This is a prime example of why we, as a species, will not survive

Having been hospitalised with Covid and saying that, in hindsight, you'd still not have had the vaccine, is galaxy-level brain worms
'The government has an agenda!'
'Yes. To prevent you from dying.'
'Hmm, I don't trust them...'
'So you'd rather suffer and die to own the libs?'

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21 Jul
Who wants to tell him that we've colonised, invaded, ransacked or destsblised the countries people flee from? I've not got the energy.
This tweet reads like bigot bingo. Rhetoric such as 'we are losing our culture' is the most obvious of racist dog whistles but Darren is proudly sticking to his guns on this.
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19 Jul
The anti-mask/lockdown/vaxxers gathering in London aren't satisfied with #FreedomDay and are now livid you need vaccine passports - despite this having been commonplace for entry to certain countries for decades #londonprotest Image
They aren't happy they've finally got what they wanted. They crave continuous attention so they can feign perpetual faux outrage, because everything they've devoted their lives to for 18 months is over. It's absolutely pathetic. #londonprotest
Like, are these people actually this thick or just desperate to hysterically scream about the exact same freedoms they've had all their lives? #londonprotest Image
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9 Jan
Rightwingers: we believe in free speech and will die to protect it!

*Jack Dorsey uses free speech*

Rightwingers: no, not his
After the right mocked lefties for half a decade about being whiney, triggered snowflakes, they sure know how to scream the place down themselves. Every right-leaning grown-up on here is bawling their eyes out. It's cathartic.
One of the most hysterical of the president's minions is 4ft 6 powerhouse @w_terrence, a 'comedian' who has forged an entire career off the back of licking Trump's boots on an almost hourly basis. You can see the fear that he knows his grift is over. Kinda sad but also lol
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7 Jan
Wait, so Elizabeth from Knoxville, who claims she was maced after storming the Capitol, was dabbing her eyes with an onion towel? ImageImageImageImage
I mean, are these people stupid? (Rhetorical.)
Did Elizabeth from Knoxville lie about storming the Capitol building to earn MAGA cred but unwittingly incriminate herself in terrorism, or is she really this dim to think onions would help cry the mace out of her peepers? Answers on a postcard.
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6 Jan
Holy shit, he just tweeted this. He can't help himself. He's galvanizing terrorism. REMOVE HIM NOW. Image
My word, he's actually siding with the terrorists. He's defending domestic terrorism in the United States. #LockHimUpNow
I don't think unhinged even begins to cover.Trump's state of mind. He's beyond the point of dangerous. There's no way he can remain in office for the next two weeks.
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17 Jun 20
Had to check the image of Boris Johnson flogging Tim Tams wasn't faked. Turns out the whole thing's real and Britain is continuing to humiliate itself on the world stage.

I've never heard anyone ever describe wine as "delicious".
This is the absolute freak you voted into power.
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