[Thread] Chanyeol EXO-L Japan Vol. 14 parts

Japanese -> Chinese:
Full credits to 野生pcy保护事务所
Pics: Beasty_Moriii

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: Say something happy that happened recently!
#CHANYEOL: I had a jam session with Raiden-Hyung recently, he complimented me & I was super happy. To me, his (Raiden) existence is like a teacher, he complimented me and said ‘you improved from previously’, I’m just so happy.
Q: Have you quarreled with members before?
#CHANYEOL: Not at all, it’ll be on a level of simply being questioned, wanna fight? (I think it’s saying they tease e/o like that), everyone is tolerating and accepting e/o, or when you’re together for too long, there’s nothing to -
quarrel about (laughs). But during trainee days, leader (Suho) will get angry at me occasionally (laughs). At that time, I was more of the playful (refuse to listen) type, leader is more of the role model type, so he will often remind me. Although I didn’t use to understand -
why he did that in the past, I’m very grateful towards him now.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: When doing activities with EXO, a moment you felt joy?
#CHANYEOL: when tgt with members, I’m always very happy. Moments like when we sing on stage together, laughing together in the waiting room.... we all know each other very well, we aren’t nervous around e/o, it’s -
comfortable and relaxing.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: something scary recently?
#CHANYEOL: Cockroach! It’s really so scary. Although nothing traumatic happened, I don’t know why I’m just scared. Speaking of which, there was once I just got out of the shower and saw a huge roach, I had a battle with it -
we had a standstill for 10 mins, I didn’t had insecticides so I used detergent, I guess I sprayed only about 200 times ~ when I came back to my senses, half a bottle was gone (laughs)

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: When angry, will you silently sulk alone or express it?
#CHANYEOL: I will quietly allow my emotions to cool off. I won’t vent my frustrations to others, I’ll just adjust my emotions myself, but when I’m mad, I can’t hide it off my face (laughs). The one who made me -
mad didn’t do it on purpose, they might also have their own reasons too. I’ll do this to calm down. Besides, I’m not a super sensitive person, I’ll forget it after a while ~

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: Emotion that’s hardest to express?
#CHANYEOL: Happiness. Sadness, fear, shock; can be created with specific images in your mind, but when it comes to happiness, it’s tough. If it’s not happiness from from within, ‘joyfullness’ cant be expressed. It’s easy to just smile -
but having to express happiness from within is very difficult.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: How do you cope/resolve sadness?
#CHANYEOL: When sad, I’ll record down the emotions that was greatest at that time. This kind of emotion to me is like a treasure. I’ll record it down on my phone memo or play the guitar. Rather than saying ‘resolve/cope’, why not say -
letting my emotions change into something else and save it. When in thought process/concentrating, the feeling of sadness will naturally go off.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: if you were to express the feelings in your heart everyday on a scale of 100%?
#CHANYEOL: I live my life with 100% happiness. I don’t really have much negative thoughts And if there are signs of negativity, I’ll ‘switch myself off’, closing off the negative thoughts -
I wish to live my life positivity.

💛 #CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: Happiness memory with members?
#CHANYEOL: The first thought that came to me was going overseas for work with everyone. When having a meal full of noise (t/n laughter, chat, happy times) with everyone, especially when recording EXO ladder, it was the happiest -
Although I was happy while recording, the happiest was still when we were off cameras, everyone gathered in the hotel to play games, swimming etc... it felt like being on a vacation with friends [really wish to stay here, like this, for 1-2 months] While admiring the sunset -
and enjoying the food, these are memories that remain vividly in my heart.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
[op couldn’t see the pic well, pardon mistrans]

Q: You’re known as happy virus, what do you do to stay happy?
#CHANYEOL: It’s similar to the question about my motto. Even if something happens that drives me to edge (literal trans: negative/anxious emotional stage) -
I’ll still try my best to enjoy/have fun. Not just for myself, but I also wish to infect the ones around me through optimism. Sometimes when I wanna hype up the atmosphere, I might go a little overboard, but if this makes others happy, it’s a joyful thing to me too. -
By making others happy, I’ll be rewarded too.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: Up until now, the time you cried the hardest?
#CHANYEOL: During elementary or middle school, a dog we raised at home passed on. It was a Doberman, it had only been with me for 2 years but it was closest to me at home. An accident occur later on and it was being -
treated at the vet for over a month, did a few surgeries but ultimately, it lost the battle. Finally one day after I ended class, came home and learn that it was gone, that was probably the hardest I cried in my life. Although it’s something that happened when I was young.
Q: Is there a situation/time you thought: I absolutely can’t lose in this?
#CHANYEOL: My thinking has changed slightly recently, I’ll be 30 in a few years, my mentality has changed from the past too. I used to think ‘whatever I do, I do not wanna lose, I have to be first’ -
Now, I just think, as long as I’m happy, that’s what matters! I guess it can said that my mentality has relaxed, I no longer go head on/do the unnecessary (just to be first), you can’t refuse to admit defeat on everything.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Q: You once said your motto was ‘Let’s enjoy!’, can you tell us the reason how it came about?
#CHANYEOL: I love this saying, ‘a genius can’t win a hardworking person, a hardworking person can’t win a person who enjoys the moment’. If you don’t think/dwell about how tough it is -
to do something, and carry a mentality of enjoying it while doing it, it might result in a happy ending. Even if the results are unsatisfactory, the process is still happy. So when approaching everything, (I) carry the mindset of enjoying it and do it.

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
Pic credits: Beasty_Moriii
Japanese to Chinese Translation: 野生pcy保護事務所

Because this is a third translation, some words might be interpreted differently on my side. Please pardon me on that and check out the Japanese translators 💛

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈
missed out on this question.

Q: Something you find cute recently?
#CHANYEOL: The little puppy I’m raising now, she’s too cute, it’s like I’m raising a newborn/little baby, I pour my whole into raising her [even if I do not get a sound sleep/sleep properly, I have to get up -
and look at her] I keep thinking about how she is/situation (laughs)

#CHANYEOL #찬열 #朴灿烈

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