Kompromat Thread 1/

Trump has clearly been beholden to Czar Vladimir the Smug. We saw the shocking behavior in Helsinki of Putin and his sex slave

Why is Trump behaving like this?

And why are so many OTHER Republicans loving Putin

It is called 'Kompromat', a Russian word..
Kompromat Thread 2/

Kompromat is a Russian word, which combines 'compromising' and 'material'. It is BLACKMAILING material

The Kompromat method was SOP Standard Operating Procedure by KGB during Cold War. Who do we know was a KGB Colonel during Cold War? Vladimir Putin. Yes.
Kompromat Thread 3/

Kompromat STANDARD procedure is to secure TWO INDEPENDENT hooks into a target. And proceed from the easier one to the other one

MOST TYPICAL is first a sex contact (via KGB-paid prostitute, female or male) and then BRIBES to follow

Two hooks, one financial
Kompromat Thread 4/

We know Russia hacked DNC server in 2016 (Hillary emails etc). We ALSO found out, Russia hacked RNC server. But nothing ever was released of what they captured

We know that mysterious money came to NRA suddenly in vast amounts in 2016. Likely is from Russia
Kompromat Thread 5/

We know that Bannon set up the Cambridge Analytica 'brain fucking' (his word, not mine) operation to psychologically screw Republicans, via Facebook, in 2016. (He also screwed with Brexit)

This was done WITH HELP OF KGB psychological warfare officers
Kompromat Thread 6/

It means that Putin has FROM YEAR 2016 found out which of GOP were corrupt, & in what way (email server hack, Facebook & Cambridge Analytica spying)

Also what sexual preferences the Republicans had (Gym Jordan: Boys. Matt Gaetz: teen girls. Lindsey Graham?)
Kompromat Thread 7/

The TYPICAL KGB Kompromat SETUP is a foreign trip, and honey trap. If we know this Senator likes tall blondes, a gorgeous tall blonde approaches him in the hotel bar. If that Congressman prefers teen boys, a teen boy just happens to be found in his hotel room
Kompromat Thread 8/

After the honey trap is set, that politician is asked to vote on a MILDLY offensive law, against his own preference. Not strongly against. And in that case, he receives a bribe. A large bribe

But this then turns into a vicious pattern
Kompromat Thread 9/

The SECOND time that same congressman is asked to vote on a law, it is much more against the Congressman's personal choice but he is again paid the big bribe

AND if he were to vote against - both the previous bribe - AND THE SEX kompromat are released
Kompromat Thread 10/

That is how Kompromat works. There is a personal hook (usually sex, but could be gambling, drugs etc). And then a separate financial bribe. BOTH become compelling weapons against the politician.

The CYCLE is ever more vicious. From MILD to SEVERE treason
Kompromat Thread 11/

I do NOT think EVERY Republican in Congress is corrupted by Putin. Take Romney or Liz Cheney. Safe bets

But look at Lindsey Graham and Qevin McCarthy. They both were AGAINST Trump - and KNEW that Trump is paid by Putin. Now they defend Trump feverishly
Kompromat Thread 12/

Compare that with #MoscowMitch McTurtle. He hates Trump. He has repeatedly undermined Trump in past 4 years. Mitch USED Trump to get his judges approved. But denied Trump what Trump most wished for in the world, the Trump Wall
Kompromat Thread 13/

So while Mitch may have money coming in from Putin too (Deripaska, aluminum factory in Kentucky) then I don't see Mitch behavior at all like that of Qevin or Lindsey, or Gym Jordan or Rand Paul. Mitch is navigating as an opportunist. Also like Ted Cruz.
Kompromat Thread 14/

There are some who were in Putin's pocket BEFORE Trump, like Senator Ron Johnson

But the Kompromat targets are most typically those who experienced a sudden and total change from anti-Trump to loving Trump. That is almost certainly due to Kompromat
Kompromat Thread 15/

What of Trump & Pee Tape? We have nearly certain confirmation now that the Pee Tape exists. We knew Trump feared it, so it has to exist. We do not know WHAT it is (is it a golden shower performance? A hooker who looks like Ivanka?). It may be many tapes
Kompromat Thread 16/

But the material Moscow has on Trump was developed BEFORE he became the Candidate. It is from a previous Trump visit to Russia and must involve some types of prostitutes or sex workers.

