When the Crusaders, led by Godfrey of Bouillon, took Jerusalem from the Mohammedans in 1099 they butchered every single Muslim and Jewish man, woman and child that they found in the city and they pulled down all their places of worship. 1/
..100 years later, in 1187, when the Muslims, led by Salahudeen Al Ayyubi, took the city of Jerusalem back from the Crusaders, every single Christian man, woman & child that they found in the City was given safe passage to leave, not one of them was killed,not one Church was..2/
..pulled down and the Christians that chose to stay were given the right to worship in their Churches. The barbarity of Godfrey of Bouillon, a Christian, was unprecedented and the compassion of Salahudeen Al Ayyubi, a Muslim, was second to none. Again in 1982 when the..3/
..Israeli-backed Christians in Lebanon attacked the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra & Chatilla they slaughtered thousands of defenceless & innocent Muslim men, women & children in cold blood. Just as in the previous cases this speaks volumes. History proves that adherents..4/
..of all faiths have committed atrocities in the past. This suggests that wickedness & barbarity is a human failing & not a religious one. All monotheic faiths preach love, unity, peace, kindness & harmony. All monotheic faiths believe in the power & supremacy of one God: .. 5/
..the Lord of the Universe and the God of Heaven. All monotheic faiths derive from one righteous & earthly father whose name was Abraham: a man whom the Lord blessed & promised that he would be the "father of nations". Good Muslims, good Christians & good Jews do not target..6/
..& butcher the innocent. Bad Muslims, bad Christians & bad Jews target & kill the innocent with zeal & pleasure & inflict pain upon the weak and helpless.
The bad ones do these things because they are inherently wicked people & not because their faith teaches them to do so. 7/
..They twist, use and misinterpret the tenets of their faith to justify their craving for violence and their lust for blood. The morale of the tale is as follows: never generalise and never ascribe acts of evil to the adherents of one faith as opposed to another. 8/
..Adherents of ALL faiths and some individuals that have no faith at all fall short of the glory of God and they have all indulged in barbarous acts and committed atrocities throughout world history.

If you don't believe me kindly consider the following: ..9/
..Hitler caused the death of 50 million people in World War 11 & gassed to death 6 million Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals: he was a Christian and not a Muslim or a Jew. Kaiser Wilhelm 11 of Germany caused the death of 20 million people in World War 1: he was a Christian and..10/
..not a Muslim or a Jew. King Leopold 11 of Belgium killed 10 million Congolese Africans& cut off the limbs of 5 million: he was a Christian & not a Muslim or a Jew. Josef Stalin killed 25 million citizens of the Soviet Union: he was an atheist& not a Christian,Muslim or Jew.11/
..Pol Pot killed 2 million Cambodians: he was an atheist and not a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. Mao Tse Tung caused the death of 45 million Chinese: he was an atheist and not a Christian, Muslim or a Jew. These monsters all committed these crimes because they were monsters &..12/
..not because they were Christians, Muslims, Jews, agnostics or atheists. All faiths and all agnostics and atheists have their own fair share of such monsters and all faiths and all agnostics and atheists have their own fair share of righteous and kind men. 13/
..Condemn the monsters but never condemn their faith or lack of it.

May God have mercy upon us all.

• • •

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21 Jul
The first question is why do our Female National Football Team have to travel by public transport in a foreign country? Can't they rent a private bus? Secondly why do they not have bodyguards & some security given the fact that they are women in a foreign land& that they are..1/
..representing our nation. Next is an assertion: no matter how anyone feels about Buhari or Nigeria I think it is despicable for the man to attack & subject our players to such a vicious verbal assault & to insult our country. If he were a foreigner & not a Nigerian he would..2/
..have been rightly accused of being a racist. He is nothing but a grubby little foul-mouthed and rude self-hating Uncle Tom. He is what Malcom X called a "house-nig*er".

I despise such people. If things are bad at home does that mean every Nigerian must be insulted?
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20 Jul
God guard and guide us and grant us freedom in our land!
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26 Jun
Mr. Usifo Ataga was butchered in cold blood. The fact that he went to a hotel to sleep with a 21 year old woman does not mean he deserves to be butchered.
He was slaughtered and gutted like a barbecue pig in an abbatoir and his blood was drained simply because he has a high..1/
..libido and a weakness for women. Some people are now trying to rationalise his murder and justify it and they are claiming that he "deserved what he got!" This is utterly shameful. 2/
..This man was BUTCHERED in cold-blood by a cowardly, worthless, dangerous, conflicted, psychotic, drug-crazed, sociopathic, psychopathic, predatory, wicked, heartless prostitute & monstrous sex maniac who stole his money after cutting his throat and slicing open his stomach. 3/
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24 Jun
The foreign barbarians & their local collaborators are at our gate. They hacked to death scores of school children in one of our schools in the North but I refuse to share the pictures. I saw them yesterday & I was shaken to the marrow & filled with rage. They are horrendous. 1/
Those that committed this atrocity are demons in human flesh& I urge the FG to hunt them down & exterminate every single one of them. To those from foreign lands that fund them & that sent them to kill our people, destroy our country& spark off a civil war I say the following.2/
Nigeria is our nation & our mother. Every inch of her soil is sacred. Her borders are sacrosanct. They were established by God. They cannot be tampered with or violated. The ancient boundaries cannot be altered. Our people, from North, South, East & West, are children of God. 3/
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2 Jun
Why did the Gov. of Imo not provide security for Gulak? Why was Gulak dressed in jeans & a baseball cap as if he was in disguise? I have known Gulak for 15 years & I never saw him in jeans & a baseball cap. Why did he sneak out of the hotel in a car hire without any security? 1/
..Who were the men in the car with him and who was the driver? How come we have not heard from them? Why did the Gov. not supply Gulak with a car to drop him at the airport? Is it true that they fell out badly over some unresolved issues?
..Why did the Governor quickly say that this was a political assassination within 24 hours of the incident? How did he mange to conduct this investigation in record time? Why did they try to give the impression that IPOB and ESN killed Gulak & how can we be sure that those..3/
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1 Jun
"What is knocking at our door today is nothing less than full-scale war.Every ethnic nationality in our country is arming up for that war.Most of our people are talking about separation, referendum& self-determination& they are angry"-@realFFK

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