I'm not big on speculating for 2024, but this could describe quite a few voters who are concerned about Dem move left, looking for competent governance, and were specifically objecting to the personality/tone of the last R candidate (a lot of suburban voters).
People forget that the reason DeSantis became a 2024 name pre-Covid and gained high approval marks was the way he jumped in to govern FL and managed to find bipartisan solutions. He's way more policy-oriented and doesn't have same negatives that turned off some suburban voters.
Also, there were voters in 2020 that were concerned about Dem direction but overlooked it because Biden was perceived as more moderate. That isn't how he has governed thus far. Those voters are gettable for a non-Trump candidate & you don't even need that many of them to flip.
Opposite. No one knows what will happen. But the press tried to kill him in 2020 with 6 straight months of FL is a disaster coverage and then his #'s rebounded once people realized it didn't match reality and everyone was traveling to FL last winter. 1/2

If you get to 2023, the pandemic becomes endemic, FL ended up 20th-30th in deaths per capita while given people more freedoms, having a healthy economy, keeping schools open, focusing on protecting the elderly etc., the numbers will speak for themselves regardless of spin.


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2 Aug
This is the thing. Berenson says so many really dumb things and makes so many bad predictions, but he gets away with it because he knows the people that read/promote him will never revisit the claims or hold him accountable.
It's especially amazing because the same people (inc Berenson) will point to people like Fauci being wrong (and he has been!), but then ignore that no one has been more consistently wrong about every claim and Covid- related prediction than Berenson.
Watching the goalposts move has really been something though. It's like watching someone predict that the sun will never rise again and point to how dark it is at night, then when it rises just start pointing to shadows and tell ppl now it definitely won't rise etc.
Read 4 tweets
28 Jul
So it appears at least one of the studies the CDC used to justify their guidance was rejected by a peer review and was based on a vaccine not even used in the United States. Brilliant stuff.
Now peer review is listed as under revision, but this is what it looked like before:
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25 Jul
Thread: So the video below, claiming to show a cop planting drugs on an African American driver, went viral yesterday. As you can see, it was spread to hundreds of thousands of people. It led to people doxxing and targeting the cop involved & denunciations of police generally.
It was promoted by countless celebrities and journalists. That includes Rex Chapman, whose account is easily one of the top 10 sources of misinformation on this website.

It turned out the video was intentionally clipped to leave out the context.
Luckily, the officers involved were wearing body cameras (which are important to protect citizens from police and police officers from this type of abuse).

Here is one of the body cam videos where officer explains what is happening right after that clip:
Read 5 tweets
23 Jul
It’s hard to overstate how dishonest this garbage is.
This article is so bad that it's actually painful to read.

CRT isn't taught in schools, but also Republicans are trying to ban it from being taught and it's actually just the history of racism and slavery.

Just awful gaslighting.
This is definitely my favorite part. They attack the original Texas "anti-CRT" bill in one paragraph and then misleadingly attack Texas for proposing to remove a requirement that was only put in place in that original bill in the next.
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22 Jul
People with large platforms should use them responsibly. That's not virtue signaling, it's actual virtue. Some people seem not to be able to tell the difference.
Btw it's weird that Tucker claims a news channel has no business promoting the vaccine when he hardly goes one night without having a one-sided anti-vaccine segment. His problem isn't that a channel takes a position, but that they aren't selling the position he is.
and at some point, someone has to point out that this is a lot like rich liberals that advocate for gun control and less policing while having paid security. Advocating for things that will hurt their audiences while they themselves won't be affected.
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21 Jul
Level of chutzpah and dishonesty is really something here. Again, this "requirement" was only put in place in June by the Republican anti-CRT bill that Ifill and others were railing against. Now they are using a slight adjustment to the law they opposed as proof of wrongdoing.
To explain: In June, Texas Republicans passed an anti-CRT bill (HB3979) that is set to become law in Sept. That law, which critics on the left falsely suggested was whitewashing history, included a ton of specific examples that were listed as "essential" parts of the curriculum.
After passage, some TX education officials and R's pointed out those specific examples had a ton of overlap with already existing standards (TEKS) and that all of those things are mandatory (instead of optional/suggested).
Read 5 tweets

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