Bottom line: By pulling out of the 1/6 committee, Kevin McCarthy actually boosted its integrity. Most coverage won't say this, but Republicans like Jordan/Banks being on the panel is fundamentally incompatible with a real accounting.

Me and @paulwaldman1:…
@paulwaldman1 Also important: McCarthy and Jordan are likely to be witnesses.

McCarthy screamed at Trump to call of the rioters. And Jordan was in a Dec 21 meeting with Trump, plotting overturning electors.

@RepRaskin tells us both events are likely to be examined:…
@paulwaldman1 @RepRaskin .@RepRaskin, to us:

“Anyone who is a material witness to the key events leading up to the Jan 6 insurrection doesn’t really belong on the committee. The inquiry is being shaped right now, but those are likely to be key events in the chronology.”…

• • •

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More from @ThePlumLineGS

22 Jul
If you are bothsiding the 1/6 committee, ask yourself this:

What would it *actually take* for Republicans to participate in a 1/6 investigation?

If the answer is unreasonable or indefensible, it *must* follow that Rs are to blame.

My modest proposal:…
Politico says Pelosi's move means the 1/6 panel won't be "credible to the right."

But what would it take to make it "credible to the right"?

Republicans have answered this question. Reporters should say whether these demands are defensible. They aren't:… ImageImage
Anyone who is parceling out equivalent blame for the failure of a bipartisan 1/6 committee has an obligation to grapple seriously with this fundamental question:… Image
Read 5 tweets
21 Jul
A big, big boost to Biden's $4 trillion plan: New report from economist Mark Zandi finds passing the *whole thing* is essential to securing the recovery, and says GOP inflation fears are overblown.

Zandi tells me this is an "inflection point" for the USA:…
Important: Economist Mark Zandi's new report also badly undermines GOP warnings about inflation.

“The economy still has considerable slack,” he concludes, arguing that the Biden plans are “only sufficient to push the economy back to full employment.”…
Sobering, from economist Mark Zandi:

“This is a perfect confluence of need, of political tailwinds, and the right economic backdrop. I don’t know if it’s going to be around for very long. Hopefully we take advantage of it.”

Here's what's at stake:…
Read 4 tweets
20 Jul
We are not obliged to accept GOP venality, bad faith and contempt for democracy as a normal feature of our politics. Jim Banks, one of Kevin McCarthy's picks for the 1/6 panel, is already openly sabotaging it. We must say No. It's unacceptable. My latest:…
Appointing people like Jim Banks and Jim Jordan to the 1/6 committee is akin to “appointing Strom Thurmond to the Kerner Commission.”

I spoke to historian @KevinMKruse for this piece. He was unsparing:…
@KevinMKruse What the GOP must bury:

Right-wing radicalization is the primary threat to democratic stability in this country, and Republicans have actively fed and exploited that radicalization, heavily implicating them in what happened.

Just say No to the coverup:…
Read 4 tweets
16 Jul
Little by little, Rs are beginning to suggest Trump's presidency was idyllic and infallible in every way.

“If Biden had done nothing in office, America would be stronger today," says Kevin McCarthy.

This mythos is key to GOP midterm strategy. My latest:…
The idea that Trump's presidency is a lost golden age is quickly becoming the new GOP mythology of the Trump years.

Here's Stephen Miller:

“No president in history has been dealt a better hand on day one than President Biden.”…
Few Dem strategists understand House races as well as Dan Sena, who oversaw them in 2018.

We had an interesting chat about this GOP strategy: The base requires Rs to continue lionizing Trump, but this will be badly out of sync with the 2022 environment:…
Read 4 tweets
14 Jul
The reconciliation package's scale and details are shockingly audacious. If Dems can pull this off, they'll be uniting their factions and addressing multiple epic challenges as a true governing majority.

@paulwaldman1 and I have lots of new detail here:…
@paulwaldman1 Among its key provisions, per sources:

* 80% renewable + 50% carbon by 2030
* Clean Electricity Standard
* Tax credits for renewables
* More ACA subsidies
* Medicaid $ to folks in no-expansion GOP states
* Family/medical leave
* Global Minimum Tax…
@paulwaldman1 Some strategic insight: Dem aide tells us @SenSchumer envisions satisfying every Dem on Budget Comittee as hitting all parts of Dem coalition in miniature.

Now comes the hard part: Committees writing legislation within toplines and winning whole caucus:…
Read 4 tweets
13 Jul
GOP Senators are once again pretending to be outraged that Dems have linked the bipartisan bill to the reconciliation one. But no one should pretend to believe them. They *already pulled* this stunt. Dems cannot let Rs bait them into infighting. New piece:…
When news leaked that moderates want to limit reconciliation bill to $3.5 trillion, some called it a loss for the left.

But a source tells me this is on top of the $579 billion in bipartisan bill, totaling more than $4 trillion, Biden's original plan:…
GOP Senators Jerry Moran and Mike Rounds are now hinting they may pull their support for the bipartisan bill if Dems stick to their strategy.

Sorry, but no. You don't get to demand that Dems sacrifice their entire agenda in exchange for your support.…
Read 4 tweets

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