 Jul
"What do I want to do for a living?"

is the WORST question you can ask yourself in your career...

Here's why..
You are not going to DO anything for the rest of your life.

Average length of a gig is 3-4 years.

Think about what you are interested in NEXT, not forever.
Does anyone really know the answer to that question?

I hardly know what I want for dinner. (Sorry hubs)

Don't trap yourself.

When you ask a singular question with only one answer, you immediately limit your options.
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18 Jul
Instagrams days are numbered.

Tiktok may win.

The virality of tik tok is 100x.

The catchiness is 200x.

The UI is so clean.

If you’re not on there you probably should be…

We grew to 6k+ w/ 49 posts in 90 days…
It’s our fastest growth channel by far.

The algorithm literally feeds you eyeballs.
Not to mention it’s 1/10 the work of YouTube.

No 20 minute over edited videos.

No crazy graphics needed.

Emphasis on consistent quantity.
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1 Jul
1st ever carwash company to go public... and it's worth $7 BILLION!

MCW IPO'd this past week
Then went up 46%+ (biggest IPO of the day)

A thread on buying & building for cashflow:
What happened?
- Mister Car Wash started in 1996
- It has 344 locations
- That's 345 million cars cleaned
- Now the largest carwash company in the US

BUT get this....
They only own 5% of the market share

That's why PE loves boring businesses...
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27 Jun
I am lazy BUT I like money.

I like it to come relatively passively.

I also like cool things that make $.

Aka tiny home rentals.

Everything you need to know about how to clear $5-15k+/ month with a teeny casa...
@RobuiltChannel built his first casa for $72k, cleared lots of $$

Then he built an entire biz around it
*tiny home villages

He gave us his secrets (I interrogated him)

KEYS -->
#1: Starting off
Key consideration? Location!

Search Airbnb listings for undeveloped land
Find popular areas for camping, etc (
Know the zoning of the land (use @zillow)

*Pro tip: Stick a pair of wheels on the tiny houses and they can (often) be considered like an RV*
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26 Jun
9 out of 10 $ earned by Airbnb hosts -> from outside top 10 US cities

Our bud made $270k w/ a home that cost $70k 🙃

Recipe = INSANE urban prices + remote work + need to “bEcOmE oNE w/ nAtUrE”?

A Tiny house rural boom & how to profit on 'em...
Quick hit: WTF are tiny homes?

Exactly what they sound like:
- Tiny home to meet basic needs 300-800 sq ft
- Ultra low utility consumption

Cost $10k => $150k (for luxury models)

Take about 6 months to build and can be moveable!

It's not just affordable RE, it's a lifestyle movement.

Pandemic revelations have given major boost.

86% of ppl would buy, more than 1/2 would live in one

You personally couldn’t pay me enough to live that close to anyone 😂, but I’d rent em.
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