The Protocol placed a trade border between the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland. That was agreed and sealed in October 2019. You now have the leading political correspondent of the BBC claiming that in the "tradition of international deals" something was punted when it was not
How Kuensberg unquestioningly relays claims by Cummings that are factually incorrect shows how far parts of the UK political/media elite still don't get the difference in process between EU member states and process between the EU and neighbouring states
Never mind the EU and the UK's other international partners, what does it say to voters and leaders in Scotland, NI and Wales if the UK's central political and media elites assume that agreements that they at one point claim are cast iron are open to revision a moment later?
Just to clarify priors to anyone that doesn't follow me, my own view is the dynamic from 2011 to 2019 indicates the UK state is not structurally configured to cope with the direction of travel of EU integration. UK moved out of full membership probably is best for both sides 1/2
But a stable reconfigured relationship between the UK and an increasingly state-like EU requires greater realism among UK political and media elites about how the EU interacts with neighbouring states and the asymmetry of power between the UK and EU
So in being on Team Ivan Rogers so to speak, I don't even think Cummings is entirely wrong when he speaks of an incompatibility between the UK state as he envisions it and an increasingly state-like EU.
It's just the way Cummings managed the separation between UK and EU was the path most likely to put the UK in the weakest and most unstable position in relation to an EU that is much more consolidated and powerful than UK political and media elites were willing to acknowledge

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21 Jul
An empty building is not a hospital. It's a warehouse for medical equipment…
Not sure lack of investment in NHS staff is really a winner in the Red Wall seats that GB News claims to be a channel for
Claiming to strengthen the NHS while not keeping pay at levels that try to prevent staff shortages getting worse is a bit like claiming Global Britain will be a bigger player on the world stage while cutting the size of the military further and slashing overseas development aid.
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21 Jul
This is basically preparing the ground for Frost blaming everyone else after he experiences the same level of loyalty from Boris Johnson that Dominic Cummings managed to experience
Where Lord Frost blames everyone else for the agreement he negotiated pt. 94
The main goal here from Frost seems to be to largely shift blame for the position of weakness the UK government finds itself in over the Northern Ireland Protocol on to his predecessors under Theresa May. The blame-shifting is the point, the proposals that follow an afterthought
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21 Jul
The price Russia and Germany should have to pay for the completion of North Stream 2 is the full integration of Ukraine into the EU's economic and energy systems.

That means a final pathway to full access to the EU's Single Market on the level enjoyed by Norway.
The objections that giving Ukrainians full access to the Single Market's four freedoms will lead to a migration wave are outdated. Through visa-free agreements on travel and the particularities of Poland's labour permit system, the Ukrainian migration wave has been on for years
Rather than engaging in futile blocking moves on a deal between Washington and Berlin, Ukraine and its East European partners should work to ensure that the price Germany has to pay for North Stream 2 to East European EU partners and Kyiv should be as steep as possible
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20 Jul
Another proposal for the NI Protocol that operates on assumptions about UK leverage in relation to the EU that proved illusory by 2017
People manoeuvring for the UK side need to stop wasting the EU's time
There is no use in lingering on how it's all unfair when you're on the wrong end of an asymmetry of power and have no more powerful allies willing to help
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16 Jul
How the hell is anyone on the Dutch-German border going to even control or pay attention to this in the middle of the largest floods in a century?
We are approaching a point at which structures managing the COVID19 crisis risk becoming completely detached from political or social reality
Right now, neither the Dutch nor German regional or federal police have the personnel to monitor and restrict border movement and handle the largest natural crisis the region has seen in decades at the same time
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4 Jul
Once businesses give up on enforcing a measure even if it is in place there is no state power that can ensure it is followed in every venue. You can't post cops at every Tesco. So it is worth asking whether businesses still have the will to enforce compliance in everyday life
The UK debate around public health measures is constructed around binaries of personal responsibility vs state power. It never properly engaged with state capacity for enforcement, how public and business consent is generated and the conditions in which consent might fall apart
You may oppose a measure because it constrains freedoms. But if it gets public consent the state can use finite resources to enforce it

You may want a measure because it makes you feel safe. But if public consent withers the state's finite resources will struggle to enforce it
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