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Q. How do you feel about your first movie as a main lead?
CY: my heart is fluttering and I'm nervous at the same time. I feel burdened on one hand but on the other hand I want the movie to be released faster and to be watched by many people. I think I have mixed feelings about it
Q. How was it to co-ordinate with your co-actor chanyeol?
CDH: There was almost nothing to co-ordinate. But at first since we don't know each other, it was awkward. More than the roles we were playing, it was awkward to get along with as an individual.
CDH: As we gradually acted together.. we share common interests in food and machines. I felt bad because I didn't know about music that much. While working on the movie, I think I did my job as an actor and there wasn't any need to co-ordinate anything.
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[TRANS/THREAD] CY: Hi everyone! I'm chanyeol who plays the role of ji hoon in THE BOX. Many people left lots of good reviews, I'm gonna pick and read some reviews among them.

CY: 1st review is "I hope everyone can take off their own boxes. As for me, its 'friendship'. I was able to gain confidence while watching (the movie)." There is a moral in the movie, "Let's take off (our own) boxes." I'm happy that this person seem to have watched the movie well
"Rearrangement of familiar masterpieces that constantly flows along with beautiful domestic sceneries. It was great to see close up shots of pretty actor chanyeol. It is the birth of an extraordinary actor who posses all 3 skills,'acting,singing &playing instruments.'"
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“Hello, this is Chanyeol who plays the Jihoon in the movie The Box. A lot of people left good reviews, so I chose some of the reviews myself, and I’ll read them.”

#찬열 #CHANYEOL #チャニョル #灿烈 #엑소찬열 #TheBox #더박스
“It would be good if everyone took off their boxes, my box is a friendship, after watching it I felt encouraged.”

C: “The lesson from the movie to to take off the box, there’s a lesson like this, and it seems like you watched the movie well, I’m glad.”

#찬열 #CHANYEOL #TheBox
“A newly arranged familiar to the ears masterpieces, together with the wonderful sceneries of the country (Korea), It’s a movie that pass by without a pause. “

#찬열 #CHANYEOL #チャニョル #灿烈 #엑소찬열 #TheBox #더박스
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#2NE1 Image
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200903 Devine Channel Interview

“First of all, producer Im Kwangwook, while referring to Gaeko and #CHANYEOL, with whom (he has) a personal connection, said he was satisfied that he was able to achieve (better/more) results than the expected. (+)”

#EXO #찬열 @weareoneEXO
“[+] I started working together with the two people who are (naturally) well recognized and popular with the public from the beginning. Gaeko heard and said he liked the beat while we were drinking together and Chanyeol (+)
[+] who built confidence and while using/going up and down in the studio and working as EXO-SC accepted the offer without hesitation.”


#EXO #찬열 @weareoneEXO
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#SEHUN #세훈 #CHANYEOL #찬열 #EXO #엑소
Chanyeol: The chairs have been changed and were imported from Singapore!
They've asked fans to guess what's different in their setting and the winner will "get a big prize" lmao
They commented that the chairs (supposedly imported from Singapore) are really comfortable and that the food (apparently from China) is really delicious
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#세훈 #SEHUN #찬열 #CHANYEOL #세훈_찬열 #EXO_SC #1BillionViews #10억뷰
Q. (On #1BillionViews #10억뷰)
🐥This was the producer Gaeko hyung's idea. Initially it didn't feel right but after deliberating over it we wanted to go with this. We felt that in this youtube era it would be trendy to go with the use of the word 'views'. (Cont)
🍒 You can get the concept (of the song) from the term "1 Billion views". We felt that it would be nice to express it that way since it's an amazingly huge number yet because I like it, I keep watching it. Like the relationship btwn us & our fans.
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#찬열 #CHANYEOL #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO

