I don't think CNN or other cable networks should run insurrectionist press conferences anymore. Right now my TV shows at least 2 Trump co-conspirators being given a stage to say that the only people that need to be investigated over the GOP-incited January 6 attack are Democrats.
In a serious country, it's not "news" when thousands of major-media reports establish that an armed insurrection was coordinated by Republicans and then two Republicans implicated in those reports call a presser to demand a probe of their political opponents.

That's just lunacy.
McCarthy, Jordan, and the rest of the insurrectionists have made clear time and time again that the phrase "we need to find out why we were so ill-prepared for January 6" is code for their conspiracy theory that Pelosi and Bowser conspired with the USCP to "let" January 6 happen.
It's not responsible for cable news networks to give voice to this insurrectionist conspiracy theory, whether it's stated directly or via euphemism. Not one insurrectionist who spoke at this press conference exhibited any interest in finding out why January 6 happened. Not *one*.
McCarthy could've come out and said, I should get to pick any members I want and if I can't pick any members I want, I don't want my members to participate. But that's not what happened at this presser.

What happened was the *celebration* of an insurrectionist conspiracy theory.
Don't think for a moment that McCarthy and Jordan don't know what they're doing—as they well know how easily their fellow insurrectionists pick up on their code. What they've said during the presser is simply this: Nancy Pelosi is hiding her complicity in the events of January 6.
Team Trump sent people to the Capitol to kidnap and possibly kill Pence and Pelosi, and now he's fake-livid that Pelosi won't let him turn the House Select Committee on January 6 into a commission to investigate *her*. Imagine how sick you have to be to do what McCarthy is doing.

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22 Jul

1⃣ PELOSI names the members of the Committee, which include Rep. Liz CHENEY (R-WY).

Q: Is the Committee bipartisan?
A: ✅.

Q: How many Republicans are on the Committee?
A: 1⃣.
2⃣ PELOSI contacts House Minority Leader Kevin MCCARTHY (R-CA) to inform him that she has accepted the majority of his GOP submissions to the Committee.

Q: Is the Committee bipartisan?
A: ✅.

Q: How many Republicans are on the Committee?
A: 4⃣.
3⃣ Because Nancy PELOSI had rejected two of the Committee proposals made by MCCARTHY—in both instances because MCCARTHY wanted men on the Committee *who are witnesses in the case the Committee is investigating*—MCCARTHY ordered 3⃣ of the 4⃣ Republicans on the Committee to resign.
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21 Jul
(🔐) NEW at PROOF: An Updated List of Trumpworld Figures Who Have Been Criminally Investigated or Referred, Impeached, Arrested, or Convicted, As Well As Those Who Are Presently Fugitives From Justice

This is the largest catalog of its kind now available. sethabramson.substack.com/p/updated-list…
(NOTE) The list isn't just alphabetized and divided into more than a dozen categories, it also indicates which individuals received pardons from Trump and which sought his intervention in their cases. The list will continue to be updated as more Trumpworld figures are arrested.
(NOTE2) PROOF readers are the absolute best. They already caught two names I missed. The list is now well over 70. Most articles you find on major media—I don't know why—poop out at 5 to 8. That's a tragedy. This new PROOF list is likely to surpass 100 as I continue work on it.
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20 Jul
The only reason Rand Paul is going after Dr. Fauci with what he knows is a lie—one that endangers Fauci and increases vaccine hesitancy nationwide—is because *he* knows, and *we* know, and the whole *world* knows that Paul's boss, Trump, killed hundreds of thousands with his lies
If Trump's lies about the election and the insurrection of January 6 weren't already the "Big Lie," his thousands of COVID-19 lies—which caused *exponentially* more death than his ongoing insurgency—would now be referred to as the "Big Lie," and Paul would be one of the Big Liars
I don't know when—it might be 5, 15, or 50 years from now—academics will study how many deaths can rightly be attributed to Trump's acts and omissions since 2015, and I've no doubt the figure will be in the 6 figures, with the only question being whether it'll be higher than that
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20 Jul
I wrote this damn thread more than three years ago!
Barrack is so close to Trump that—as I wrote about in the Proof trilogy—not only is he responsible for Kremlin agent Manafort being on Trump's campaign, but he linked Trump's campaign to the Emirati agent who helped the UAE interfere in 2016.

In fact, he's *so* close to Trump...
...that during the 2016-17 presidential transition, when Trump's inner circle was committing crimes with foreign actors and sealing its long course of collusion with several of them, much of the most sensitive work was actually done from Barrack's office, rather than Trump Tower.
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19 Jul
(PS) Per prior NBC reporting, "Federal District Court Judge Randolph Moss said the range under federal guidelines [after the feds dropped 4 of 5 felony charges to enable this plea] would be between one and two years in prison."

So the defendant got 66.6% of the minimum sentence.
(PS2) I've no doubt that bases were presented to justify a score adjustment and downward departure, but it certainly doesn't look great when a judge announces an anticipated range and then severely undercuts it after the feds dropped 4 of 5 felonies to get the case to this point.
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19 Jul
Jim Jordan is a witness in the January 6 probe due to his presence at a planning meeting for January 6 on December 21 at the White House—and his possible presence in one of the Trump war rooms pre-January 6. He should be blocked from the Committee due to his conflict of interest.
This isn't a matter of Jordan being a Trumpist or an insurrectionist. Obviously, *everyone* McCarthy picked is an insurrectionist to some degree or another, as they're loyal to an insurrectionist party.

No—this is about Jordan being a *witness*. He can't also be an investigator.
If the Democrats permit Jordan on this Committee not only will it make it impossible to call him as a witness but he will *immediately* leak any private conversations to all of the witnesses in the case linked to Trump—as well as Trump himself. He threatens the entire enterprise.
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