Like any kompromat, of course there is MONEY. This is Weisselberg trial
Kompromat Thread 17/

So like in any Kompromat operation, Trump was caught in a honey trap, then fed money. So by the time Trump was a candidate, he was totally corrupted by Putin and owned by Putin. As we saw in Helsinki

Putin dumped Trump in 2020. But he did not dump the GOP
Kompromat Thread 18/

The Putin Kompromat helps explain Trump's bizarre love of Russia

It helps explain why so many GOP flipped from being anti-Trump to loving Trump (like #LeningradLindsey Graham)

What is dangerous is that Putin STILL holds Kompromat on CURRENT GOP in Congress

• • •

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23 Jul
I just posted a Thread discussing the 5 paths that take Trump to prison for life

Because Twitter threading engine sometimes has breaks that make it impossible to read the full Thread, I have also here the jumps to each of the 5 cases. Use this if you cannot read through: Image
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How does the Speaker Pelosi - Qevin McCarthy war of Committees play out?

The Qevin childish play is a stunt. It is intended to placate crybaby Trump. Take the toys away. It IS WORSE than letting the 3 Republicans sit on the Committee that Pelosi approved. Qevin knows this
America NEEDS the Jan 6th Committee
America is in PAIN because of a terrorist attack on the Capitol

The attempted assassination of the Vice President
The attempted kidnap & torture of the Speaker of the House
The attempted GASSING of Congress

The injuries to 140 police officers
There WILL be a Jan 6th Committee

Pelosi created a FAIR 50/50 Committee. It got votes of 35 House Republicans and all DEMs

#MoscowMitch McTurtle lobbied against that Committee. SIX Republican Senators voted yes

Now that Mitch destroyed the 50/50 Committee we get Pelosi's Cttee
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20 Jul
Tom Barrack arrested today
Is Trump friend, Billionaire. Was Inaugration chairman 2016-2017. But his arrest is about foreign policy crimes related to UAE United Arab Emirates (= Abu Dhabi & Dubai). He has ALSO crooked dealings in support of Saudi Arabia and the extortion of Qatar
The federal crimes Tom Barrack is involved with include AT LEAST 4 areas:

UAE crooked foreign policy
Inaugration financial crimes
Saudi Arabia crooked nuclear tech sale
Qatar extortion

Tom Barrack will be prosecuted for ALL of these. UAE is the FIRST of the trials against him
Tom Barrack has NO WAY OUT. He is a rich old white dude. He will not enjoy prison. Those 4 crimes get him decades of prison. He HAS to flip, to reduce his prison time

He will then have to confess to all his crimes - and TESTIFY AGAINST ALL OTHERS INVOLVED
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20 Jul
So yesterday the first Jan 6th sentence

got 8 months prison + 2 years probation. Has to serve full 8 mo (no early release on under 1 year federal). Can never own gun. Forever on terrorist watch lists, no-fly lists

Was first-time offender, nonviolent, didn't vandalize. Confessed
This sets up the standard for the next 500 criminals

MOST were not all those things: nonviolent, no vandalism, first time offender - who confessed

Take ANY of those items away, their time goes UP not down. There were 140 cops who were injured. MANY rioters were VIOLENT
Among 500 who entered Capitol, there were many who stole things, or broke things, or vandalized the place. They will get more time

Many have prior offenses. Some carried weapons to Capitol. Some had clear plans to cause harm (handcuffs, blueprints etc)
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Trump Cult45 & GOP Thread 1/

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This discussion is for grown-up adults, sane rational people. I will not tolerate disruption

If you post any question that illustrates to me, you skipped the previous 7 parts, where it had been answered, I will not answer you

I will just block you
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