THREAD Ok as opposed to what Carson's Stans and Workshops seems to think, I'm not here to "ruin Carson's life"

I don't want him gone, I don't want him in jail

I just wanted to bring to light the shitty things he and hs friends have done to me and many other users
The point i'm making with thse tweets, is that is unhealthy for this fandom to hold users on this untouchable pedastle and justify all their actions, especially just becuase they made a "good Oc character
Even so, the response I've received from Workshops and little kids who don't know any better is the reason me and many others didn' come out with these stories sooner

We knew if we came out with theses stories soem years ago, we would've been harrased by
little kids and Carson'd friends whose only purpose apparantly is to defend Carson and nothing else\

Even now, I'm still receiving the same tired argument of "It was ages ago" "Leave the past behind and stop whining about it.
As for the images, Carson and his freinds have been "bragging" these images in discord calls. I remember one time specifically where he said "I have images that will break the fandom in half" and showed me brifely a folder with the images while saying "want this huh?"
So when I see Workshops in their pedastle say "Lrts not lek this pictures cause its bad" it really hypocritical even for them, because if Carson and by extension you lot haven' been such idiots in bragging these images to random people
But hey I just find it funny how Darth blocked me the minute I called out his friend for his shitty actions and I'm pretty sure I lost 10 followers too. Myabe I should let the past go, after all he made Richard! Did I make Richard? Not really!
I should just let go that he threaned to dox me and risk my family's security...

I should just let go that these big headed users are holding BTS pics hostagefor no reason because it makes them feel special to have them, and are lying through their teeth in saying
"its wrong to share these images" for x reason. How toxic of us! How toxic of me for not forgetting the past because he made Richard.cdp!

No wonder Workshops can't even run a discord server properly.
As for Carson, you can come back, you will always have workshops and little kids on your side! After all you made Richard! I didn't! My bad! Those mexican Jokes you made aginst me were so amazing? Do you have more you can tell me?
my advise to you Workshops

Keep yourself in your bubble and don't tell your shitty opinion and think before saying "fucking Roach" to whoever disagrees with you.

- "illegal immagrant go back to your country" - Carson 2017

• • •

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I remember back in 2017, Carson and his fuckbuddies threatens to dox me because I was making fun of the same guy they were making fun off, i’m not proud at all, it was shitty of me to make fun of the guy, but why the hell is Carson trying to dox a 14 year old mexican kid?
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