But is it possible for me to talk?
There're so many msgs
It's all right, no need to say shhhh
I'll just figure out how to catch and answer (the qns)
🍒I'm in the midst of preparing for vlive
🍒I want to have a concert whr the seats are filled with audience
🍒We need to listen to the sing along though
🍒I/We've made a few songs but we can't listen to them
🍒EXO-L's singalong
🍒is of a different class
🍒My dosirak (bento)
🍒it's possible for me to eat and chat like this
#찬열 #CHANYEOL #EXO #엑소 @weareoneEXO #세훈_찬열 #EXO_SC #1BillionViews #10억뷰
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Qué buen álbum es #1BillionViews. De verdad, no tengo palabras para describir lo mucho que me gustó. Cada una de las canciones tiene algo que me hace querer escucharlas una y otra vez. A mi percepción son una mezcla de diversión y melancolía con ese toque sexy que los caracteriza Image
Estoy muy feliz de que hayan podido participar más que en su álbum pasado T__T y no sé, también noto un crecimiento musical por parte de los dos y me hace sentir muy orgullosa. De verdad siento que disfrutan la música que hacen porque /se nota/ en cada canción ImageImage
Y luego las colaboraciones que se aventaron OMG yo no sé ustedes pero cada una quedó como anillo al dedo #1billionviews #SEHUN #CHANYEOL #EXO_SC Image
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🍒We each have a solo song in the album. So shall we talk about the lyrics?
🐥🍒 (at the same time) Please talk about it
🐥For my solo, I spent alot of time on it. But if you listen to my song, it screams OH SEHUN from the beginning to the end.
🍒I wrote the lyrics to Nothin' when I was in my studio alone. The content is what I thought about during that particular day.
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200714 POWER TIME with EXO-SC

DJ: Sehun, you last came here in 2017 and Chanyeol in 2015. Seems like the both of you still look the same!

#SEHUN #세훈 #찬열 #CHANYEOL #1BillionViews #세훈_찬열 #SEHUN_CHANYEOL #EXO_SC #1BillionViews #10억뷰 #EXO_SC_10억뷰 #엑소 #EXO_SC
DJ: You look thinner compared to the last time I saw you
Sehun: I think I gained weight though? I was 65kg? but 70kg now.
DJ: I think you look pretty
Sehun: I hear that I'm pretty more often than I'm handsome
DJ: You're pretty
#SEHUN #세훈
DJ: Who came up with the idea of the song title "1Billion Views"?
Sehun: Gaeko hyung. The idea is that "I want to see you a billion times"
#SEHUN #세훈
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200713 EXO-SC’s ‘1 Billion Views’ COUNTDOWN LIVE (Paradise View) #SEHUN #세훈 #찬열 #CHANYEOL #1BillionViews #세훈_찬열 #SEHUN_CHANYEOL #EXO_SC #1BillionViews #10억뷰 #EXO_SC_10억뷰 #엑소 #EXO_SC

Live has started!
🍒If you like the songs (track mvs + Telephone), send a 👍! Oh there's a delay in the streaming (compared to the site)
🐥We need a delay just in case there's a broadcast accident
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🐥Ytd was 7 July, & it was a good day. We prepared a surprise present, TELEPHONE for you ytd. How was it?
🍒We were pretending to not know anything before the vlive broadcast, so were you surprised?

Writing down the punishments
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🍒I heard that many people eat supper during/after the broadcast, shall we suggest some food?
🐥Either zhu jiao (pig trotters) or zha ji (fried chicken)? The pronounciation is hard for zha ji

Writing down the punishments for this week~
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🍒I wanted to do this alone but Sehun seemed like he wanted to tag along
🐥 I started doing this broadcast first though, so I'm the senior. When I heard that Chanyeol hyung was going to do Season 8 I wanted to join too!
🐥 How's your Chinese now?
🍒 听不懂 (ting bu dong = I don't understand)
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200503 #CHANYEOL LYSN ⭐️

OP: Said that they’re going to high school this year and asked if the thing Chanyeol said about buying a meal to the person who gets a perfect score at CSAT is still valid, because they’ll study hard and get it!

CY: “Totally!!!!!”

#찬열 @weareoneEXO

OP: *posted saying that it’s their birthday*
CY: “Happy birthday❤️❤️❤️”

OP: “Chanyeol-ah I’m so hungry, what should I eat?”
CY: “At this hour... eat some boiled eggs”

#EXO #찬열 @weareoneEXO
200503 #CHANYEOL LYSN ⭐️

OP: “Chanyeol must be made of copper (Cu) and tellurium (Te)

Because he’s cute.”

CY: “Is Yeeun a science major..?” (OP’s ID)

#EXO #찬열 @weareoneEXO
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