Cuba, Fox News, e as mudanças ideológicas pós-Trump nos EUA

Que a Fox tenha sido o único espaço onde pude defender que os EUA não tem direito de intervir em Cuba é evidência de uma transformação vital…
É muito difícil entender as mudanças políticas em um país distante, onde nunca se viveu ou trabalhou. Às 16h de hoje - daqui a 10 minutos - discutirei esta coluna sobre Fox e Cuba, e as tentativas de censura de Biden - no meu live no @CartaCapital.

Aqui é a discussão que tive na Fox News que descrevi em meu artigo na @CartaCapital: o único lugar onde se poderia argumentar que os EUA não têm o direito nem a capacidade de de interferir nos assuntos internos de Cuba (com legenda em português):
Here, in English, is my @CartaCapital article on the Fox interview I did about Cuba, and how the ideological divisions that emerged from the Trump years create vital opportunities that any person who genuinely cares about outcomes would try to build on:…

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23 Jul
108 murders in DC in the first six months of 2021, and they're almost all ignored. One shooting happens in an upscale NW DC neighborhood that CNN and HuffPost journalists love and it's a national news story.
Imagine how vastly different the national media discourse about violent crime and policing would be if that violence were occurring in the wealthier neighborhoods where media elites live instead of primarily victimizing the people who are invisible in media coverage.
Just as a reminder, one year ago, @lhfang was widely and disgustingly vilified as a racist by literally thousands of journalists on Twitter for the crime of interviewing various BLM protesters about crime and posting the videos, one of which was this one:

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22 Jul
This was probably posted after Biden got out of a meeting where Ron Klain ordered more arms, money and surveillance tech be sent to the allied-despots in Cairo and Riyadh to kill dissidents, arrest journalists and gun down protesters in the street.

But Biden will free Cuba!
Joe Biden -- who is doing everything possible to keep Julian Assange locked in dungeon as punishment for revealing US war crimes and the corruption of the DNC, and waging a new domestic War on Terror -- is going to bring freedom and democracy to the people of Cuba.
As @emeriticus said earlier today when condemning Republican lawmakers for obsessing on Cuba instead of their own country, I guess it's easy to crusade against repression in Havana then confront the CIA, DOJ and intelligence community in your own country.

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22 Jul
Anyone on the left cheering the Biden Admin's attempts to expand the definition of "domestic terrorism" and surveillance and punishment in its name is not only authoritarian but dumb, since FBI is using it to target anti-establishment left groups, too:…
As I've previously reported, the Department of Homeland Security's new definition of "domestic extremist" includes not only anti-government groups on the right but also anti-establishment left-wing groups such as animal rights and environmental activists:… Image
And as @lwoodhouse reported for my Substack, media attention on the FBI's increased funding and powers in the name of fighting "domestic terrorists" is about right-wing groups, but it's animal rights activists who are also targeted with the same powers:…
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21 Jul
Look at this. Several GOP Senators who spent 5 years screaming "America First!" are now not only devoting their energy to intervening in the internal affairs of Cuba but, worse, want to punish *US citizens* for exercising their free speech & association rights, to serve Israel.
If you're a Republican and you support these laws to punish US citizens for the "crime" of supporting a boycott of Israel - which they have the right to do - you have zero credibility to complain about censorship and free speech. Few things are a worse 1st Am violation than this.
Obviously, @SenatorLankford prioritizes this foreign country over the rights of American citizens -- to the point that he wants to punish US citizens for their political activism against that foreign country.

That's not America First. And it's not a believer in free speech.
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21 Jul
MSNBC's lawyers argued - and a court agreed - that Maddow can't be sued for defamation, even when she accuses an outlet of being "literally paid Russian propaganda," because nobody takes her seriously. No liberal outlet will mention this even as they *constantly* say it about Fox
There are literally thousands of media reports about this ruling concerning Fox, and almost none about the exact same arguments from MSNBC's lawyers about Maddow, even though the Maddow ruling was first. Once you watch for it, it'll amaze you how glaring:…
In both the Fox & MSNBC cases, it's standard for lawyers in a defamation case to argue that the statement in question wouldn't be understood as literal but as opinion/subjective, etc.

But they use this ruling to claim Fox "admits" it lies while ignoring MSNBC's identical ruling.
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20 Jul
One of the most transparently fraudulent and self-serving conceits of corporate media -- when they're trying to malign and demean those doing better than they -- is to accuse others of using fear and anger to attract an audience, as if corporate media doesn't do that. NPR:
As @mtaibbi documented in "Hate, Inc." -- what I regard as the best book on modern corporate media in the last decade -- the core model of corporate media is dependent upon dividing the citizenry and stimulating hatred and rage toward one another:…
And as @mtaibbi wrote this morning, literally every accusation and grievance @NPR voiced about independent media which is succeeding more than they applies at least as much to NPR. The funniest one: those other outlets are bad because they're partisan.🤣…
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