More than 175 protests are lined up across France for Saturday July 24 in what promises to be a historical day of rebellion against the nightmare totalitarian future being imposed by Macron under the #GreatReset global technocrat coup.


Have had an in-depth discussion with some Gilets Jaunes about the situation in France right now. These are the main points to take away:

The uprising against vaccine passports has seen the sudden birth of a new mass movement. It has an even broader base in the population than the Gilets Jaunes, who themselves broke down previous politics categories.


The mobilisation on the streets of France since July 12 has been much bigger than the Yellow Vest revolt, even at its peak. And that means VERY big! The corporate media are trying to hide this reality, of course.

This new rebel consensus goes beyond the issue of the jab and is directed against the inhuman totalitarianism behind the vaccine passport and its world. Vaccinated people are joining the revolt.

Left-wing groups who have spurned anti-lockdown campaigners are now joining opposition to vaccine passports, as part of their general critique of Macron's neoliberal "reforms".


Unions representing firefighters, health workers and others have come out strongly against compulsory jabs and the passports. There is talk of strikes...


To follow for updates:



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25 Jun

"Davos is dead, and the coronavirus killed it".

This is a surprising - and very encouraging! - article on the FT website.


"The pandemic has exposed the contradictions of the WEF as a project and its terminal lack of legitimacy and credibility in the post-Covid era".

"Many of us are coming to terms with the fact that we don’t know how to decorrelate greenhouse gas emissions from economic growth and that the phrase green growth is, for now and the foreseeable future, an oxymoron".
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6 Jun

"Irrationality, the abdication of reason, the annihilation of critical judgment and the denial of evidence are the true pandemic virus of our time" - speech opposing #GreatReset by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, May 30, 2021.


"We should therefore renounce the comforting premise which tells us that our leaders act for our good, and more generally the idea that our interlocutors are honest, sincere, and animated by good principles"

"It warms the heart to believe that the multinational pharmaceutical companies and international health agencies have nothing at heart but our good..." - the rather sarcastic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
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20 May

English visionary William Blake knew 200 years ago that his people had been enslaved.

Torn from their traditional way of life in England’s green & pleasant land, they were forced to toil in dark satanic mills for the profit of rich parasites.


Is this a holy thing to see
In a rich and fruitful land,
Babes reduc’d to misery,
Fed with cold and usurous hand?

“Human Thought is crush’d beneath the iron hand of Power” warned Blake.

He urged us to cast off our "mind-forg’d manacles", resist the "cogs tyrannic" and create a free and fair society, "Jerusalem" in his own personal language.

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5 May

We are not so foolhardy as to suggest that the tide has finally turned in humanity’s struggle against the Great Fascist Reset being imposed on the back of Covid, but there have certainly been some encouraging signs.

A festive element is becoming increasingly apparent, as the movement overspills traditional “political” forms and turns into a deeply-felt revolt of life against the Great Reset transhumanist death-cult.

This spirit of resistance is very encouraging, whether it takes the form of a street party in New York or a supermarket rave in the Netherlands.

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26 Apr

One potential positive from the whole Covid-19 debacle is that we have learned an incredible amount about the society in which we live.
This will be crucial IF we manage to stave off a descent into a nightmare future of techno-fascist slavery.

We will have a new understanding of what our world has become and what we would like it to be in the decades and centuries to come.
And "we" means we. While the majority have apparently learnt nothing at all from what has happened, they will eventually catch up.

There is no way that knowledge gained by a wide-awake 15% or 20% of the population will not end up being shared by almost everyone.
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16 Mar

"They assure us that they are here to do good, to help the needy, to build back better, to save the planet. But it is all just lies, lies, lies!"

"The Evil Impactorship wants to own and control us, our bodies and every moment of our lives. It wants to own and control every square inch of our world".

"They want to herd us into smart cities, strap us with wearable technology, monitor and control our every movement and interaction".
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