to fans of 'intellectual dark web', this is Sam Harris asking challenging questions and demanding evidence.

to me, it's Sam showing that he's a dumb trust fund kid that clearly never learned how to look shit up. it now makes sense why he's constantly kissing Charles Murray's ass
in the replies Sam Harris' fans are furiously linking to NPR, WaPo, BBC and NYT.

maybe Sam Harris just can't afford a WaPo subscription?
Sam Harris is so worried the west will be lost to fundamentalist Islam.

I say: Welcome our new fundamentalist muslim overlords!

I trust you're energetic enough to get up at dawn and also spend time reading a book. Good enough for me!
the decline of the west is happening because a bunch of chubby Tim Pool clones are soiling themselves in paranoia and are utterly incapable of finding information that doesn't pop up in an absolutely insane Telegram channel
i remember when men had subscriptions to the New York Times and didn't wear beanies in July
what's also upsetting is how Sam Harris doesn't know how to ask a question. He asks "how many in hospital are vaxed?" as if we are supposed to read his blank ass face, read his mind and figure out if he wants data for his posh California zipcode or something else
hot tip: different counties have different vax rates

and, guess what! with a 100% vax rate, then 100% of the people in that hospital will be vaxed
Ask yourself: What was Sam Harris doing today that he didn't have the time to figure this one out on his own, and then just tweeted the answer?

maybe he's just pounding back Mountain Dew and finishing all the Halo games

• • •

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21 Jul
theory: @BretWeinstein & @HeatherEHeying have refused to complete the written response to @Quillette that they promised to produce in this episode because they are embarrassed to admit in writing that their rebuttal episode relied entirely on @Dr_ScottMc

Dr Scott McLachlan is a bad computer scientist and an all-round failure. And also a compulsive liar @Dr_ScottMc
Norman Fenton is also a massive idiot @profnfenton
Read 4 tweets
21 Jul
never forget that Heather Heying sunk so low as to say that Scott McLachlan did an 'extraordinary job' on this preprint only because she very quickly wanted to make @ClaireBerlinski and @ydeigin look foolish. That was the only reason she opened the PDF

Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are failed biologists that are relying on the work of failed computer scientists to save their reputations. this has nothing to do with the pandemic anymore
one explanation: Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying are too lazy & stupid to know McLachlan paper is bad

another: they just needed to contain critiques from the 2 Claire's + Yuri long enough to get back to pitching a keto diet to audience for money like Mikhaila Peterson did
Read 4 tweets
21 Jul
Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying cite an extremely low quality pre-print analysis of VAERS data by Scott McLachlan that will definitely be withdrawn or retracted
how can I be so sure that the Scott McLachlan paper is bogus?

the first red flag is that the preprint of the initial results has a large rant about how people are mean to Tucker Carlson. it's the section with the most words, and includes footnotes to tweets that made them mad
here is the primary author of the study Bret Weinstein cited suggesting that universal masking is causing bacterial pneumonia
Read 10 tweets
20 Jul
both Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying have doubled their number of Patreon patrons since they jumped on the antivax bandwagon
this is their antivax buddy Mobeen Syed
Bret Weinstein asks Tess Lawrie if she has any relevant conflicts of interest. she says no, and then admits to taking a salary from crowdfunding.

The episode concludes with references to Tess Lawrie' crowdfunding site and Bret Weinstein's Patreon
Read 4 tweets
20 Jul
Eric Weinstein believes that Bret Weinstein was castrated by Carol Greider
after suggesting that Bret Weinstein's term at Evergreen wasn't enough to meaningfully sow Bret's future-changing intellectual seed, Eric Weinstein mentions that he's teaching his own intellectual children gauge theory in his Discord
Eric Weinstein and Bret Weinstein believe:

- scientific progress has a lineage, transmissible through close contact
- academia isn't selecting the best breeding stock
- they are examples of excellent breeding stock
- academia has been incredibly unfair to both of them
Read 4 tweets
19 Jul
"From a public health perspective it makes no sense to ignore evidence for the effectiveness of Ivermectin"

in Bret Weinstein's fantasyland, vaccine production is always considerably lower and evidence for ivermectin is always considerably higher than it is in reality
once again it's unclear who audience of Bret Weinstein's intervention is. all very online people that are into this sort of thing have likely already taken ivermectin, & many countries used it liberally.

so who is left between this moment & impending 100% mRNA vax availability?
For ivermectin to have a remote possibility of mattering to anyone, you need to be able to produce India-scale doses, convince an India-scale number of people, and then have an *amazing* level of efficacy that would surprise the authors of even the most optimistic studies
Read 18 tweets

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